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Old 25th May 2009, 21:00   #16
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As I am viewing this thread, club Mahindra ad is apperaing on the top!
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Man, I am also the victim of same. I thought to use this coupen when I was going to Munnar, but figured out that getting accomodation in hotel is not easy task, so imidiatly dropped plan to follow up with them. My friend also got such calls and I told them not to spend time hearing them.
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I remember being approached by these goofbags a few years ago in Delhi. My friend and I decided to fool around. So he wrote a Mercedes E220 in the car column and I wrote a Bajaj Chetak. He got a call and I didnt! The next time we were again approached by someone similar. So we wrote the opposite Cars and guess what? I got the call and he didn't. I wonder why??
Best advice: Stay away from them or give them someone's number whom you dont like!
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Originally Posted by nitrous View Post
There's already a thread on this. I remember someone from the US saying they actually got the free offer although they said a firm no.
I did,

you can register for the offer and the sale is made when you are at their resort. We said a no, still got the gift vouchers and the accommodation was paid for (in smoky mountains). in fact, they gave us another voucher for florida but we could not use it because of timing issue.

If I was a permanent resident of US I would have given them some thought.
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All resort chains do the same thing world wide! But I must say that Club Mahindra goes the extra mile when it comes to chewing someones brains out.

Experience with Club Mahindra: I mean damn they're at every mall, and even most petrol bunks! The gas station near my residence has these fools just waiting to pounce on you when you stop. If the driver gets out, they knock on the windows, if you do they walk straight up and start disturbing you.

The best way to deal with them is to tell them that you're already a member. They loose interest in a nanosecond!
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This happens to me every time i go to big bazaar -- the last two months when i was laid off , i used to give it back to them very politely. This is how the conversation went
The guy would rush up to you the moment you step out of your vehicle.

1.Attendant : Sir lucky coupon draw. please give your name and contact number
Me : What is it for .
A: Club mahindra holidays. you can go to holiday place of your choice
Me: I am on a permanent holiday sir. Do me a favour -- get me a job. I promise I will join club mahindra for their holiday packages. Done.
A: what sir and leaves crest fallen
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
This is an universal scam practiced by every Holiday resort chain, why are we just picking on club Mahindra.
Completely agree.

This is how Orange county started in 1999. It was even worse, you could not dare to walk on brigade road, you avoid one to be caught by the second guy. Then we decided to walk alone, my wife first and me a little behind. They wanted couples.

I guess the trend is now back because of recession and less holidaying for club mahindra. and others The membership is not cheap though - red season 2BR is around 7lakhs and the least around 1.5 to 2 lakhs.

Go to goa, in any crowded beach you'll see this from all possible resorts there. They come to you as if doing a survey and they are only interested in age and phone number.

It is anybodys guess that there is nothing called a free lunch! Why cry over it.

Further even if you get this so called free voucher - considering the number of members, the resorts, and off season - it'll be difficult to convert them to holidays if your dates are not flexible. That is normal, why be upset. This I say since I am RCI member and I know the nuances of booking a timeshare.

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Dear all - this is not new. In June 1995, there was something called "The Royal Goan Beach Club" (whatever that means). We got a call, went to the Russian Cultural Centre in Peddar road for a meeting, there were many tables with discussions happening, there was a foreigner named Terry smiling away to glory, we had a guy with us who just would not let go, he said we have to give a cheque of Rs.8500 today itself, we told him that we have not brought our cheque book, he said he will come home with us, he actually came at 1130 in the night, I gave him a cheque of 8500 and then one of our friends told us about the scam. We immediately went to the bank the next morning and stopped payment. The worst was that we had signed some agreement, so we went to their "office" (a hole in the wall shop in Khar West which used to be an estate agent's office) the very next day, somehow we pataoed the guy to let us see the agreements and wrote "CANCELLED" on each and every page. It was a very very close call but we got saved. God is great. After a week, we saw Terry arguing with a poilceman in Dadar TT. He had jumped a red signal.

Sometime in 1996, people used to sell "trees". You could buy a tree in a plantation in the middle of nowhere, remember? Be careful.

Since 1995, whenever we go on holiday, we just pay for it. There is nothing free in life. Nowadays when these guys approach, I do a little time pass (wifey does not like it but I still do it), I tell them that if you want to breathe pure air, you have to go to a hill station and pay hotel charges to be able to breathe pure air. So if air is not free, how can anything else be free? Just go away, meet your targets by writing any name and any number in the slip, nobody will know.

