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Re: Suzuki Grand Vitara | Solving a weird fuel gauge issue

Excellent @visgom. This reminds me of many episodes of south main auto Youtube Channel. Your methodology is very similar to the one used there.

The GV is an excellent vehicle and always wanted one, but never have been able to get one, nor do I think I will ever get one. All the existing ones in the market is abused. It is rare to see a GV well taken care.

I have one question for you though, where did you manage to get the Service Manual of the GV?
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Re: Suzuki Grand Vitara | Solving a weird fuel gauge issue

Hi Vigsom

I remembered reading this thread as I have been having intermittent issue with the fuel guage in my just acquired Grand Vitara 2.4L.
My issue is slightly different and I suspect the fuel gauge float sensor in my case. Here are my observations :

1. First time I fueled up the GV after getting it I put in petrol worth Rs 4000 (Around 40Ltr) when the the needle was a little above empty. The needle went slightly over the Half tank. The total fuel at that point should have been 50-55 litres and close to full, but the need went slightly over half mark. I had a feeling then only that this is an incorrect reading.

2. Anyways I drove till the tank was again till quarter mark and decided that I should go for a full tank to see if the fuel indicator needle goes to the F mark. I went for a tank full with auto cutoff. As expected the needle did not go upto the F mark but kind of showed 85% full.

3. After driving about 50 kms I decided I will go for a Full tank again, and this time the auto-cutoff happened at 4.6 Litrers , but I told the guy to fill up worth 500, an extra about half liter after the cut off. This time when I got into the car I was pleasantly surprised to see the needle past the F Mark.

4. I came back and parked the car. Next time I was driving the car only after about 3-4 kms of the previous refill I noticed that the fuel needle was again at 85-90% full.

Since the car was not driven a lot by the previous owners and was kept unused for periods of time, I get a feeling that the Fuel Sensor float is probably rusted or is not moving freely and thus getting stuck, and hence the readings are a little erratic. Either I drive it for a few hundred kms and see if it gets back to normal, or we remove the tank, open the sensor float, clean it up and install it back.

With your experience with the Fuel Gauge what would your analyses be? I needed to ask you because you are our DIY and investigation Expert for Grand Vitaras now.


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Re: Suzuki Grand Vitara | Solving a weird fuel gauge issue

@vigsom- Thanks to this thread and accurate details of RCA, I was able to tell the MASS service person where to start looking for the issue related to my GV's fuel level indicator malfunctioning.

Recently my GV's fuel indicator stopped working. Then I searched the forum and ended up reading this thread. Took the car to Mandovi motors near Vega city mall. Asked them to check using OBD tool. Confirmed that it is fuel gauge sensor error. I showed them the wiring cut pics from this thread and asked to check fuel tank first. I was told 1.5K plus tax for removing and fitting fuel tank. I gave go ahead and work started.

Though they could have done the work in a more systematic manner, somehow they loosened the tank from frame, tilted it and then accessed the wires. It was confirmed that the wiring over the tank was chewed off by rats. Quickly they taped it and re fixed the tank. I was standing next to car all the time in service bay. Picked up few clips which had fallen off when the mech pulled the fuel lines from anchor points on frame. Another mech who was doing the re-fix denied fixing them saying that they were not from this car. I had to literally search the spot and show him where to fix them.

Problem solved with ok satisfaction.

Can someone guide me the best MASS in south Bangalore for GV servicing.

Attaching few pics
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Suzuki Grand Vitara | Solving a weird fuel gauge issue-20230217_115125.jpg  

Suzuki Grand Vitara | Solving a weird fuel gauge issue-img20230217wa0003.jpg  

Suzuki Grand Vitara | Solving a weird fuel gauge issue-20230217_122616.jpg  

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