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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

This car looks mean specially in this Designo Magno Grey color . That said still doesn't have the sporty stance say la the M5's. Looks like it can end up being driven by Bruce Wayne in his next Dark Knight sequel, yeah it looks that badass. Feels more like the limousine for petrolheads who has luxury too in their bucket list.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Great review ! I feel mercedes have made a big shift by making this car look like an actual sports car unlike some of the old E class amg's. Only if these "practical" beasts were priced(taxed) better we would see more of these.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Sports car performance in a family car.

I wish I could be one of those privileged ones who could afford to ride such machines.

I can confidently say that I am in no position to make any comments but be awed by such cars. Thanks for sharing the driving experience.


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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

I gotta say, those are some crazy numbers from a 4l turbo engine.

I guess Mercedes had to do all wheel drive for the E63 S. There is only so much that software control can do to get all that power down effectively with just a rear or front wheel drive arrangement. All wheel drive gives you far better traction and the ability to control it better. This has for long been a Audi special and now, we see it on Mercedes and BMW performance cars.

I feel like this segment is now fading for BMW's M series. Mercedes have caught up and there is a AMG edition (not a badge job) for pretty much every model on sale. Also; the interior appointments are a class apart on a Mercedes. More than bling, I call it beautiful and a work of art.

Thanks for sharing.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Originally Posted by Akshay1234 View Post
The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is on sale in India, starting at a price of Rs. 1.50 crores (ex-showroom).

What you'll like:

The brutal acceleration & mega performance levels
Sharper to drive than earlier AMG sedans; gives tough competition to BMWs
Aggressive exteriors differentiate it from the regular E-Class
Simply beautiful interiors!
Supercar performance with everyday practicality
This really is "100% pure sin on 4 wheels"! While I have not driven any AMG Mercs, I have had the terrifying opportunity to ride shotgun on the motorway here in the UK. There is just one word to describe the car - MAD! The boffins at AMG really outdo themselves with each model.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

I own a S63 AMG and drove the E63s recently. The E63 is a different animal with a coupe like handling but the downsized engine is pretty quiet and not as raw as the engine in my 63.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

The torque gives you butterflies in you stomach on this one if you engage launch control. It's really something else. Even as a BMW fan I have to say the E63S is better in all aspects even the gadgets and cool things the speedo does.
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Old 20th August 2019, 11:16   #23
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

I love the styling of this car. How I wish the taxation structure changes in India to make these cars marginally more affordable :( I was rooting for the free trade agreement to go through b/w India and Europe just because of my love for german engineering marvels.

The normal wheelbase E Class makes total sense for India. EWB should just be an option.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

Just me, but I think super-saloons could make super-cars obsolete given how fast they've become with their menacing looks, sound like symphony and ability to carry all your friends and their luggage, I'm not complaining!
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

This is such a gorgeous looking car, especially in black, and that 4.0 AMG V8 makes such an amazing noise!
I think this the best interation of the E63 yet! I wish AMG does not downsize it's engines, but that is inevitable.
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Default Re: Driven: Mercedes-AMG E63 S

With the non-AMG Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 having leaked online earlier this month, the time has come for the Afflaterbach version to make its way onto the web ahead of schedule. So here we are, staring at a picture that reveals the posterior of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 in sedan guise.
Attached Images

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