2008 Swift DDIS :Quick Silver:

noidaboy’s Team-BHP Garage
2008 Swift DDIS :Quick Silver:
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.3 diesel
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock :D for now
Fuel & Tuning:
  • stock for now
  • stock for now
  • stock for now
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Damping (weight added )
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Yokohama S-DRIVES 205/55/15
  • Aftermarket arm rest
  • Start up gear knob
  • Under door ambient lighting
  • Boot lighting
  • Led cabin light
  • Monster spoiler
  • After market projector lamps with replaced with Laura projector and CCFL rings
  • 32 Led tail light
  • Custom made head light with twin projector setup (bixenon) and 1watt led indicators
  • F1 flasher style LED rear Fog lamp (DIY)
  • Dual LED fog light bulbs with parking and indicator built-in
  • Autoform seat covers
  • Rainbow SLG F3 kick component 6.5"
  • Kenwood 6539 Headunit
  • Kenwood 8401 4ch AMP
  • Connection audison wiring
  • Bull audio ESW -12 sub
  • Car PC with 7" indash popout screen

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Author Comment Date
xtremeshock Awesome ride, you've got good taste man.... 26th April 2012
samigo This is simply awesome dude. Looks super sporty. I too owned a silver swift and would have definitely copied you. Alas, it's stolen. 4th January 2012
noidaboy Tails lights were for 8K 22nd July 2011
noidaboy Thanks Guys 22nd July 2011
planet_rocker Hot Ride - love the alloy colour :) - Orange alloys will look hotter IMO 21st July 2011
cityvic 2021 just got Hotter !:D 19th July 2011
deathwalkr nice ride 19th July 2011
skrules Love the colour com combination. Awesome !! How much did the aftermarket tail lamps cost you ?? 4th July 2011
xtremeshock nice work on the car, kudos.. 23rd May 2011
cityvic Naice Name..:D 30th December 2010
noidaboy 3000/- for the button 30th December 2010
fiesta_21 That is one sweet ride man!!how much did you pay for the push button start? 28th November 2010
Auto freak wooohooo! thats HOTTT!!! 20th May 2010
noidaboy its a TURBO TIMER, Keeps the engine running after i take out the keys and lock the car for a set time,So that my turbo gets time to cool and oil to go back to the sump. 22nd February 2010
abhayshanu What is TT.jpg? 22nd February 2010
vinesataris one hell of a ride man! 12th February 2010
noidaboy LoL. Its time for a lot of MODS as in my mind, But real life is different and it takes time :) 11th February 2010
wildchild4lyfe wd all the flash ye runnin dont ye think its tym fr a body kit?? 10th February 2010
smokin update the garage with new pics these are old now 5th February 2010
DNS hey. The fog lamps look deadly. Where did you sorce them from? 18th December 2009
noidaboy Thanks JAYD :) 17th October 2009
JayD Awesome! Simply awesome! Keep the updates coming! :) 17th October 2009
noidaboy Today my car is ONE year old. Chip will come in this year for sure :P 12th October 2009
aZa gad gad gad psssssssssst....... :D Awesome car and lighthouse :D Now all it needs is a CHIP :D 12th October 2009
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