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Old 14th June 2005, 18:33   #16
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My deepest condolences with the family.

During all of my long journeys with family we always ensured that the person sitting next to the driver does not sleep & from my own experience it does make it difficult to drive when everyone in car is mum(coz they are sleeping) at such time even the music doesn't help much.
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Old 14th June 2005, 19:54   #17
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Its really sad to know about what happened. It is a great loss when a son dies.
This was the last thing they wanted to see on their 60th anniversary.
I hate night driving because I have a bit of problem driving with heavy lights coming on, known roads its not a problem, highway never. Would prefer to park my car at some hotel, eat and sleep the night through and start early morning.

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Old 14th June 2005, 19:58   #18
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Would prefer to park my car at some hotel, eat and sleep the night through and start early morning.
Its actually much more relaxing that way. And in the morning you'd be fresh as ever.
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Old 16th June 2005, 18:05   #19
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my heartfelt condolences with the family...

one must refrain from driving at night on the highway.....

and falling asleep is one reason why people have music system in the keeps the driver more alert...and the co-driver should never sleep...

and even rear seat passengers should be made to wear the belt...especially on the highways...
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Old 19th June 2005, 11:58   #20
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Really sad to know Suprise. May his soul rest in peace. I just hop manufacturers make sea belt warning standard on all cars. Some cars dont start without seat belt been engaged.

I have seen many advertisements saying Wear Seat belts some one will be wating for you at home. Please drive safe and dont risk driving when you feel you may fall asleep.
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Old 19th June 2005, 12:18   #21
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Really very sad to hear that, that seat belt could have saved his life. Its also quite risky to drive for long in the dark.
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Old 23rd June 2005, 12:04   #22
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Very sorry to hear abt this incident..

As some others have said, the passenger should never sleep ...
In case they are so tired people should take a stop. We are never in such a hurry to reach in any case...
Personally when we do long trips, my wife does have a habit of dozing off but we managed to change it and she stays awake and mostly I ask her to keep an eye in gneral (of vehicles on left side..something up ahead) and to let me case I may have missed anything simple as veering towards teh lane markings etc.....

On an highway, anticipation is everything.

Originally Posted by Shan2nu
One look at the driver and i knew it wasn't gonna be a peaceful journey. The dude was so tired that half way into the journey, the Qualis began to veer to the other side of the road.
Similar thing happened to us when we took a Qualis to go to Sahar Airport...when we were gonna start back to Pune in middle of the night I found the driver absolutely zonked (drunk or fatigued...) I decided not to take a risk...took a cab with my family to Dadar and took a bus from there.
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Default What do we do?

Really sorry to hear about the incident and my deepest condolences with the family.

I think we as team-bhp members should take the chance to ensure that we wear seatbelts and encourage our friends and relatives to do so to. Another lifesaver is the helmet. As a forum of car and bike lovers we can and should make an impact on road safety. You hear the corniest arguments when you tell people to wear seat belts and helmets but gentle persuasion by friends can and will make a difference.

Drive on,
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Old 20th August 2005, 16:43   #24
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may his soul rest in peace.. safe drivin guys.
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Sorry to hear this dude.
Heartfelt condolences.
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Old 20th August 2005, 17:39   #26
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Well what can I say? :( This sucks. I think more than the seatbelts it is the fact that most of us push ourselves to the extreme when it comes to driving on our very own roads of death. My condolences to the family.
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Old 21st August 2005, 13:00   #27
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Sorry to hear this. But Indian mentallity has to change. People can opt for DVD decks in their car but wont pay for ABS and save the 20k there. When will India realize that safety is far more superior than your beige interiors?
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Old 21st August 2005, 18:19   #28
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Hey surprise that's a very bad accident, Driving in night is indeed risky and add to it without seatbelts!

My sincere condolences to the family.
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Old 20th October 2005, 14:41   #29
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Hai PPL,
During long drives we make it a policy the seat belts stays for the front passanger and he / she never sleeps, those who want to sleep goes back the somebody comes up front. Children are very uncomfortable with it on, but we insist and get it done...... being unfomfortable is better than being crushed.

Its lethal to doze off when you're doing 90-100kmph on the highway. The most dangerous time is between 2-4 PM after a heavy luch and your bio clock slows down and in the evening after 0800 PM when your energies are down. Research has proved that 15-30 minute naps during these times charges you up and makes you more sharper.

Drive safe....... buckele up and kick ass who doesn't, at least in your car.
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Old 29th October 2005, 15:57   #30
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very sorry to hear this.

i am adding that it is very risky if your co-passanger knows driving.

this happens to one of my friend 30 days ago.
he was driving back to home after long trip of three days.his wife was co-passanger & in backseat two daughter & one his sister's daughter.
he was very tired & feel very sleepy but his family has to attend function so they forced him to drive between his wife has slept, he was also feel tired & sleepy so his eyes closed. car was running nearly @ 60km. that time.suddenly his wife awake & saw that her husband's eyes closed & car was went towards opposite side of road.she knows driving that's why she grabbed steering & turn towards right lane,suddenly my friend also awake & try to grab steering take left & both got confused.
car straight way went to the side of the road there were deep 20 rollover 4 times went 20 feet the end they all got injured. he got injured his spinal cod.his wife's both shouldier dislocated.his sister's daughter's leg were broken.
after hearing whole story i was at conclusion that if his wife had try to awake him first without touching steering, nothing gonna happen.

thanx . . .BOB
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