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
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they definetly are full fraud. Even me and wife went to there outlet and wasted 1 hour for there lecture. They tried very hard to sell us there plan. You won't believe me what salesman offered me = "Sir 42inch LCD is free, why don't you book with us, take the LCD and if not interested do not pay rest of the EMI's." I was stunned and decided to leave immediately. They gave me the coupon for 2night at Binsar, which I never cared to use
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Even we have been called up regularly by Mahindra for taking up the membershp. Never ever give your personal details or drop coupons whenever you are visiting exhibitions.

We even attended one session (for getting a free holiday of course). The only reason why we went was that we were promised that the holiday would be completely free. During the session, when we asked about the details of the free holiday and the costs we have to bear, out came the long list. Mouthed some abuses to them and walked away. They are the end of the day, agencies with temporary staffings, in make shift locations, selling a product - Mahindra Club Holiday

Another incident: We actually won a holiday to Coorg and decided to cash it (no sessions involved). Went and picked up the coupons from the agent office on Brigade Road (Holiday agency name not being mentioned here) and paid up the tax amount. Everything done and booking date confirmed.

On reaching Coorg, we find that the place if fully booked out and we don;t have a room inspite of a confirmed booking. After a lot of arguments, found out that the agent never ended up submitting the tax amount to the hotel and hence our booking was not confirmed.

The manager was finally able to arrange accomodation for us at a neighbouring estate. The plus point was that it was better than the previous one.

Anyway, BEWARE, this can also happen to you.

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Even I got this call. I never went for the lecture. When my friend got the call, the girl told him that he's won a free stay and he has to bring his wife along. He said he was not married and asked the girl if she would like to join him for the free stay. She immediately disconnected and he was never troubled again.
The next time someone asks you to fill a coupon, just put the number of your friendly neighbourhood ICICI DSA. Let both of them enjoy selling each other their products.
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Try it out Yeti Style.
of course you will get a different set of question/ answers.
But your answers are the standard.
Arrey baap re! Phir?

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
Whenever someone says anything like that I have a favourite nswer:

Arrey baap re!! Phir?
So when she calls you again and says
Your friend owes us money!!
Arrey baap re! Phir?
We will prosecute you!
Arrey baap re! Phir?
We will arrest you!
Arrey Baap re! Phir?
We will issue non-bailable warrant!
Arrey baap re! Phir?

Sooner or later it stops.
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Well, If someone asks for my phone number...I decline...if they still persist, I give them my number with last 2 digits swapped. I have confirmed that that number still belongs to no one.
When I did it for the first time in front of my wife, she thought I have gone nuts and have forgotten my number

On the other hand, these days citibank people are playing with my time. They called me saying that I have been offered Platinum card and all. I listened to his lecture for 15 mins and after that he was stressing on that I agree for auto-debit facility. I refused. He was like that agreeing for auto debit facility is mandatory for this card and since I do not agree, I am not "qualified" for the card.
I was like, yeah man so sorry I am not eligible...my bad luck.

Then a week later I got another call for the same card...this time I told them that last week your marketing team had determined that I am not eligible for the card and since in one week nothing has changed to make be eligible, I cannot have your card. He again started pressurizing me to go for auto debit facility.

I am wondering, why are these guys pressing so much for auto-debit stuff? Something is definitely fishy here!

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The other day a Travel agency called me up saying i won a prize with 2 options where i could select frpm 2 gifts.
When i told i didnt enter any contest,they said it was mobile number that was chosen as lucky winner,hence these gifts were in store.
i realised that there was a catch and simply turned down.In the end it was a 15 minute pointless conversation during my hectic office schedule.
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Well everyone is in to this fraud but Country Club folks in Bangalore have a bunch of female tele callers with extremely irritating voice quality. They speak at very high pitch and words per minute rivals to an audio tape being played in FF mode. To top this they call at extremely uncomfortable hours.

To piss them off I invented a trick , i showed some initial interest and then conversation went like this

I : Aah I am interested and did some one tell you that you have a beautiful voice..

Lady: Thanks sir but we have offer .. blah .. blah .

Wait a sec. I am extremely busy so why don't you leave me your personal number and I will call you back at around 12:30 AM

After a brief pause

That is not possible can you just give 2 minutes and goes on again...

OK as I am busy why don't you talk to my agent who handles all my transaction and hand over the phone to my 2 year old .

After a couple of times I never received any calls from them.

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