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Default Excellent ICE setup for ALTO! with pics!

After surfing around a lot (internet, shops & gurus) for an ICE upgrade for my humble ALTO, I finally did it last week. Here's the final config:

BLAUPUNKT MPA4 4CHANNEL AMPLIFIER http://www.blaupunkt.com.sg/download/en-GB_MPA4oi.pdf



I was very much disappointed with my earlier setup. I used my blau amp earlier to power my sub bridging all the channels, My rear speakers (SPA170s) were bolted onto the boot door and front speakers were kept in dash wells near the windscreen and these all were powered from the Head unit. And the bass it produced was dreadful as it just never gave enough punch and sounded lifeless. Only the highs sounded good. Vibrations produced were too much as the rear speakers were in the boot door.

I did a lot of querying in various forums, many shops, lot of audio experts etc.. And thanks to them all (especially gunbir etc..) I came upto a conclusion to change my AMP and SUB. I sold my BLAU amp and my VXB12 Sub to a nearby friend. He was very much tight in his pocket and after waiting for a month for the payment, I decided to take my stuff back and I did so (Now I am glad I did'nt sell those).

I went to and audio expert here in my town and presented him my scenario again. I had done this plenty of times earlier too but he was quite hesistant to work on my ALTO, and used to recommend me to buy a big car to suit my demands. I spoke to him again and offered him to take this as a challenge and he accepeted.

Speaker installation
He made a nice padding for my front doors using MDF, installed the velocity woofers into it.


And the tweeters were installed in the A pillar.

For the rear, I wanted to install Blau 6X9s. But could'nt find a suitable place for doing it and I did'nt want the soundstage to be shifted behind also. So, we decided to stick with the alpine co-axials. Those were placed in the rear doors.

The Alpine SP 1003 4" co-axials are there in the dash wells but I disconnected it after experimenting with the sound. It sounds very high pitched with those connected.

SubWoofer installation

Subwoofer was kept in the boot as before and the connecting cables were changed to monster cable.

From inside the car:

Boot open:

He also put a blue neon light wire inside the glass enclosure surrounding the SUB. It pulses according to sound. Looks really cool ! !

Amplifier installation

The Alpine 605 monoblock amp was fitted beneath the driver seat and carpets were arranged to make airflow to the fans. The Amp has a hood which itself is a protective cover from dust and other nuisances. The controls are fully digital and no fooling up with the settings here. It also has a blue backlit digital display which looks really cool.

The Blaupunkt MPA4 was placed under the passenger seat and again the carpets were arranged to let air flow outside. The Blaupunkt logo lights up when the amp is switched on.

Sound proofing and dampening

Now, here comes the most interesting and difficult part of the install. If any of you have tried pushing the volume in a normal ALTO, you'll understand what I mean. The car is very feeble in many parts and those areas will vibrate horribly with subwoofer bass. Even the doors and doorpads vibrate too. I wanted this to stop and did a lot of homework to find a good solution. I thought of fibre, dampening sprays and Dynamat. Finally as I could'nt get Dynamat Extreme locally, I went for WURTH. My audio man installed it in every door, C pillars, roof and some parts of the floor too. It took us a lot of effort doing so. especially the C pillar vibrations were very difficult to put off. Once it was done and my system was powered on, I knew it was completely transformed to a different animal. It was sweet sound coming all around. it felt as if the sound was coming from a live band. Each instrument was to be heard!

I could'nt get any pictures of the sound dampening as I completely forgot about it before finishing the install. (Talk about getting involved in the work).

Guys from Ernakulam and around are welcome to pour in and have a look.

Special thanks to GUNBIR. His INNOVA install pics helped me a lot.

Bye for now,
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Woooow..thts a lot of sound mate....amazing set up u got there...care to share how much it set u back by...???
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Originally Posted by speedzak
Special thanks to GUNBIR. His INNOVA install pics helped me a lot.
You're welcome dude. Thats what we're here for. We've used those velocity speakers, they are nice. And Im sure the blau bandpass sub gives great bass. I used to have one of those around 2001. Are these still around?

Install looks great. Great move damping your car. How much did you spend on the damping. Im sure the others would like to know.


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Heyyy nice install !!! is that the power window control on the front box???
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Hey./.. Looks good... Must sound good too!!..And yes... how much wurth did you end up using... and how much did it cost you...LAstly... Who is the installer.. nary a mention.. secret??
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Thats a great install. The set up is really good. Congrats...


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hey! thats an awesome setup!!
I've been thinking about juicing up the ice setup in my car as well for some time now, this has really inspired me!!! I'm currently really dissapointed with my setup, its a real mash, speakers have lost their punch. anyway this is about you, so cheers man, enjoy the music!!!!!
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wow... Nice and clean. Great job!!!

Apline amp looks MEAN!!!
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This can also said like -> Good Quality Install. (GQI)
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Thats a great install!.. congratulations :-)

By the way, how much did the damping costs come out to be?
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boy u have spent spent spent on an alto very nicely that too i must add, whats the whole setup worth like, i could not think of owning such a system in such a car because id be scared someone would nick it, and im saying this from experience 2 times. hoping u have a good good good autocop with ya.
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Thank you Guys!! And Thanks a lot for all those nice words.

Regarding the cost, It is around 1L! for the whole setup including labour charges. But, I'm happy it gave me satisfaction after all!

The sound dampening I used cost me 10 grands including labour (it was quiet a lot of job as I experienced it).

Regarding the person who did the installation, His name is Zuhemi. He is one of the 3 brothers who run an auto accessories shop in our town named EMPEROR. I should say: A guy who lives on audio installs. Pl check out his Honda city for more info. 4 LCDs, 10 component woofers, 10 tweeters, centre speaker, 2 15" Subwoofers, 4 Capacitors, Head unit with touch screeen, 2 4channel amps, 2 monoblock amps etc..
And he uses it for his daily use (other than the boot, functionality is not hampered)

I was earlier put off by their selling style and was many a times decided not to go to them, but I couldn't find a better place around or had the time to drive my car to Mumbai etc... So, I made friends with these guys first and slowly I got him to do this installation for me. And he was quiet helpful and did'nt mind me pouring in suggestions.

Thanx once again,
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ZUHEIMI!!... Should have guessed!1.. That guy is Good!... Perhaps the best south of Chennai! (dont want to get flamed )
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Hey speedzak,

Nice Install You Have Got..

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Good one dude. Will check it next time I visit Cochin.

Guys, any news abt SAm?
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