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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Having realised over the years that the perceivable difference behind the wheel in a Korean/ Japanese / European / Indian vehicle in the same category is too little to warrant compromising on serviceability , reliability and overall peace of mind.

There are other options mentioned by our forum members too that are worth exploring, and having known FCA in various ways - won't buy anything they make currently. ( I will own a legacy Fiat President / Padmini some day)

If it's strictly between an FCA vs KIA / Hyundai crossover, I'll take the Korean.
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Default BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

The Seltos diesel auto is extremely nice and comes with a lot of kit as well. However if I were you, I would pick the Compass auto in longitude trim at this budget,(though pricey). You get an auto, 4*4 and built like a tank.

Do a test drive before you decide. The turning radius is a point that most BHPians are referring to, but this surely is not a deal breaker. Take the longer road back home and have some fun.

If VW has a good service network in Shimla, throw the T ROC into the mix( haven't driven it due to lockdown). Happy shopping.

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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

The Compass is among the few enthusiast cars that has the same engine and suspension across all it's variants. So even the base model will put a smile on an enthusiast's face when driving.

But you want a long term ownership (smart move), which plays spoilsport. An FCA will give you many more issues than a Kia. So I'll have to recommend you the Seltos. A car of a lower segment being considered as an alternative speaks volumes about how good it is.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Most people are recommending you the Compass taking in regard the apparent weather conditions in Shimla. What many seem to be ignoring is that whatever those conditions may be, your 15 year old Hyundai Accent could manage to survive them. Hence a 4x4 and AWD is not really needed at all. I would suggest you to opt for the Seltos or Creta and enjoy that fuss free ownership, enjoy more features in the car and save some money too in the process.

BTW have you considered the newly launched VW T-Roc? I didn't notice it in your opening post and posts thereafter. You mention you own a Skoda and hence might want to consider this too.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

I'd go with the Compass. Jeep has garnered a good following here and I don't see it shutting down. Seltos / Creta will also work for you but if maxing out your budget isn't a problem, Jeep any day. The turning radius part is something you'll have to take a call on.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

How about the TATA NEXON? Good GC, Good pricing and the petrols are pretty much fun if driven the right way!

Compass is good but its a FIAT and like all FIATS is a dream to drive. KIA Seltos somehow does not fit in, if you come from an octavia!! That Solid build is not to be found in any Kia.

The Nexon is easy to drive and might fit your budget easily, including the Nexon ELECTRIC

Dunno how good TATA Service is at Simla though. If its good, go for the Nexon eyes closed
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

This thread is the personification of the hard choice that exists between these two creatures.

I recently had a chance to test drive both back 2 back after a lot of scheduling and rescheduling. Incidentally both cars were not test drive models but new cars which in Jeep Compass was the same one I got to drive earlier "Sport Plus 2.0D manual in Silver color". The Kia Seltos was a Silver HTE 1.5D manual and again was booked by someone else but he did not go through with the buy citing loan issues due to the new updated cibil score.

The Kia people did offer me a demo in their normal test car but I said no to it and requested a car from stock if possible and they obliged.

After all that matha phoot I have arrived to a conclusion and that is to buy the Seltos HTE 1.5D manual and yes its the same one I test drove. It's just done 43Km and while the Compass also had just done 109Km so both were great choices. So all in all why did I buy Seltos over Compass well it’s very close to Compass on most fronts but more importantly it's a Jack of all trades and while it does not excel in its drive or its control but its still great. With Compass I had to take more 3 pointed turns and another issue that was apparent was the heavy clutch while taking these turns. The BS6 Compass also has dull acceleration now so it's a downer and the fact that new Compass with metal sheet changes will come soon “If Jeep is still around”.

So there you have it I have booked the Seltos HTE 1.5D Silver over the Jeep Compass Sport Plus 2.0D Silver and I am waiting for the pending payment from HDFC Pre-approved loan @ 9% to go through. I had already booked the HTX and the SA has told me the HTE will be booked under a new ID and the old HTX booking will have to be cancelled. This HTE also has all the chrome optional accessories “As requested by the original buyer” which I hate and plan to remove post delivery “My loss of almost 9k” but I will retain the tan seat cover for sure.

Stay tuned for the full review post coronavirus issues.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

I would strongly suggest Jeep Compass over Kia Seltos. Jeep is 5 Star rated as per Global NCAP and offers geat durability. The fit and feel, the satisfying thud sound when you shut the doors is always reassuring. Fiat engines are known for their long term reliability.

Seltos is also rated 5 Stars but by ANCAP And not by NCAP.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Originally Posted by Brishti View Post
This thread is the personification of the hard choice that exists between these two creatures.

After all that matha phoot I have arrived to a conclusion and that is to buy the Seltos HTE 1.5D manual and yes its the same one I test drove. I

So there you have it I have booked the Seltos HTE 1.5D Silver over the Jeep Compass Sport Plus 2.0D Silver and I am waiting for the pending payment from HDFC Pre-approved
Since you hold your car for a longer duration (15 year old Accent as mentioned in the opening post), I would suggest you to go for a higher variant of Seltos. HTE is barebones, if budget permits go for the top end else HTK+ & HTX are also decently equipped.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Would suggest the Seltos. The Compass does have an excellent build quality but the Seltos is not bad either. The Compass feels claustrophobic. I personally would love the car to be airy after spending big bucks. The seltos does have all the new gadgets you would ask for. You can have a look at the New Creta too. All the best
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Given the COVID-19 issue, I would recommend avoiding anything from the Jeep-FCA stable. There is no guarantee the entity itself will weather the oncoming recession given their limited portfolio. I also expect a bunch of their dealers to have really suffered as their customer base is far lower than Kia or other mainstream manufacturers.

