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Old 22nd November 2008, 14:24   #1
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Default Rebirth of old scam (Strange incident)

This is one of the strangest incidents I have heard of and unfortunately it happened with my dad. He was travelling to work in his Honda City with the driver. He was sitting on the back seat with the windows up. He had kept his new mobile and other documents on the seat behind the driver. At one of the junction there was a traffic jam because of some demolition work by the BMC (Municipality) and the vehicle was stationary. Suddenly there is this guy (well dressed) who knocks on the window and was trying to indicates something. My dad thought he was some guy from BMC. He started knocking furiously on the window. What he did next was most shocking.This guy opens the door and almost pushes himself inside the car and acts as if he is dumb and places his so called donation sheet on my dadís lap with the rest of the papers placed on top of the mobile. Taken aback by some stranger entering the car, he told him step out of the car, but then this guy started acting as if he was scared by my dadís reaction and he started fumbling with the papers. He picked the papers and then left. The vehicle moved from the junction and after barely 60 seconds my dad checked for his phone and realised that it was missing. Then he realised that the fumbling of sheets by that guy was nothing but when he was picking up the mobile and placing it under the sheets of paper. He went back but then that guy was no where to be seen. Itís amazing when you think that this guy spots the mobile from outside through the tinted glass of a vehicle that is stuck in a traffic jam and has the guts to open the door and enact the entire drama of being dumb and make good with the mobile.It hurts more when the mobile which this guy flicked was a brand new iphone.
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Default Rebirth of old scam

Yesterday my cousin was driving in a crowded market in Faridabad when he felt the rear tyre go over something. Before he could react a man some where in vicinity of rear left wheel started yelling and hollering that the car has gone been driven over his feet.
Soon the crowd of onlookers gathered and the man started tried opening the front left door. Since this was locked he was hammering on the window. My cosine lowered the power window a bit to talk sense to this guy. He immediately tried putting his arm in to open the lock and get in. Fortunately he did not succeed.
He was all the time accusing my cousin of having driven over his feet, accusing of him being negligent and hobbling as if his feet were hurt. Another chap started trying to collect attention at the right side. Fortunately again some sensible guy ticked the impostor off by saying "If the front wheel did not run over you then it is you who does not look where you are going" Seeing the crowd turning against both ran away with out any evidence of hobble.
A nearby shopkeeper confided in my cousin that this had become a regular feature by such people to make a quick buck and if they had managed to get in to the car they further scare you by not letting any other person intervene and raise bogey of "lets go to police" station.
This is an old scam in a new avtar. Years ago similar was done on Mathura Road with a cyclist "stading" in the meridian and as soon as the car came abreast the cycle would be hurled at the car. In most cases the motorist would stop and end up being fleeced.

Drive with your doors locked and be aware of such attempts.
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Old 22nd November 2008, 17:08   #3
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But actually as I know in this case as that person has ran over by rear wheel you are not punishable.
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Old 22nd November 2008, 17:59   #4
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Sad, but these kind of incidents occur frequently in Mumbai. Always drive with the doors locked. Two more:

- My friend was waiting at the Babulnath - Marine Drive traffic light in her Esteem. Mobile phone on the dash. Within 20 seconds of her car being stationary, a dude opens the door, puts a knife to her neck and takes the mobile phone.

- You are driving and someone diverts your attention from the RHS window. You look to the right while his companion jumps in from the left, and vanishes with your belongings.
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Old 22nd November 2008, 18:13   #5
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I thought Pune was safe from such events at least until last Sunday.

