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Default From RD350 to 2 wheels Walker [riding never ends]

As you all are already familiar with my last travelogue [Mumbai-Mahabaleshwar], there was a small accident we [me and Nomad] met with.

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After some first aid and walk, I confirmed that my leg is fine and can drive back to Mumbai. Canít let anyone else drive Nomad coz it lost the rear brake, clutch was broken too.
The situation back there was quite amusing. I had my (left) knee in pain, though not a fracture. Clutch lever (on left) was broken and rear brake (on right) was gone.

From RD350 to 2 wheels Walker [riding never ends]-2.jpg

Keeping this in mind, the only option to ride Nomad to Mumbai was with my injured leg over leg guard for support and changing gears with hand whenever needed. Reached hotel Kuber @ Mahad and had lunch. The pain was increasing but I was able to stand on both legs so continued riding further. Sent all others except for my trusted oneís ahead, as I was to cruise at 50-70kmph. By the time we reached Kolad it was already dark and we stopped to refuel. This is when I realized that the pain has substantially increased. Now there was no option other than to keep moving ahead. After covering the longest 200kms of my life, finally gave up to the traffic of Pen.
This was when I finally called up my roomies at Vashi to pick me up. It was already 10 pm and I was on water and good old 4Square.
My pal, Sushil and my RD mech came along to the rescue. Had the Nomad's clutch fit and headed to home where I was rushed to the hospital for checkup and X-Ray (it was 1AM by then).

From RD350 to 2 wheels Walker [riding never ends]-4.jpg

May be it is the raging rider sprit or the NOMAD's like strength that kept me going. It was amazing to note though that @ MGM, Vashi they used Harpik bottles to place the first aid fluids.

From RD350 to 2 wheels Walker [riding never ends]-3.jpg

Next day I was told to have MRI and the outcomes were unexpected....
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Hmmm... 2 days, 100 views, 0 reply :-(.
Now I wonder whether should I continue or not...
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dont continue please,lol

its just 1 post and you havnt posted after that so maybe thats why people havnt replied cos lately its becoming a fashion on T-BHP that people would start a travelogue, write a solitary post and leave it.

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It is better have something substantial in the very first post of a travelogue. Just posting a teaser and expecting lots of replies is not realistic.
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sorry guys been in training so couldn't update it the very next day. have a day off tomorrow so will keep things in mind and post it further....

This was an incident happened to me after the Mahabaleshwar trip:

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Just back home and here is rest of the story....(sorry for trouble)

MRI concluded with a complete MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) tears, Grade-A meniscus tear and bone contusion.
Whoa!!! Those were big words for me but I was more curious to know what it is? So, internet zindabad.

Next plan of action, bed rest for a month. Sent reports to my friend [neurologist/orthopedic surgeon] back at Nagpur and after analyzing they decided for a surgery.
Still remember, 18th Oct 2009, Nagpur, bone chilling winters and it all began....

The Operation Room:
Very friendly as the surgeon and physio were my good friends and it was their day to have hands on me. The Physio pal was always interested to own my RD. He had my N82 which became the official camera to record my surgery.
The only outsider was the lady (who came to give me local anesthesia) was amused to see me playing pranks and laughing in OT.

I guess including few chunk of talks at OT would be more interesting:
Ortho: Ab to RD meri
Surgeon: RD, oh RD se accident hua hai?
Me: Yes but I am still going to ride it.
Anesthesiologist: please be still (inserted the needle in my back finding way somewhere between the spine)
Me: Ouch...
Ortho: Ab chalayega RD? Khoob ride marta tha
Me: whatever happens, NOMAD will be still with me, so forget it
Surgeon: I guess we should concentrate on surgery.
Anesthesiologist: close your eyes and try to sleep...(she puts the blindfold on my eyes)
Me: Sone ki? I am feeling cold and my hands are shivering. (Anesthesiologist inserts some fluid along with glucose)
I had my eyes somewhat closed but can see my ortho friend bringing the cam close to my face and I show him my finger.
Anesthesiologist: oh you still awake.
Me: In kamino ke beech nahi so sakta, kidney nikal li to. (actually I was eager to see them opening up my knee)
Ortho: lol, sudhar ja nahi to knee ke sath tere future ki bhi surgery ho jayegi.
Surgeon: Ok jokes apart, lets start.

