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ns_jughead 25th June 2006 22:57 making booming kinda sound..
I wuz standin at the bus stop today when i saw or rather heard this modded lancer go by.It wuz makin quite a lotta noise.I could hear it pass by inspite of the fact that i wuz listenin to songs on my pod..the thing is,it wasnt makin the kind of revvin noise that sports cars make...rather,it wuz a deep booming kind of sound..cud nyone tell me y this wuz happening?

lamborghini 25th June 2006 23:54

i assume you are new here so i would advise you to go through the announcements section first.
I think it could have been from his ICE set up unless you are talking specifically about the engine making the noise.

manson 26th June 2006 02:58

And if it wasn't the booming of an ice setup that you are talking about, then maybe it was the vrooming from a modified exhaust system. Mufflers/catback exhausts/free flow systems are a common sight nowadays, susprised how you haven't come across any of this earlier.
following link for automech exhausts should help you understand what i am talking about just incase you are not familiar with the same.

you can even go through the modifications section as this topic has been extrensively discussed on the forum.

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