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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

Originally Posted by PB65 View Post

The SUV was a sales dud.

If nobody wanted one when it was brand-spanking new , you sure as hell don't want to own it second hand
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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

If its the size that you are looking for, I think you should think of a Ford Endeavour of a similar age. Even though Ford has exited India, the service is still good in most metros and as the model is a global model, sourcing parts from abroad or via spare parts dealers might be possible. You may get one for a similar price too.

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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

If you want something from the 'Force' brand, get the Force Traveller
That vehicle has a separate fan following and is a proven workhorse, especially the BS4 version.

But seriously, No. Used Ford Endeavor, Isuzu MU-X or a Tata Xenon/Isuzu D-Max fitted with a cab may still make more sense.
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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

Alright well, here is my perspective! Back in the day, I test-drove this monster. I liked it, the engine is butter-smooth and it an SUV! I see where you're coming from, 2 lacs and you get so much sheet metal! The car isn't bad by any means, I'll rate it above the Scorpio, albeit for maintenance and spares. I've always had a soft spot for this one, especially in black.

I bought a sparingly used 2013 Renault Fluence back in 2015, it was a killer deal at the time. Guess what, I still have it. It serves me well and I've no intention of selling it. It's solid and underrated. And I love it!

Sometimes, you take a leap of faith when your heart says yes! As long as there is some way for sourcing the spares, you should be okay. Only you can decide for yourself
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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

Drop this idea like a hot brick.Please.

Force One?

It was a complete panel to panel import of the Guangdong Foday Explorer III Chinese SUV and there was good reason why It didn't do good numbers back then.

The engine gearbox was same FM2.6CR staple running the Traveller tune.

The highest LX model ran the FM2.2CR motor with the 140 bhp tune and the G32 gearbox but it was a hotchpotch SUV which borrowed things from here and there and hastily put together. Despite inputs, in virtue its neither Mercedes nor LOTUS nor GURKHA.

Again, DROP it like a hot brick.

Since size is what you're looking for and you're willing to go preowned, buy the last decade's best VFM packages if you find a good example.

Ford Endeavour 3.2
Tata Hexa

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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

Depends on what you're planning to do with it. Just don't take it on long trips.

If you just want a big car to feel comfy on city roads and nearby broken roads, why not. I can relate. I like these old sales duds with some redeeming qualities. Just be prepared to lose everything and also put a cap on how much you're willing to spend on repairs.
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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

To begin with Force One had a good ride. It had a long wheel base which provided it excellent stability. But as it has been mentioned, spares is going to be an issue. Legally the spare part support contract is for 10 years and Force One being discontinued in 2016, theoretically we can consider a spares support till 2026. Force Motors tries their best to provide the spare parts but suppliers actually deny supplies due to low volumes.
So it's better to look somewhere else and not loose the peace of mind.
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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

Just happy to see thread on Force One.

If op wants to occasionally drive it, should not be an issue.
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Re: Advice on buying a Used Force One

I recently saw a Force one at my AC guys workshop and I looked around and felt the vehicle aged in a poor manner. It was there due to some AC issues and I asked the mechanic whether it's easy to source parts and he said it's not impossible but it's not hassle free either. The owner of that vehicle ordered the part needed but then it wouldn't fit and then they were sourcing the parts from elsewhere.

All said and done the Force One is more Chinese than Mercedes and the quality of Chinese cars at that time period was bad hence this vehicle is not worth the money you are going to spend even if the amount is low. This is my thought but then the heart wants what it wants. God Speed
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