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Cool 1991 Maruti 1000 - 4,00,000+ kms

Circa 1993 :-
El cheapo porus ( me) wanted to buy a automobile. Mainly to ferry me from my home to my college.The era was aptly named as "everything is my". Thus to get away from the family fiat, I go out and buy myself a second hand (circa 1991) Maruti 1000. The novice buyer did not have team - bhp back then to consult and paid more/extra to buy the M1000. I souped it up with a state of art sound system ( audio fan that i was ) pioneer deck the speakers tweeters amp, name it i had it , the the 12 cd changers system * sigh memory time*

Good days right now college till yesterday, My Maruti 1000 was like my heart beat. It worked perfect ( Purrrr fectly the engine "ticked till the last day") Never gave any major problem. For anyone who has a doubt or a iota of doubt framing in his/her mind about Japanese cars, I would vouch for Japanese cars over any other anytime. Maruti Suzuki thank you for making such a beautiful fanastic car.

The car went out of status symbols of pride years back. stories about it being given away "buy oneget one free" were told to me. Then I was told the model i am driving is outdated. (College days it matters to be seen with an outdated model /car hehehehe )But yet the car used to do long runs perfectly ( Mumbai -pune on old ghats road almost every weekend but never a problem occured not yet once)

I feel a nice part of my life went with the "Beast".

All that car needed was regular servicing and of course when i stopped servicing the car regularly it became worst in its health and started giving me problems like replacement of expensive parts.
The car ran a 4,85,000 + kms with me. Thank you my Maruti 1000.

Circa 2008 :- December 2008 "The beast" was tamed.
The M1000 car was duly exchanged for a new one. Looking back i feel the extra money / over charge that the first owner of my car took from me was may be, he knew this car would last me 15 years + or may be, he was cheating me, for he knew that student would be easy to cheat,
I dont know what he thought then but looking back at the journey of 15 years with one car, one owner, and 4,85,000 under its hood i feel the money gave me more than monetary satisfaction.
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Great memories indeed. Would love to see some pitures of the great car. Even I loved seeing these cars, which to me during those times, felt as costly as a Benz. It was a luxury car and it was a style statement to come to school in one of these cars,during those times(I was in school).

Please post some pics with exterior/interior
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Your thread makes me proud being a Suzuki owner. 4.86k kms, 15yrs wow!

Looks like at 40k kms in 5 years, my Suzuki would outlive me.

M1000 was a true status symbol and the "car to have" in those days. You bought back those memories in me of "rich people from south delhi" moving around in M1000s, when even a M800 was considered luxury.

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Nice. How much did you get it for? and how much did you get for it?
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Old 13th December 2008, 17:53   #5
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This will a real LTR !

@Porus, a few pics will be good to have.
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Thanks a ton guys,

Today first day without a car - "its a wonderful world out there but stop revolving the earth i want to get down this ride" feeling,
Reading your comments + the feeling the new beast will be "unleashed" on the mumbai roads on tuesday. ( somebody hold me back ).

I also plan to take the new car on a highway journey ( should do about 400+ kms there itself) the very next day, so its going to be a good start of a nice review there. The day of journey might change but the journey is planned within the same week.

The feeling without my beloved maruti 1000 - "Daddy buy me one of those" kids will agree with me on this feeling of change - Pour out some drinks to soothen my nerves here. cheers: sOUTH OF ALL CITIES MUMBAI/DELHI let us drink to that.- water please i hate bubbles in my drinks.
  • Hrag -Monetary discussion a this moment would blast one more nerve in my body but some other day when the new beast is tucked in and i am parked in it - some would not agree to this but thats how it happens you park yourself in a car, then the car parks you later.
  • Dcite - Bro you need to get those tires rolling for long drives, highway trips way before the tyres and the head starts balding. Ask me its flying bald these days for a 35 yr old me. Let the suzuki get some "MILES before the AGE - MILEAGE if you know what i mean.Get some friends together and if you a family man get the folks out of mumbai asap. Its not them im talking about - the car needs to be driven.
  • Raj84 - The pics !! Maan you the man, I have them on my phone,*tragic sighs * some time here sure not today ok !!
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Old 13th December 2008, 18:25   #7
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Good report! 485k on the Odo, wow, that is a lot of kms's.

So, how much was on the odo when you brought it? And also the price paid and got.

And... photos.
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Old 13th December 2008, 19:10   #8
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wow! 400000+ kilometers!!!!

yeah, it was THE car to be seen in when it was introduced, but fell out of favour very fast!

how much did you sell her for?
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Old 13th December 2008, 19:21   #9
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Man, finally a really looong term review

If I am not mistaken, these had original Suzuki engines right?
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Like all others said - WOW ! 485000kms! Did you get the engine re-bored? and if so at how many kms?
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Old 13th December 2008, 19:58   #11
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Porus, WOW!
That engine is bulletproof. Did duty in the Gypsys too, till the MG413 was introduced.
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Old 13th December 2008, 20:06   #12
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Porus nice review, but feel sad because you had to part company with the car.That was inevitable perhaps.Hope you will post some pictures of the car. 485,000 kms is no joke after all.It was a much sought after car in the early 1990's.
I too have a 1987 Maruti 800 which is with our family since 21 years and it will be with me forever perhaps! Its so very reliable.
And tomorrow Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (earlier Maruti Udyog Ltd) will be 25 years old.
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Old 13th December 2008, 21:20   #13
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This is amazing. I am sure you weren't happy selling it. It would be good to know the major replacements/overhouling the car has gone through over the course of 15 years, if you recall them
I have heard people talking high of cars doing 2 lakh kms etc but this one beats everything.

Maruti can actually make a story of this and use in their campaigns.
Or at least ACI or Overdrive will be happy to publish the story.

It is not unsual for a car to be doing duty for 15-20 years but I guess the average running will be much less, perhaps less than 10000 km/year. 32000 kms/year and for 15 years is a real testimony to the quality of the car make.

Last edited by Guna : 13th December 2008 at 21:26.
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Old 14th December 2008, 03:49   #14
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pics pics pics!!please

I think Maruti should recognize customer like you!! hope someone from Maruti reads this.

so when are you taking delivery of new Estilo?
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Old 14th December 2008, 11:23   #15
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Holy heavens. An Indian car can do this much? I never thought so.

Now, now, how long would cars of the new age {these days} last? :-|
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