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Why I recommended headers for his requirement is coz it will more than suffice his need...Plus he will have that extra bit of power plus headers are better scavengers hence reducing the load on the engine to spew that bit of good for the engine on a longer term......all gains no fuss!!!

My second best bet would be like rdKarthik says "go for something like the map signal modifier, like tri-phase, or maybe play around with your intake air temperature sensor signal. You could also try adjusting the throtle position sensor to make it more sensitive."

As Rocam and few others mentioned heavier flywheel, grooving the head, gearbox mating etc etc might not be viable mods for such a basic demand!!!

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Thanks for the great suggestions everyone.
Based on whatever understanding I have, I have shortlisted the following:
1. K&N filter - 8-9k - Easy to deploy - Designed to Increase Horsepower and Acceleration. Don't know other benefits
2. Triphase - 18k - Easy to deploy - Increased HP and Torque atleast at lower end. Don't know the other benefits.
3. Headers - dunno the price - not sure how tough to deploy - not sure whats the impact.

My main crib with swift if the low end torque. Otherwise I am pretty comfy with high speed, took it to 175 on odo with A/C off. So instead of putting in lot of mods in swift for performance, where it clearly isnt a performance car, I'd rather keep it as a good city car and spend the big bucks on my next car, which is going to be a performance car. I would then request help from all you nice guys to put all the performance mods in the car. But then that's atleast 2 years from now.
For now only thing I am interested in is Low-end torque and a probably a bit more power when I need suddent acceleration. Most of what I read on this forum suggests that triphase is the best solution for that. However, not sure about headers. Hope someone will enlighten the poor soul.
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Let me add my bit too here..

What you have listed seems almost accurate.

1. K& N filter... works well. Not difficult to deploy either. improves overall power by a very small amount. But not sure if you can notice a difference by this alone. Other benifits are its good for the car. may see a slight improvement in FE if you do not change your driving style.

2. I can not comment. I have not used it. I have heard it is good to improve over all performance. Not sure if the low ned grunt specifically improves.

3. This I have heard is quite effective. Can be spesifically designed for low end, mid range or top end performance. Work as such is not that complex, but the design for specific need is. Down side is noise (Purely my personal opinion. I wish to go for one if it does not make it noisy! will wake up Psycho on this one day), but again some love being loud.
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So instead of putting in lot of mods in swift for performance, where it clearly isnt a performance car, I'd rather keep it as a good city car and spend the big bucks on my next car, which is going to be a performance car.
What I have understood from the first post itself is that u have changed the standard spec tyres to Bridgestone potenzas 185/60/r14 without fitting any alloys thus although u have the same sized tyres as the zxi The weight of the tyre has increased dramatically from the stock 165 ers so the engine to put in more torque to spin up this mass.reamember na mass is a measure of inertia.So You may consider fitting alloy wheels to compensate for the weight and secondly has your car run-in as of yet you may get slightly beter response after it has run in.Yesterday only idrove a stock swift vxi which had done 10000kms and had the oe tyres and it had acceptable low end torque.
In my opinion u should go in for the following which would not void Your warranty

1.K&n air filter it costs around 4-5 k remove it when u go for service
3.Piggyback ecu which can be removed when before u go to the dealer.

Headers are a good idea but may void ur warrranty.Your post also highlights that one should check in the cars inherent characteristics and then only go for something like upsizing a tyre.I hope that this solves your problem.
P.s Try the above mods one by one in the order I have mentioned and see where you get satisfied with the low end.
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I had the same problem with my Optra (great on highways, sluggish in the city). Here's my two bits, based on my experience:

1. Conical filter - Ractive EV500 is much cheaper and comparable performance to K&N. As PJ Speed to mail you one.

2. OWS dual tip iridium plugs - Faster, smoother power delivery. Ask Viper about them.

3. Tri Phase - This has single handedly changed the way my car responds. Take a test drive and see for yourself.

All these 3 mods will improve your low and mid range without negatively affecting your FE. My Optra gives slightly more FE than my dad's, even though I've fit 205/55r15 tyres (stock is 185/65r14). At the same time, there is absolutely no comparison between the two in performance.
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