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xenxer 26th December 2007 20:46

Help Needed regarding the ZEN Exhaust system
Hi Friends i am a newbie to this. Forgive me if any thing stupid asked.

First of all Plzz tell me what exactly is the Free flow Exhaust system? What is the Different types of exhaust systems? What is the difference?

Will the changing of header and Muffler alone increase the performance or the whole exhaust manifold is to be changed?

Then Is there any legal issue in changing my vehicles colour. If so what is the procedures to be done and what all should be kept in mind for this?

please: fogive this little brother for the silly doubts....... :D

kpzen 26th December 2007 21:44

You have carb or MPFI Zen??

Read this thread

xenxer 26th December 2007 22:00

I am having the carb. Thanks for that great thread. I think i could understand a bit.
How is the freeflow system decresing the back pressure? Is it with the angling of the header? So is it that the header makes the difference?

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