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Key Features:

  • We are an autonomous community of, by and for Indian car enthusiasts. Our content is compiled & maintained only by actual car owners from India. Team-BHP takes pride in the spectacular level of camaraderie and mutual respect maintained on its forums.
  • Team-BHP does NOT accept car advertisements, and is the only large resource on the Indian Automotive Scene to firmly adopt this stance. Our content is indubitably honest, as we do not accept any sort of direct / indirect advertising rupees for cars.
  • No paid memberships. All the features of Team-BHP are gratis.
  • The most expansive knowledgebase on the Indian Car Scene; one that's open to and searchable by guests (no registration required). What's more, our collective intelligence grows by a whopping 30,000 posts each month.
  • The wheels that BHPians own are equally diverse. Team-BHP has reviews on anything that moves....from the Nano to a Ferrari, cycles to superbikes and cargo ships to the Boeing 747.
  • We do everything that can be done with / to our cars. DIYs, modifications, engine swaps, restorations, off-roading, track racing, long-distance touring and more.
  • If there's anything you want to know about any Indian car, chances are that the subject has already been discussed & dissected on our forums.
  • We emphasize road safety and make its importance communicated through several articles and discussions. Team-BHP strictly prohibits any content proliferating dangerous driving practices (e.g. street racing or drunk driving).
  • A colourful "Shifting Gears" section to discuss the non-automotive aspects of Indian life. The economy, tattoos, gadgets, health & fitness, investments, education, pets, foreign languages, parenting, music gigs and everything else under the sun.
  • Free, full feature Apps for the Android & Apple platforms. We also have a fast & light mobile skin.
  • A beautiful photo gallery with over 10 lakh pictures (and counting) on the Indian Car Scene.
  • A trustworthy Team-BHP Directory section where members recommend local automotive product & service providers.
  • A vibrant meet section where BHPians get together for weekend drives and meet-ups.
  • This is the website that folks from the car industry & automotive media use to stay connected to the Indian car scene :). Indeed, Team-BHP is the first & last stop for anything on Indian Cars.

Member profile:

We have an eclectic list of members. They:

  • Include entrepreneurs & corporate professionals, artists & engineers, students & senior citizens, bankers & doctors, diploma holders & PhDs and other gearheads from all walks of life.
  • Are stalwarts of their automotive fields, be it engineering, classic cars or motorsports.
  • Own rides right from Hatchbacks to Offroaders, Supercars to Vintages and Go-Karts to "one-off" special builds.
  • Are from all ages & cultures. Immaculate behaviour, language and etiquette are adhered to, making Team-BHP safe for all.
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