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Team-BHP is trusted by millions of motorheads. We deeply understand the responsibility that rests on our shoulders. The following 6 values are integral to who we are and what we do.

To Learn, To Share & To Educate. We firmly believe that knowledge is useful only if it’s shared with others. Our community has India’s largest gathering of petrol-heads willingly contributing to building its expansive knowledge base. What’s more, this encyclopedia is accessible & searchable without any need to register with us. There isn’t a question that remains unanswered, or a topic on Indian cars that we haven’t already analysed.

To Collaborate. Our name Team-BHP stands for collective power. It’s the camaraderie among BHPians that has built this collaborative community. On the forum, thousands of members come together to jointly create an information resource that is helpful to all of us. This is a platform of car owners, by car owners and for car owners. We are fiercely protective of our independence and hold it close to our hearts.

To provide accurate, unbiased information. Team-BHP stands for the truth and nothing but the truth, however sweet or bitter it might be. Because Team-BHP doesn’t accept any car advertisements, there is zero conflict of interest in our incisive reviews, news, opinions & analysis on the Indian automotive industry. Team-BHP’s objectivity and neutrality are core to its soul. Here, you read the whole story.

To serve only the car owner & enthusiast. As individual car owners ourselves, we are absolutely clear about whose interests we wish to serve. Knowledge is power and with this invaluable resource, we EMPOWER the Indian car enthusiast. Reliable and objective information helps us extract the best out of our car ownership & driving experiences.

To promote Road Safety in India. Team-BHP is committed to promoting safe and enjoyable motoring. Our country suffers from the highest accident fatality rates in the world. We educate our readers on the best practices of safe driving, and treat other road users just the way we’d want them to treat us. Team-BHP spreads the message of safety and helps save lives.

To continually raise the benchmark of reporting. Within the Indian automotive domain, we’re the only ones with an independent thought & opinion. Team-BHP pledges to provide the best, most comprehensive coverage possible to its fans. Every article, report or review we work on has our 100% commitment. Indeed, we only want to publish content that we’ll be proud of. Cars are a way of life for us!

To stand still is the same as moving backward. We remain in pursuit of excellence.

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