Pic! Maruti's Automated Manual Transmission for the Celerio


Thanks to BHPian AKi10 for the picture and explanation.

Maruti Suzuki will display the new Celerio hatchback at the Auto Expo. The most interesting feature on the car is the new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), which the car will be equipped with. We had an idea of how the gear lever and console would look from the interior pictures of the car that we saw in our previous report. Now, we have a close up picture of the same.

The picture suggests that this is just another conventional autobox with a missing 'P' mode. However, that is not the case. This is, in fact, a conventional manual gearbox with a mechanical and hydraulic unit controlling the clutch action instead of a foot pedal.

The missing 'P' mode does not matter. The car can be parked with the lever in any mode and can be started only when the brake is depressed.

The car can be driven like an automatic by putting the lever in 'D' or like a manual by slotting the lever in 'M' mode and shifting up and down sequentially using the '+' and '-' modes respectively.

Reverse gear can be engaged by putting the lever in 'R' mode, which is positioned at the top and extreme right.

The display cluster will indicate the gear position in both automatic and manual mode for the driver's convenience.

The AMT is expected to reduce the strain on the driver due to its clutchless operation.

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