My ortho friend kept on recording the whole thing. 3 hours and itís finally done.

Links to the videos of my surgery:

Post surgery, I was shifted to the ICU. All I was thinking of those assembly lines shown on Discovery Turbo where things get manufactured, repaired, sent for paintjob and then to warehouse. Not far from realization that I was going through the same kind of procedure.

So my denting/painting job was over and now I have to just lie for 3 days in same room. Dad got me some chocolates and juice. With friends around I was feeling @ home. Someone got me flowers... but come on, I am not a patient and donít treat me like one... I am happy to rest for a while and going to zooooooom away soon with my Nomad.
3 days, only chocolates and juice as I was not allowed to move out of bed and over it I donít want to use that pot.... yucks!!!

Finally the day of my discharge from hospital came and has to choose type of plaster (conventional or German plast). Itís like choosing between MRF and Michelin. Obviously, the choice was later one.
[About German plast: quite expensive but damn light to move around. Consists of a fiber mesh sheet which is dipped in the special solution (comes with it) and then rolled over the leg]
Off then I go to home...

At Home:
Leisure for a week as the plaster was placed for 10 days. I still remember the 3rd day when one of my friend came to visit me and flashed the keys to his new bike [itís FZ, its Yam] Canít resist so went down 3 stories all the way to see the black beauty. Then somehow I managed to snatch bike keys for a small test ride (making circles within parking).

All done and my biker heart is at rest now. Stepped down from bike with help and headed to the pit shop [my apartment on 3rd floor]. Damn! Here comes load shedding taking down the elevator. Thank God, I played langdi with neighboring girls in my early teens; I was able to reach my home on 3rd floor.
Deepawali was near and I was excited to blow up crackers and decorate my home. Again, thank God that I am not an S/W engineer and had no worry about losing job as it was recession. Neighbors/Far friends though were suspicious of me loosing job.

Deepawali's over, plaster removed, now time for intense physiotherapy. The sessions were painful, pain that made me drop sweat even at 8 degree Celsius in Nagpur's winter. But as they say no pain, no gain; so here are some teasers

However, there was not a single Saturday that I might have missed going to Movies. A month passed and I had some movement and power in my knee to at least push the clutch. Now, I started driving car to the physio sessions (but still not allowed to keep my leg on ground). Enjoyed the look of people every time, they saw me getting out from car and then walking away with my 4 pole walker and single leg.

Meanwhile, I met with another accident of my life "my wife, my marriage" )

It took me 4 months to completely recover and 8 months to return my leg to normal functionality after intense therapy. But as they say all is well that ends well. Back to normal life, same job and a companion (apart from NOMAD) for life.

Soon a year past, and it was rains again, the biker heart pondered, trip planned, 4 RDs, Malshej. It was fun to be back on saddle in rains on those twisties. I was happy while munching vada-pav and sipping tea @ Malshej, unless and until I realized that its 6th of October, the D Day when a year ago, me and my NOMAD enjoyed the twisties and fell apart.

My happiness turned into sheer moment of joy for unknowingly sticking to my commitment and getting back on NOMAD exactly in a year span.

Called up Dad,
Me: Dad, Its exactly 1 year of my accident and I am riding again
Dad: I knew it when you left home in morning. Just didnít want to bring back bad old memories.
Me: Oh! Hmmm, but I am happy and itís raining hell here
Dad: Enjoy the ride and rains; keep that never failing attitude high as always. We are waiting at home to celebrate your return.
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Few more pics:

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Name:  m6.jpg
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Nice anatomy pics there nomadabhi ! But great spirit dude. Happy and safe riding! BTW, was pic 139177 supposed to send a message to the place where you fell, last time
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Interesting. But I have no sense of time in this thread. it will be a story if you add a timeline and identify flashbacks. almost everything is written in present (near past) tense.
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Phew! That was a long recovery path. Kudos to your spirit dude! Happy and safe riding.
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Hope you had a full recovery! Brought back memories when I nearly lost my right leg and a story of last 6 years trying to recover.

My thoughts, Keep the spirit but tie it with love of your family and sanity of your rides, having said that I know it may not have been your fault entirely to get into that situation.

To you, your dad's spirit should be your beacon during bad times!
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