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Default Re: My Seat Leon FR | Ownership Review

Originally Posted by Jeroen View Post
Well, you are certainly making up for that with this lovely and extensive review. Thanks very much.

I always feel Seat and in particular the Leon is a bit of an underestimated brand/car. As you have found out, it is actually a very nice car. It’s a bit of hidden gem in the car world for some reason.

A very good friend of mine is a big Seat enthusiast, buys nothing else. He has a Leon very similar to yours. I got to drive it some time ago, very good handling and a real looker.

Enjoy your Seat and thanks for the review

Thank you very much for those kind words Jeroen. I really liked the non-hyped approach of the brand and the vehicle, in terms of styling, price etc. Also, in my personal experience, the Seat dealer was much nicer and more friendlier than the VW dealer near my house and that made a huge difference in my decision making as well. I look forward to driving in the Netherlands when the pandemic is over and maybe even catch up with you and the NL Teambhp gang

Originally Posted by SenPai_GTi View Post
Fantastic report. Loved how you covered each and every aspect of the car. Talking about the car, its one looker for sure, especially loved the mean looking rear design. Is the tuning limited to throttle response, steering and suspension? or are there more parameters ?
Here is a photo of the parameters one can tune in the individual mode. Like I mentioned before, I use it most of the time where I need only the Steering to be in Sports mode, for a better feel and the rest stays in Normal or Eco mode. Especially the suspension, which I need in the Comfort mode for most of the driving time.

My Seat Leon FR | Ownership Review-20210511_151520.jpg

Originally Posted by vishy76 View Post
Excellent review. Loved the way you have described everything in detail!

I have to say, this is one handsome looking hatchback. I would even go as far as saying that I prefer the way the Leon looks over the Golf Mk8, which is overdone and too radical for my conservative taste. I see a lot of switchgear including the cabin lights (both front and rear), indicator stalks, dual zone climatronic panel and the likes borrowed from the MQB and PQ Volkswagens.

Wishing you many happy miles with the car
Thank you for the kind words and I agree with you, in the latest format, the Leon is far better looking than the Mk8 Golf and as this review from Autotrader shows, the Cupra Leon is probably better and more value for money than the Golf GTI

Originally Posted by carthick1000 View Post
Nice review and well put together. Seat Leon is such a good looking car and much underestimated/overseen in it's segment.

But still Seat has an edge as they are one generation ahead of Skodas in terms of design language, which means the used car buyers can already choose for good SEAT designs at very good price point.
Originally Posted by Rohan24 View Post
Fantastic review!
A bit OT: What are the considerations taken for the insurance, say, for a new driver, buying something like a Fiesta or Golf hatch? I am aware that our Indian driving experience matters zilch. So approximately how much percentage of the price of the car would the insurance be?
Thank you for reading through and your kind words, I look forward to many more miles with the Leon. To answer your question, I would say there are two parts to it: The Leon is not that expensive to insure, maybe because of the host of driver assistance features it has, low theft rate etc. Also, there are insurance companies which will consider your Indian driving/ownership experience and reduce the premium if you can show the proof for that. In my case, I am in SF Klasse 3, which brings the yearly cost of Insurance to around 600 euros a year

Originally Posted by Herr_Autobahn View Post
Congrats on your new purchase !

The new generation SEAT's looks much sharper! and great photos by the way, I believe it is Schwarzwald.
How is the ride quality with these summer sections? I had the same set of summers in my previous car (MK2 Octavia RS) which I felt very harsh.
Thank you for your wishes! You're right about the location, it's some small villages in the Schwarzwald. About the tires, with the suspension set in Comfort mode, the ride is manageable on city roads with the manhole covers and patch work areas. Sport suspension is reserved only for those marble smooth roads or twisty areas, where I want less body roll
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Default Re: My Seat Leon FR | Ownership Review

Congratulations on the Leon.

I did the same thing when I arrived in 2017 to Germany.
Got an e60 523i and drove it for a year. Once I got my German license I went for a Škoda Superb Euro 6 Diesel DSG. The gas bills on the E60 were also intolerable.
Then got 19" rims done since I couldn't tolerate the 16".
Got the lane assist activated with OBDeleven.

Great to see you are in Landkreis Böblingen as well. We also live in Landkreis Böblingen. We should catch up sometime.

You are right about dealers in smaller towns/villages being friendly and give good discounts too.


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