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Default My Hyundai i10, sleek silver

Ecstatic is the word! I am super happy with my Hyundai i10 Kappa that makes me write this post.
Car bought on (7th nov 2008).
Heres my initial report and small late newbie random review

It all began when I started my hunt for that perfect hatch for a family of four . I was an offline reader of this forum for the past 2 years and must admit this forum has helped me a lot in the process.

We owned a Maruti 800 ’94(mostly was driven by my dad) model which was our companion for a decade(1L+kms). We did not had any vehicle for four years . Had three options –Swift, Spark, UVA and i10 mostly for the city (90%) and highway (10%) .

Swift - mom didn’t like the looks plus rattling complains. Test driving the rest was the next logical step. called the rest for test drive.To show up first was the Korean! With i10 sportz While Chevy and UVA never bothered for a week

Loved the i10 for its beige interiors,decent space ,tilt and power steering.

A week after came the spark (wanted the top version got the base version).
Spark – super silent engine,space cramped, Instrument Cluster in the middle bit odd ,grey interiors outdated.


Opted for
i10 sportz kappa sleek silver

Options: Modi Hyundai (Thane), Sharayu (Navi Mumbai)

Both offered a reasonable deal but I went ahead with Sharayu thanks to its proximity to my place and my good rapport with the sales guy!

Booked the car on 17of OCTOBER got delivered on 6th of nov 2008.
Odo reading 23kms.Date of Mfg--- October 2008
Did the PDI (TBHP),

i10 SPORTZ (kappa) sleek silver , ex-showroom = Rs.4.35170L
Insurance--------- 13043k
Registration --------- 36425
Ex warranty --------2500
Special waiver (discount) ---------- 5k

Corporate discount -----------5k

On road price came around 4.77174L
Accessories got--------- Mudflaps , rubber matting full set, rubber matt dicky, leather steering cover, body cover, ganesh idol,SEAT COVERS.anti rusting during 1st service
No sunfilm

1st service

DID my Ist sevice on 7th jan 2009(700 kms), Engine tuning with topping up of oils as general inspections. ps (CHANGED THE ENGINE OIL-------- thanks to tbhp) Under body anti- rust done
Odo now reading 980 kms, FE------ 14KMPL with 50% AC

Pros: great style, awesome driving pleasure, beautiful interiors & lots of space, modern engine , Can drive in 4th gear @ 30 kmph, Road noise doesnt percolate into the cabin

Cons : jeeezzz the hand brakes, a bit more smoother gears.

I found i10 to be true family car.ITs mileage is good.It provides optimum spacing for 5 adults.It has good Boot space.The driving pleasure in cities is awesome

Will update more info as and when I get some free time
few snaps of the my sleek silver
Attached Thumbnails
My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-006.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-007.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-002.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-003.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-004.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-005.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-013.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-011.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-008.jpg  

My Hyundai i10, sleek silver-i10-pics-012.jpg  

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Rjeevan, congrats on your purchase !! Car looks lovely. Very nice pictures. As the others on this forum would say, a nice set of alloys, wider tubeless tyres and front fog lamps would complete the car :-) Happy driving !!

Warm regards,
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Good car !!Rjeevan your steering cover looked odd. In snap looked like the width of the cover is very less. Usually it cover almost all plastic with the help of string
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Rjeevan congrats man!
this is one of the hottest selling hatch these days. people seem to love the i10. great choice.

a better steering cover is required. doesnt look like its for i10.
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Old 20th February 2009, 13:45   #5
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Congrats on the Silver i10. I thought the Sportz came with Front fog lamps.
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Congratulations! Good looking car in a good looking color! Enjoy your drive.

So, who's the one learning driving in this mint-new i10?
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Old 23rd February 2009, 10:59   #7
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Congrats Jeevan on picking up the i10 . Please do upgrade the tires and trust me you will love it !!
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Old 23rd February 2009, 12:20   #8
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The only thing you need to do is upgrade the tyres and pick up a nice set of rims. For that matter all the Hyundai cars have really undersized tyres. Congrats on your new ride. Its without any doubts the hottest selling hatch right now.
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Old 10th March 2009, 12:21   #9
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Thanks for all your views and sorry for the very late reply.. have been very busy of late!

Will definitely upgrade the tyres and the rim once I fill up my pockets
And yeah.. my dealer has promised me a full leather steering cover in my second service..

My younger sis is the reason for the L board

Update on my i10 - 1600km

Couldn't help a slight dent in the under body below the left rear door (slightly visible from the side)
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Good to know about you & your Kappa too.

Can you please let me know how the car fares now, Since am planning to buy 1.2 Kappa as well...

You can think of writing a long ownership review!!

Your reply will be highly appreciated!

Last edited by Sai Narayan : 25th November 2009 at 21:35.
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Congrats on your i10 acquisition.

As an i10 owner might I suggest:

1. Better seat covers (possibly stitched leather / PU) - I can see this is in your count
2. Matching leather steering cover.
3. Door sil guard / scuff plate (do you have these?)
4. Front fog lamps
5. Sunfilms
and most importantly
6.. Better tires on alloys (13" - 175/70R13 on 13" alloys, 14" - 185/60R14 on 14" alloys. Alloys should be from 5J to 6J)

Do update this thread regularly with your driving experience.
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Old 26th November 2009, 13:26   #12
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Congrats. Sensible buy. shall keep you hazel free for another decade.
Any plans for upgrading the tire & stock speakers?
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