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Hayek 6th January 2018 17:01

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
I am not in the market for one of these cars and hence have not sat in any of them. But of the lot, the Tiguan would get my vote. Why? I donít think body on frame SUVs make sense for urban users - they have too much body roll, and are horrendous to drive. I also find the so called 7 seater SUVs quite useless - the last rows are much too small for even a 10 year old. If I wanted a 7 seater, the Innova would get my vote. So the premium for the Kodiaq over the Tiguan does not make sense. So in the battle between the two T cars, I picked the Tiguan - probably because I have usually found VW/Skoda cars nicer to drive than their Hyundai rivals.

Venkat_Figo 6th January 2018 21:13

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
Endeavour gets my vote, Kodiaq would be my choice if I had a fat wallet. Picked the Endeavour over the Fortuner even though I am a fan of the "stick" as it offers more for what you pay (the 3.2 is a gem) & since I have a good experience with the ford ASS.

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Kratos453 6th January 2018 22:20

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
It's Ford Endeavor for me. It has got imposing looks and solid built quality. The TMS (Terrain Management System) in Endeavour was developed by Ford - Land Rover. At that time, Ford owned Land Rover prior to selling to Tata's. That technology was then transferred to other Ford vehicles as well, the best known of the series being F150, 350 etc. and Raptor series. So what we have essentially is an improved version of erstwhile Land Rover developed TMS as well.

hema4saran 7th January 2018 07:42

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
I voted for Endeavour if at all I am planning to buy one in that budget. Toyota Fortuner comes close second. Ford is competitive in the ASS nowadays and it is reliable too.

Mod Note: Please do NOT use acronyms (e.g. ANHC, T-Fort, ANHV) when referring to cars. You are ONLY permitted to use the full Make & Model name for cars. This will make our content useful, searchable & easy-to-understand for experts & newbies alike.

Brumby 7th January 2018 19:15

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
Voted for the Fortuner, it might not be an accomplished car in all departments but it is the best when it comes to ease of ownership, a fuss free vehicle that has a very boring reliability feature. I was very impressed when I read somewhere that "
if you want to go anywhere take a Range Rover and if you want go anywhere and come back take a Toyota". That's something a person like me would expect from a car when spending that kind of money.

Surprisingly Kodiaq has a marginally higher votes than the Fortuner, no doubt it's the sheer driving dynamics and build quality that must have turned in its favour.

Aditya 8th January 2018 07:57

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
The more I see the Fortuner, the more I love it. It's arguably the most competent off-roader here and the most reliable making it the undisputed weapon of choice for adventurers. Try selling it after 10 years, you'll still get a good amount of cash back.

I've voted for the Fortuner in an earlier poll and have done so again in this one.

fine69 8th January 2018 16:04

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Originally Posted by Omkar (Post 4332933)
Toyota Fortuner

ē Pricey! More expensive than the better-equipped & equally-competitive Ford Endeavour

Nope, even if we compare their top AT 4x4 variant, Fortuner is cheaper by 10k.

jbpanda 8th January 2018 18:09

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
Voted for the Endeavour as I consider it to be the best package in its totality considering brand reliability, features, size, road presence, etc. In other words, the Endeavour has most of the things that one can expect while paying the amount and the segment which is under consideration.

Though in my mind, the Kodiaq deserves to be at the top of the chart considering the fit and finish and the features that it offers, had it not been the engine and the Skoda brand reputation. The subtle things like an Umbrella very delicately put goes a long way in creating a lasting impression in the mind of the owner and makes it few classes above its contemporaries. However, the just adequate engine doesn't do justice to the premium being charged.

car_crazy1400 9th January 2018 09:08

I am in the market for a new SUV and have driven everything except the Hyundai Tucson.

I loved the Endeavour but its too tight in the middle row and the last row is impossible to get into.
The Fortuner gets everything but it's boring and not much of an upgrade from my existing Fortuner in terms of ride or engine.

The best i liked was the Skoda kodiaq but their After sales reputation and doubtful performance on poor roads has put it out of the race.

So back to square one.

phoenix7 13th January 2018 22:22

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
After having spent 6 amazing years with the Skoda Superb TSI AT, had alot of expectations from the Kodiaq. Had been waiting for the launch, however somehow something just didnt feel right, the mind ruled the heart and got home a fortuner and voted for the same.

parambyte 25th January 2018 09:10

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
It’s a tough one. I test drove both the Kodiaq and the EndeVour 3.2. Toyota is not to my liking and Tiguan, well, I have a Yeti and was looking for an upgrade.

Kodiaq is gorgeous. Drives superbly. Luxurious quality. Well thought of small itsie bitsies. On the down side the power is just about ok. Ground clearance isn’t much. And water wading is not much.

Endeavour is superbly powerful and capable. Apparently service is affordable as well. Huge space. On the flip side isn’t luxurious at all (considering it costs as much as an apartment in a B town). Water wading and ground clearance is so awesome (considering how our cities get flooded these days). It’s really a tough choice unless one of them offers a fabulous incentive.

Sheel 25th January 2018 09:20

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others

Originally Posted by Sheel (Post 4334035)
For *MY* kind of usage, I will have to pick a 4X4 .......... than it will be in final consideration.

Coming to my best-est and oldest friend consideration.

He is an old time driver and has moved from Wagon R to Logan and now drives an XUV and a Verna. I was making him buy either the Toyota or the Ford :D but he appears stuck on the Hyundai Tucson. He feels the 2.0 has enough power, the Tucson looks good and is sized right for both commuting as well as going out on highways. Should have enough GC for us to tame the regular circuits of Himalayas and with an added bonus of AWD, it should hold good. Can't find faults so while I don't really agree, can't seem to disagree much as well.

There are no VW & Skoda dealers nearby and we aren't touching those marques either.

ACM 26th January 2018 01:03

Re: Skoda Kodiaq vs the others
Voted for the Ford Endeavour.

Skoda Kodiaq looses out for me due to water wading depth and engine.

But if Endeavour is a 100 for value, Hexa is 150 right now itself. Just needs a bit more power and AWD plus AT combo variant.

krishsreedharan 27th March 2018 09:44

Buying a second 4x4
Hi All,

I currently have a Scorpio S10 4x4 AT, which has done about 42k as of this post.

This car used to be my exclusive ride but in the recent past, its been the car of choice for my Wife and Son and our 3 dogs.

I now need another 4x4 which I will be using for my work - which does involve going to remote work sites with little or no roads. I would also like it to provide me the creature comforts.

Since they don't make the Scorpio S10 4x4 AT any more, the options I have lined up are:
  1. Ford Endeavour
  2. Toyota Fortuner
  3. Skoda Kodiaq

I would like to know from like minded members on their thoughts. I've added a poll as well to make life easier.


Johnnny 27th March 2018 10:29

Re: Buying a second 4x4
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