My elder brother was at the wheel of my car coasting to a halt in the right most lane on the road opposite Sohrab Hall. Suddenly there was a guy who put his footwear under my front wheel and tapped the driver side window and began abusing for running over his foot. Having known of these losers from the past he told he'll move the car ahead and he can take his foot off. Next instance he began demanding 100 Rs. or else he'll create a racket.
We decided to teach him a lesson and got out of the car just to threaten him and shoo him off. But he returned. Meanwhile the lights went Green and I took over and moved a couple of car lengths ahead. Interim I noticed this guy on the other side of the road trying to look for a stone. That was it without a second thought me and brother got out. Bro took his waist belt out and gave him a few whacks. I knew from one of the threads that his motive was to shatter the car window but we gave him no time to react. I got back to the car while my bro dragged him by his collar to the junction accompanied by another guy from a Sumo who was stuck behind our car.

He was definitely drugged and I remembered this thread by EVO6 when I saw him looking for something on the side of the road: http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/street...se-mumbai.html

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This is beginning to sound a bit like Johannesburg now. Except that they shoot your dead for the mobile over there.

Mumbai is now kind of like Lagos. Hope they do something about it lest it turns into another Joburg.
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Old 22nd November 2008, 19:10   #7
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Dangerous times. Keep doors locked, windows rolled up, and stay alert.
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Where exactly did this happen? Which sector?
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Sad to hear this. It is becomeing common now a days.

My uncles friend was robbed outside the race course(haji ali side) at 7am. Two guys came on a bike bumped into his car. He got out to see the damage and they held a knife to his neck took his car, 100 bucks (out for morning walk), shoes and phone. Fortunately they found the car at tardeo with the mobile (stuck between the seat n handbrake lever) in it. The car ran out of fuel since he was too fill it on his return.

A friend of mine at andheri( the club area) was distracted by someone doing a survey and from the left his partner took off with her purse. Luckyly for her the phone was next to the gear and her vallet in the glove box oweing to a cop catching her for lane cutting. She however was crying cause her makeup stuff was stolen.
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Old 22nd November 2008, 22:21   #10
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Happened once with me too.

Only this time , allegdly side mirrors gave him some bruises. Nearby standing people were quite helpful and 2 of them saw that nothing happened and started telling me to let him call police as they knew what happened and were with me.
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Old 23rd November 2008, 12:02   #11
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This is very scary. Though my windows are rolled down and I normally am aware of such things as this happening like mobile theft, briefcase lifting etc., I've not yet experienced, fortunately, till date nor any of my acquaintances. Thanks Sudev for sounding the alert. Will keep a solid small staff handy to take care of such goons.

Originally Posted by urban_legend View Post
This is one of the strangest incidents.....
After reading your post I'm seething with anger. What all tricks people resort to make easy money? Doors should be kept locked always. Aren't nowadays remote locks have a feature where in once you start the engine, all doors automatically lock? At least my 2004 Scorpio's remote lock system has this feature.

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Old 23rd November 2008, 12:17   #12
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This same incident happened with a bhpian near King Circle do not remember his username as I was not a member o0f the community and just a guest.
But I havent experienced such a situation so far and wish that no one experiences these rouges who are just risking their lives for mere 100--200 rs.
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Old 23rd November 2008, 14:23   #13
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Note from support team: Thread merged.
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Old 23rd November 2008, 14:39   #14
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Happened with my friend who right now is in US.
He has just obtained his license and was driving in Maruti 800. A/C was not switched ON, and windows were down. Near Vadodara railway station, he was in traffic, and as traffic slowed, he did the same. A guy comes and simply sits into the car, there is a fight and they beat my friend and took away Reliance CDMA phone worth Rs. 19K. This was when Reliance communications had just started operationd and the Samsung blue backlight, black and white phone costed 19K. As my friend was a new driver, he was given the freedom to carry the phone. The phone was in glove box. The reason why that guy fought: " You just braked hard and so my bike rammed into back of your car ". From then onwards, he keet all the windows rolled up ( when the A/C is not switched ON ) except the driver door window.
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The best way is to keep al the doors locked , roll up windows and use ac.Even if some starts banging and you need to get out , take keys with u , open the driver door and quickly close it after opening it door (since central locking will open all the doors).

That is the only way to avoid it.And if you are held at gunpoint/knife , just let them take what they want. :(
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