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Originally Posted by arun1100 View Post
Fiats has been the First Car to Drive for many.!!
Yes definitely and we being the fiat enthusiasts its common. I think we are the last generation to learn driving on a fiat that too on a hand gear. Whats your say on it.
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Originally Posted by samsag12 View Post
I think we are the last generation to learn driving on a fiat that too on a hand gear. Whats your say on it.
True! After Fiat, I think Maruti 800 will be the most common car that many would have learnt their driving with...
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Ambassador, Morris-Minor in early 1980's
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I never had any issues while learning to drive - I didnt stall and i drove in a (pretty) lonely service road and then the main road!
I have been riding geared vehicles for a long time, probably that was the reason for not stall her then!

I guess, if u have been observing someone drive for a long time (in my case - dad) and are used to shifting gears, it is not an issue driving a car!
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Awesome man, very well written !
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Oh I love this thread. Like so many others, I too learnt driving on my Dad's Premier Padmini. This was a '94 model, but it was second hand. Until I turned 18, all my Dad let me do was get the car out of angular parking and put it back in! The day I turned 18, we got myself a learner's license. But no training school for me. Dad was dead against them - said that thay teach you the wrong habits! Then, it was all about drives to Worli Sea Face to take advantage of the lack of traffic there. This was 2002, so no sea link traffic. I remember starting the car smoothly, but my Dad kept on making me stop and start again. He used to do this every day for at least 30 times before he let me actually drive. Once I had it down pat, he asked me to start from scratch in 2nd gear and then 3rd! Because of that, I still have good clutch control. And that steering! Brilliant stuff that!

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Just bumped into this thread. Really makes me feel nostalgic.
For me the learning phase lasted for about 4 yrs. When I was in std.8 I used to sit right beside my dad in our Amby and control the steering. Changing gears and acceleration was his responsibility. It was much easier than it sounds as Amby-s didn't have the gear levers on the floor. Once my dad was confident that I've mastered the art of handling, he let me control the gears and acceleration.
By that time we had bought a new Matiz, and it was in this little peppy car that I was taught the gear and clutch control. Every weekend we'll go to the field and I'd be driving for hours together with dad patiently sitting beside me. Often he used to yell 'STOP' and I HAD to come to a screeching halt and again crank the engine up the next moment. He said it was his way to teach me city-driving.
During these times although I had completely learned driving, he never handed over the car completely to me. I used to drive in messy traffics to super fast highways very easily with confidence but still he said that I wasn't 'there' yet. I never realized how I reached 'there' but one day while I was driving in a pretty busy and notorious highway, I saw my dad quietly taking a nap in the passenger seat and it was then I realized that I'm 'there'. I knew that time how big a certificate that was.
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haha, that was funny.

I did my entire driving test on the first gear for the first time and he promptly failed me

I learnt to drive decent only after I bought my own car ( I'm the first gen driver in my family of 5 ), I still feel disappointed with my driving school and my tutor for not giving my money's worth.

Originally Posted by rajushank84 View Post
Forgot to add: On license day I foolishly tried to show-off to the RTO as well. He was going very easy on all the others, but he made me do a three-point turn in a tight space. I did it, but stalled the car at the end when just about to stop. He warned me not to show off, but issued the license.
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The first I "drove" was when we had just got our M-800 (some time when I was in 7th std). I was a keen observer on how dad drove, right from changing gears, indicators, pedal press and release etc.

Every once a while, I'd ask mum for the car key, sit in the driver seat and "drive". I'd imagine I was going somewhere n do everything from putting the car in N to start, backing up, turning the steering, show indicators, all this with sound effects but with the ignition off.

Gradually, started turning the engine on and taking the car outta the parking lot and then in; then slowly outside the society gate. (This without my parent's knowledge).

Had immense pleasure picking up the smallest nuances of driving!
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My first experience is likely to be unique. Public Sector executives need to have a car in their name to draw the higher slab of conveyence allownce. So many people used to buy very old cars and put them on the bricks.

I too became eligible for car conveyence and was looking for such a car. This was some 20 years ago. One of the senior executives wanted to go for a proper car and was willing to sell his standard herald. I don't remember the year of manufacture. As usual it was not driven for the past decade.

I bought it for Rs.7000/- and was curious to know whether it can be made to move. I showed to a mechanic and he said he can do it. He managed to do it by spending around Rs 4000/-. I still remember my joy when he drove it the first time.

That was the car I learnt driving with his help. I qucikly learned the tricks with the usual hiccoughs but the car used to steer to the left even when I aimed straight. It has almost fallen in a ditch once. The mechanic was not feeling it. Finally it turned to be an alignment problem and he sorted it out.

I drove it for six months and sold it to one of my colleagues for Rs. 12000/-.

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