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Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
At least you can help your son realise your dream career. Join politics today.


That was absolutely hilarious. Both your's and bblost's posts deserve a place in the offiicial joke thread
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Originally Posted by spadival View Post
OT: Since when did Vatala Nagaraj become a VIP?? The red flag is probably his party flag?
May be to say "Dangerous guys, keep off"
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Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
Whenever I tried overtaking the convoy, the last car kept on blocking me and abusing in Kannada.
So I just followed behind, hoping that the ministers car overturns or goes into a ditch.
Mods please excuse me for reviving such an old thread, but this incidence has rekindled a hilarious memory that I really feel like sharing. I was in a similar situation last year while exploring Chaukori. It was night time, and we're returning from Bageshwar to Chaukori. There was this convoy of 2 Ambys with red beacons flashing, moving @ 30 Km/hr tops. I was approaching them > 50 Km/hr and after a few dippers thought that they'd give me the way. But to my surprise, they started creating problems for me to overtake. I know I was wrong in doing what I did next, I lost my patience (after ~20 minutes) and decided to overtake them. Overtook the trailing Amby in a jiffy but the leading one deliberately blocked my way causing me to fall in between them. Soon the trailing car had it's sirens blaring and someone shouting something at me from behind. I was still pissed off but had to give way to the trailing car. Luckily nothing untoward happened, but I just kept cursing them all along the way as I'd to follow them for ~20 Km at a snails pace. And then it happened, the trailing car drove into a ditch and got stuck.

I, just to humor myself, decided to approach & help them. That is when I got the shocker; most of the security personel in the car were in different levels drunkeness. It was so disgusting, I felt like approaching the traveling VIP, and give him a piece of my mind. But then reality struck my mind and I simply moved on. It's totally unacceptable but what could I've done?
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Red flag ==== red rag!

Watch out, the life at risk is probably your own.

It is common for escort vehicles to drive slowly. Mostly it is the most dilapidated jeep in the inventory of the local police which is detailed for escort duty. They will naturally be very slow.
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saw this at Dhaula Kuan last week. Generally all VIPs coming to Delhi airport take this route to goto their respective bungalows. So we coming down from Gurgaon, join the convoy of minister just behind him. Along with them there is this whole traffic flowing, these guys try to scare others and make way a little ahead I saw a guy (a person aged around 50-55) coming out of his new 2008 accord and shouting at the convoy. He was making facial and hand impressions and saying something (as in shouting with hand movements) (couldnt hear) , may be he was angry of horn/trying to push him of the road. Couldnt stop to ask him as he drove up after the convoy passed (chaffeur driven car).

These convoys effect everyone on the road and are a sort of menace, the roads are for them (thats what they feel)
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But usually in my state i.e. Haryana, i have never seen VIPs moving slow

blame it on roads or blame it on fancy cars they have.

Its always hard to even keep pace with them, even the pilot Gypsies are seen doing a brisk 100+ most of times.

Though the usual rule is not to enter inside the convoy but you can always overtake them if you have a clear stretch and capable machine.

And menace to public also depends on the politician too, some newly elected ones show off more and some suave and subtle politicians like Haryana CM, they pass without even blaring the sirens.

He belong to my own city and is in town every now and then and most of the time, the siren is used only when struck in traffic to get way.

But the politicians should show a respect to other people on road too and not to be harsh.
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