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About 2 weeks back, I was coming back from Chandigarh.

Now most of the road is 4 lane. but some 40kms till Ambala is 2 lane. That would say, you'll have to go head-on with the on-coming traffic to overtake.

So, I was doing about 100km/h in my WagonR, trying to overtake an esteem. that ways I was driving on the wrong side of the road. By the time I was half way through, an Indica comes rushing from behind.. trying to squeeze in between me and the esteem, but there was hardly any space and time.

Ultimately I just somehow managed to kick him back and overtake the esteem in time.

The indica was driven by some driver type people ... 5 of them in total. And 3 of them were hanging and shouting out of the windows ... and guiding the driver to go wherever there was an inch of space.

I obviously wanted this car to be away from mine. So I let is go ahead and.. he continued his hooligan driving, with the help of his .. EXTENDED navigational sensors!!!

Soon this guy had crossed 3-4 cars ahead of me..... then there was a truck..... To get that he hurriedly went to the other side.......... and LOL.... there was another huge truck approaching....

And this was the scene worth seeing.... he just turned his wheels to the left as much as he could... and went off the road and rocked into some construction pipes (broke a few cement pipes).... But somehow didn't fall off into the farms.

And when I passed them all of them were sitting inside like speechless...... and not trying to move.

I don't know whether to be happy about it or feel sad about the car. But they got what they deserved.
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You shud feel *
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Every now and again you come across people like these. Absolute idiots!
Feel sorry that such fools are let loose on our roads.
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Next time just tell them that u got ###-kicked by a Team-BHP member.

Or even better? How bout when we have a whole load of tosh running some radio ads on Akashwani every morning at 6:00. "Kya aapne aaj Team-Bhp kiya kya"?

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Should work out a new sticker design: DRIVE SAFE. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE with TBHP address.
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Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]. But they got what they deserved
u can say that again.
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some how the same thing jhappened to mme on the way to mumbai from pune.
this ahppened on the 2 lane road just beore the expressway.
it was a maroon indica and he just misseda head on collision with a truck but his rhsv mirror got jacked.......
kickd his ### the minute the expressway began though
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