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Default Driving Impression: Maserati Granturismo

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Had the chance to get behind the wheel of the Maserati Granturismo so here is below is a short review and a driving impression of this beauty from Italy

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The Granturismo is the latest from the Maserati stable to have been launched. It is indeed one of the most beautiful cars in recent times. Designed by Pininfarina of course, the car has extremely clean lines right from the front extending to the rear. The front grille with the huge logo adorning is it awesome to look at .

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The interior of the GT is top notch. Right from the upholstery to the stitching. Everything in it speaks quality and finesse. This car has a red interior and compliments the white exterior well. The GT is a 2+2 . The rear seats are comfortable for two mid sized people at the most but they get rear AC vents and a centre armrest as well. The front seats are fantastic and grip you well. Car comes with a BOSE in car entertainment system which includes and integrated 30 GB hard disk which rips and stores your music in it.

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Start up the V8 and you dont really get a real loud roar. The engine idles quite silentlybut the real fun starts once the car starts moving. This is the same 4.3 litre engine which does duty in the F430 but front mounted. Gearbox is a six speed auto with paddle shift. The car is very fast but the whole character of the machine changes once you hit the Sport Mode button. The suspension firms up, the gear box becomes more ferocious and the car just shoots. It becomes a whole new ball game all together. Did a good drive on the Western Express Highway. Gunned it in some parts and that gave a good impression of this car's capabilities. Handling is awesome and the car just grips the road. Ground clearance is low especially at the front so one has to be careful.

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That was a short review on the Granturismo. One of my first driving impressions. I absolutely love this car. It may not be as flashy as a Ferrari but classy it sure is.
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I know someone from Bangalore had ordered for two of these beauties. Not sure if they are in town already.
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Brilliant photographs and nicely written! I'd buy this over the Ferrari anyday.
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very well written and photographed fireblader. the only thing that i can digest are the interiors, too bright for my taste.
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Really good photography Fireblader! Thanks for bringing us the review
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Karthik is back!! And with a bang!! Nice one Karthik. So this is number 2 eh??
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Nice review and amazing pictures Fireblader. The car looks pure evil from the front! Nice!!
The interiors are a bit loud IMHO. Black or grey would have looked better me thinks. The alloys also don't cut it. No offense please guys! Do you have a sound clip that you could share? Would love to hear the growl!!
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You guys might want to check this video out.

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Wow, I could just look at this all day. Pic # 2 is fantastic.
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Hey Kartik.. amazing pics.. looks absoloutely gorgeous, the thing you said about the GT not being as flashy as a Ferrari may change soon! How about some pics of the rear, boot and the rear 3/4th? also what are those buttons near the head light switch?
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Kartik awesome pics,if it still at your place,I am coming to see it in flesh
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I want this car now ! Yes I would love TAn interiors instead of red.
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Amazing pictures and as someone said from the front it is a sure killer. I guess people can recognize the front from a couple of miles.

Btw, how much its landing cost in india?
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Some souls are indeed lucky huh ! when can i be so lucky? Nice pics there and wish there were some pics under the hood
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Beautiful car. I love the red interiors too. Thanks. Must cost close to 1 CR ?
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