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Default 'Run-in' period for Accent CRDi

Hi all,

I just recently got an Accent CRDi. During the delivery I was told by the sales guy that i should not exceed 80 KMPH for the first 10000 KMs to ensure that the engine gets 'Run-in' properly...
I thought that today's high-tech diesel engines like the Accent CRDi's do not need a long run-in period... I remember reading somewhere that around 1000 KM should be more than enough as these engines are very high-precision engineered and as such dont need a long run-in period...
What should be the right 'run-in' period for Accent CRDi? Any help in this regard is highly appreciated as i cant wait to take her past 100 KMPH and get that rush!

Thanks in advance,
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what does the manual say ? Maruti mentions run-in information in the manuals of its cars. Could not find the same in the Santro manual of a friend.
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10000KMS !!!!
Are you sure (is it a typo), if not you will be chugging for about an year!!!


Why not owners manuals are not available in net as in for most electonics items , At least you will have a search convenience if you can get in pdf format
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I have an accent CRDi and you could cruise till the first service which is around 1200 ~ 1500 kms by not revving really high but high speed at around 2000~2500 rpm is good.. The first 500 kms try and do stop go traffic.. After that you could do basic cruising till the first service then after that you could push it harder.. But not 10000kms.. No ways.. That is too high..
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Maruti has the manuals on the Net. Don't know about others.
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I took delivery of my CRDI from Cochin and immediately drove to Bangalore with it! I drove it moderately hard - never redlined it till the first service.. But used to shift only after I hit 3000 rpm in any gear.. It is now three years old - and not one problem!

This topic has been extensively debated - that too in teh recent past - suggest you search this forum

End of the day I guess everyone end up following his/her own path of least resistance (.. read fear!) - Elementary Physics I suppose!

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Run-ins are not officially quoted by most manufacturers anymore.Most modern cars are already set and can just be driven normally right out of the showroom.Ofcourse,if your manufacturer recommends a certain period,it is best followed.Hyundai does not.
However,it would be prudent to take it easy for the first 1000kms.Now 'easy' does not mean 80kph top speeds and 2000 rev limits.Just don't rev the engine too high and do not test the car's top speed till it does 1000-1500kms,that's all.And that's my personal advice,not Hyundai's.

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