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naveendhyani 3rd June 2006 13:42

Pls keep ur vipers in good condition, drive with hazard lights+parking lights and take care of fellow 2wheel drivers and pedestrians. b little over courteous for the reason that u have a shelter on ur head and they dont.

also make sure ur front and back lights are fully functional.

turbo_c 3rd June 2006 20:09

Hazzard Lights in the rain?

Originally Posted by naveendhyani
Pls keep ur vipers in good condition, drive with hazard lights+parking lights

I have heard of and seen so many people doing this, that I'm now questioning my own opinion on hazzard lights...

I believe that in rainy or foggy conditions, one should drive with the running lights (+ headlights if necc) on. The hazzard lights should be used only when the vehicle is stationary, being towed or when the vehicle is posing a serious "hazzard" to other vehicles on the road.

My logic is like this: Suppose I find myself driving in rainy or foggy conditions and visibility is poor, I need to rely on the indications given by other drivers more than usual. My driving decisions would be based on these indications... Now if I suddenly see a car in front with the hazzard lights on, I would assume that that car has faced some emergency situation and is stopped in the middle (or side) of the road and I need to take evasive action to avoid it. My action may need to be sudden or risky... too risky to attempt under "normal" conditions, but necessary because of the "hazzard" ahead. This risky action may be unecessary if the vehicle in front was not in some sort of trouble.

The hazzard lights are not any more visible than the normal running lights, in fact they can be quite distracting and I would be quite aware of the conditions so there is no need to inform me of "hazzardous conditions" ... so, I'm not sure whether they need to be switched on while simply driving normally through fog or rain.

I'd like to hear some of the expert's opinions on this... it may help make all of us better drivers.

- T u r b o C -

speedsatya 6th June 2006 12:34

yeah even i dont understand the logic of driving with "parking lites " when in fog or heavy rains you never know if the vehcile is stationary or is moving ...but driving with parking lights on makes u visible to other drivers as your tails lights would be On ...

rain or no rains ...i always drive with my parking light s and fog lamps on ...even during day time ..

about driving in the rain ...whenever you see water accu,ulated on the road ..i think we shoud slow down,as you never know if its a pot hole of just plain water ...also driving fast over water can splash water to your coil and can stall the car ....

manaa45 6th June 2006 16:55

though my tips is not connected to driving but it does give a good way to beat the smell that one can experience in the car during the rains.

i purchase mogre ka gajra or mogra flowers and use them are a freshner in my cars as it fills the car with its smell thus overpowering the stinking smell till the rains get over and we can dry the mats.


Steeroid 6th June 2006 17:03

Driving with the hazard lamps on is recommended in extreme driving conditions where it serves as a warning to others to drive safely/carefully, maintain lane discipline and not try any stunts/overtaking manouvres.

Else parking lights are fine.

wolfinstein 6th June 2006 18:46

Its a Universal Rule that Hazard Lights on in Bad Weather Conditions, Hazard lights are also used on stationary vehicle that have broken down.
This elementary knowledge till a few years back was never imparted by the Driving schools...But now its listed in the driving test..I had to answer this question in the DL test..!

Jeeves 30th July 2006 09:06

Hi Guys
I know how to get a manual car in a flood (half clutch/more revs) but what is the right way to take an AT across? (without getting the water sucked into the exhaust!)

speedmiester 4th August 2006 12:19


Originally Posted by harishsegar
By far the best thing i heard all day !!

Here are some tips:

1. Brake early and as smoothly as possible. Your car might have good brakes but done expect the moron behind to stop that fast especially in rains.

2. Use your running lights during the day.. even if it is not raining heavily. Have you seen how quickly the windscreen can fog up sometimes? might not happen to your car.. but if someone following has his screen fogged, he might not see your car. Lights can help to a certain extent.

Better yet.. get a chopper!

ur right,
i had a similar experience once,
i was trying to pass a bus which was stopped in bus stop,
but a van was coming the other way,
so i braked ,
but the omni guy who was following because of rains was not maintaining enough distance and crashed into my car,

always maintain double the distance in the rain from other cars that u maintain when u r driving in dry conditions.

abhaybakshi 31st January 2007 11:36

Driving in the Rains - Tips
Consider this ghastly situation.

It's night and you are on a highway and it's raining (not pouring like cats and dogs).

Suddenly your wiper gives up and nearest town is say 50-60 Km...

Last year, I was stucked in such situation. Worst, I was travelling with my family and my little 5 months daughter....

What I did was I started tailing a state transport bus with sufficient distance. I chose this bus on the basis that it had bright functional stoplights and was quite new (helps to reflect light). I was halting my car just behind the bus when the bus used to stop in small bus stands of villages. Incidently the driver (Sachin) got curious and after couple of stops, got down with his umbrella and came to me. I explained him my problem to him while he mumbled "muze laga hi tha..". The driver told me to buy 2-3 cigaretts from the bidi shop and rub the tobacco on the windshield. "pani jada rukega nahi glass pe"..he said. I promptly obeyed his instructions and worked!!

Now windshield was much clearer !

I felt that Sachin was now driving a bit slowly and responsibily (turning on side indicators well in advance even for slight turns..)

I followed him for around 60 KM's and finally reached my destination (Nashik) safetly. I followed this kind driver in the bus stand and I got down and offered him tea and snacks and thanked him. I reached my uncle's home without any problem afterwards in bright street lights.

So, guys two tips if your wiper is out of service during rainy night.

1. Rub some tobacco on the windshield

2. Follow a bus/truck with good stoplights which goes at moderate speeds

3. If possible, explain the situation to the driver. I am sure that 99.99% of the drivers will drive more responsibly and will take you to your destination safetly. (Dont hesitate to offer them tea and snacks in the cold night)

Happy motoring !


esteem_lover 31st January 2007 12:12


Rub some tobacco on the windshield
age old method adopted by auto & taxi drivers. very useful

navdeep 31st January 2007 12:25

nice idea ..

Hopefully we don't get into this situation as there is always a chance of banging into the truck/bus.

planet_rocker 31st January 2007 12:28

my padmini used to have this problem (wiper not working) and my dad had one method - he used to spread "surf excel" type detergent powder all over the windshield and the visiblity was much better after a minute.

i dont use this method - instead i prefer to park my car with the parking lights on and wait till its ok to drive (if it rains cats n dogs)

another solution could be:

keepin a bottle of COLIN (spray) in the car - just in case!

take care and drive safe :)

Rudra Sen 31st January 2007 12:28

Please search before starting a new thread.

Note: Thread merged.

chanapli 31st January 2007 12:40

Might have been difficult to follow a bus/truck if the road had potholes.

mithun 2nd February 2007 15:55


Originally Posted by planet_rocker
keepin a bottle of COLIN (spray) in the car - just in case!

Did you mean the Colin Glass cleaner or something else ?

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