Kia on the other hand is totally entrenched in India with a vast factory in Penukonda, AP and has an extensive dealer network which is reasonably new and probably better funded as many business groups ditched their older franchises and moved to them. They have a highly visible product pipeline spanning across the wildly popular crossover segment, and are also talking of CBU imports of the K5 Optima, Telluride, Stinger etc.

Purely on the basis of the above, I would not touch Jeep unless it was on something like a company operating lease or an assured buyback plan. Just to clarify, I have no commercial interest and I don't own either vehicle nor plan to.

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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

My suggestions after reading the OP's requirements:

Jeep compass and seltos are not mechanically comparable cars.

Also, seltos is not highly fun to drive car when it comes to ride/handling setup.

So, i will suggest you to either stretch your budget beyond 20L if possible and buy Compass 4x4 or get XUV 300 diesel manual top variant which is much more fun to drive than Seltos and save a few lakh rupees (around 5L?) in the process.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

I am in a very similar boat to yours.
I primarily need a car with high ground clearance ( I actually go offroad more often than most people with proper SUVs. Not in trails needing 4x4 but definitely rocky muddy trails). This will also be a car that i primarily use on a day to day basis in a congested city. So I want a mid size vehicle with auto gearbox.
I considered all the options you have:
1)Kia Seltos: seems winner for me too. But, I hate to compromise on safety and I cant understand the rational for just 2 airbags on the trendline as opposed to 6 on the sportline top variants. However, I must be the odd person who doesn't like a sunroof. I think it is a useless addition in our hot/sunny climate where we are doing all to prevent the sun/heat, also it add a huge price to the cost. I guess I will have to compromise somewhere.
2) Jeep Compass: ideal in all aspects for my requirements. But overpriced and as quite a few people have mentioned, no surety of what FCAs long term plan is.
3) I also considered Renault Duster: Perfect size and high ground clearance. But very dated and old interior would be a huge step down for me. Auto options are really bad with a CVT which is a bad option off road. I cant understand why Renault isn't getting the updated Duster from Europe with auto 4x4 option. As GTO mentioned in another thread, it is like driving people away to your competitor.
4) VW Troc/ Skoda Karoq would be good but expensive option with questionable ground clearance.

So, I'm still waiting and considering. I see that you have booked a Seltos. Congratulations! Waiting for your review, as our requirements are similar.
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Great that you choose Seltos but why not a BS4 Compass the reason why I ask is that I have a choice of BS4 Compass but the Dealer is giving me the run around after the covid issue started.

How is the strength of the Seltos panels vs Compass ones. Also do tell what the weight of the car is since your docs would have it. Also how much of a compromise is the steering to the Compass?

Since you stay in a hilly area how is the suspension and how much does the noise filter in when driven on bad rocky roads?
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Default Re: BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos

Since my office had opened up I could not complete my review of the Seltos yet but you all can enjoy my Compass vs Seltos mini review here. I will go more in depth with the main Seltos review but with this mini review you all will know my main reasons to buy Seltos instead of a Compass. Kia was a HTE diesel BS6 whereas the Jeep was a Sport Plus diesel BS6, both were non-Demo cars and were offered to me to buy then and there because the KIA buyer refused the booking and the Jeep compass had some RTO issue "Nothing Major, This Compass was not in the DB also the wheels were not the normal black ones if that made a difference I dont know". Jeep was offered with 10,000 off for exchange with my old Hyundai Accent and no offers for the KIA.

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_110242.jpg

Both look different but have similar bonet line with a bit higher for the Compass but overall not that much difference. In fact the air intakes are also similar twin grill ones "Jeep's 7 slot grill is fully shut whereas KIA's grill is 50% shut". Water wading is said to be better in Jeep than the KIA.

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_110310.jpg

The Seltos projectors were better than the Compass reflector because I could manage the beam better. On my TD there were instances where the compass beams were too in face for oncoming traffic and I was left to relevel it again and again. Those windscreen spray nozzles on the Compass are also a point of concern but the wipers on Compass were better than Seltos overall.

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_110444.jpg

Here you can really see the similarities between the two. The Compass has much better rear doors than the Seltos they seem heavier and better build. The front doors are similar but still the Compass are better build overall "It's still quite close". Window line is also a tad higher on the Compass than the Seltos.

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_110730.jpg

The tail lights of both cars are great but the ones on Compass are more funky yet when it comes to turning signals the ones on Seltos are better since it's more visible than the ones on Compass but the brake lights are better on the Compass though. That chrome strip on the Compass is an eye sour for me and I had even asked the SA for black taping it all.

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_111540.jpg

The HMSL is all wrong on the Compass since its seals get exposed to the elements. The one on the Seltos is better because its tucked under as opposed to the on top in Compass's case. The antenna is another miss with the Compass "Monkeys are going to destroy that thing sooner or later". Also note that this Compass Plus does not have the roof rails which the BS4 car did have one the SA told me its to be installed at the dealership and is a part of std kit "This should be company installed I dont know why its not"

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_110628.jpg

The Seltos boot has a bit more curve to it and its not a great thing also that silver plastic on the Seltos makes sounds when you lift the boot. Again the Compass boot has more weight in the lid than the Seltos but again the difference in not that far.

BS6: Jeep Compass or Kia Seltos-20200522_110943.jpg

Lastly the markings on the glass "Driver side" both are 2553 and I expect very less differences in them.

With both these such a close match it was all up to the engine, drive, pleasure of drive, suspension, brakes, service among other things, that all I will discuss later when time permits. But believe me these both are very closely matched and had I not heard of the upcoming metal sheet changes on the Compass and the fact that the Seltos engine is much more refined than the Compass unit things might have taken a different turn.

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