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quattroa4 29th September 2009 20:14

Initial review : LR Freelander 2
dear friends (BHPens) , would like to share these fotos with you of freelander2 which we just purchased and which is the 1st official vehecle sold in india also. hope u will enjoy this

dear njoy.

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quattroa4 29th September 2009 22:39

taken delevary of the 1st official freelander2
4 Attachment(s)
dear friends , just want to share the pics of our new freelander 2 with all u people n which happens to be the 1st car sold . hope u will enjoyAttachment 199615

Attachment 199616

Attachment 199617

Attachment 199618

Jaggu 29th September 2009 23:31

Congratz! Pics don't do justice to the car, do write a short review too.

k2max6 29th September 2009 23:41

Congrats and have fun with the beauty.
The pics are not enough, i hope we can have some more ;especially interiors.
A short review would be welcome along with info about any other cars you compared with it before buying.:)

Parm 29th September 2009 23:42

Congratulations on LR2. 1st officially sold in india!

could you please write a detailed info about how you decided to buy it, why LR2, why this colour, detail info about the engine, interior, etc!

in a short way, just let your heart do the thinking and your fingers do the typing in writting a detailed info!

buckle up and safe driving!


akj53 29th September 2009 23:45

Yes congratulations and please post full details of every thing. Price, specs, driving experience etc.,

BlackPearl 29th September 2009 23:46

congrats quattroa4. Please post a few more pics and a review of the car.

ir458 29th September 2009 23:53

Congrats quattroa4 !! Enjoy your ride and details please

swiftnfurious 30th September 2009 00:25

Congrats quattroa4! We need more pics and a review toooooooo! please:

Cyrus43 30th September 2009 00:34

Looks Soo Good!! And so Does the RS!! I love the Side Gill thing!!

_raVan_ 30th September 2009 09:38

Congratulations quattroa4. It does look good! How much did it cost you OTR? Also, please post more pics of the interiors.

safari_lover 30th September 2009 10:04

Congratulations! She looks super cool! Please post more pics; if possible with a open landscape for the backdrop:D

Also which variant is this? Do write your experience of buying and first drive, et al.

athalaga 30th September 2009 10:19

Congratulations on a wonderful vehicle, lots more pictures and a long review required.

Sahil 30th September 2009 10:44

It has Fabric seats ?!!

Great looking car, congrats. The sunroof is killer!
How much did it cost and what features does it come with?

himanshugoswami 30th September 2009 10:46


Originally Posted by Sahil (Post 1507788)
It has Fabric seats ?!!

Great looking car, congrats. The sunroof is killer!
How much did it cost and what features does it come with?

That was the first question that came to my mind as well.....

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