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v12 24th November 2004 21:01

Spotted :Pics of Dark Blue Mercedes 300SL 2.4 AMG and Esprit Turbo
Today was quite a good car day for me. Was on my way to Juhu when I seen a dark blue 300SL 2.4 AMG. Had seen the car earlier but didnt notice that it was an ///AMG. Huge twin silencers behind, the car looked amazing. The soft top was on. What was wierd was i guess it had Brabus wheels. Not sure. Will try to get some pics. Anyways also seen a white Lotus Esprit and also a maroon 300SL Brabus. Another Merc day for me

Pics coming soon.

Stratos 24th November 2004 21:05

V12, i have seen that Mercedes SL 2.4 AMG many has a coffee coloured roof, chrome plated twin exhaust..right??

A person I know very well has the original Esprit parked in his factory near Pune!! The Esprit Turbo!!!

v12 24th November 2004 21:10


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]A person I know very well has the original Esprit parked in his factory near Pune!! The Esprit Turbo!!!

Is it a red Esprit Turbo?? If so i guess i read in some auto mag that theres only one in India and that too belonged to Jackie Shroff. And it was sent to Pune for restoration. This was a white Esprit. Was completely covered. Now being a Team-BHPian i definitely recognised it as the Esprit. Lifted the the wraps a bit and saw Lotus written on the wheels. I guess this was the same Esprit that was displayed at an Auto Show in Mumbai.

Stratos 24th November 2004 21:16

Mm.. no V12..its actually a friend of mine... he is 60 years old ..and has some hardware manufacturing plant in Pune. He had imported a Bottle Green 1980 Esprit Turbo... he even owns a Chevrolet Fleetmaster!!! Remember I had asked you about its restoration???

GTI WR6 12th March 2005 15:38

anyone has pics of the lotus Esprits??

v12 16th July 2005 17:42

Seen the Lotus Esprit again today. The last time I had seen it was when it was covered, but could easily identify it as an Esprit. Requested the owner to get the covers removed so that we could have a look at it. Car seems to be in good condition but was very dusty. I guess its not been driven for a long time.

That makes the count of Esprit 2. The first one was another white one which was displayed at an Auto Show. This is the other one. The Lotus Esprit Turbo.

v12 31st March 2006 12:37

Ok guys here you go. Pics of the Lotus Esprit Turbo in Mumbai. The car is in very good condition but just left unused for a looong time. Will try to get some more detailed pics.
Note : Pics taken with the owners permission.

comfortablywacky 31st March 2006 12:57

Good find V12 .... looks like a garrage to me...whats the location ??

indian porker 31st March 2006 17:25

any chance of the car being for sale?

karthik247 31st March 2006 17:36

Any idea abt hw much BHP it should be putting out??

turbo_v12 31st March 2006 19:12

The original Espirit Turbo put out something like 200+ bhp, from a 2-odd liter inline-4 engine. That I presume was in the early 1980s.

I guess this one is Turbo that got a facelift (more curves, better air-scoops - though the previous one had them too, and a rear spoiler). It has a twin-turbo 3.5l V8 engine it got in 1996 (long awaited) and churns out 350 bhp.

islero 31st March 2006 21:25

It is said in Autocar that the 350 bhp V8 Esprits could give 360's a run for their money over driving roads.

Mpower 31st March 2006 21:34

Well, the one seen in the movie "Rangeela" was silver and it was Jackie's car, was it not?

Dippy 1st April 2006 00:03

MPower the one in Rangeela was indeed Jackie's car but it was red

Bandit 3rd April 2006 21:56

jackies car was on offer for sale at 21 lakhs about 4 years back. poor guy i heard he is in bad shape again.

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