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Default dodge neon in bangalore

hey spotted this really badly maintained neon at Columbia Asia hospital hebbal
1.its a lhd how did the guy import it had suzuki rims

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Hmmm looks like quite an old car early 90's I would say & since LHD imports were allowed then you could import them.
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There are quite a few (usually badly maintained) Neons you can spot in Delhi, and seen a couple here in Chennai too...and yes, all LHD IIRC
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looks poorly maintained...

Poor cars... Some guys buy cars just cause they have money, and doesnt care to treat it as i deserves...
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Ya not well maintained at all...

Swift alloys n eagle venturas...interesting
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Old 17th January 2007, 17:42   #6
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Embassy cars most likely! high mileage, well used.
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a badly treated import..its a good car. espescially if you want to mod it.
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Old 17th January 2007, 18:14   #8
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seeing this Neon remembered those days when i got my hands on NFS Underground this was the first car i choosed to race with and enthu to modd it in the game...guess lack of parts might hav made this condition.
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haha. ourisman dodge, they are based near Washington DC.
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why would someone import a Dodge Neon!! - unless ofcourse someone in the American embassy had a really very strong emotional attachment to it.

this isn't even the SRT-4 - Dodge's version of a pocket-rocket.
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Old 18th January 2007, 11:33   #11
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At this point of time when the neon was under DODGE there was no SRT-4 availle.Later they gave a facelift and made it better,better looks, better reliability and came under CHRYSLER.The final year of the car from the US factory was 2005.Though the car had a 2.0 engine, it is pathetic, sluggish and what not..resale goes SOUTHWARDS by 30% the moment u step down the showroom.
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