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Old 14th February 2010, 00:46   #16
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Congrats to everybody....Now Team-Bhp is not a just a community its a Feeling...
Proud to be Bhpian.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:47   #17
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Sharing my birthday with the greatest automotive forum on the web makes this a double party day for me !! The progress the forum has made over the past six years is indeed incredible. And as Rudra has correctly pointed it out, "Good times, bad times, changing times", well the quest for knowledge and perfection is endless. Wishing Team-BHP the very, very best for its future.

Adheesh Parelkar

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Old 14th February 2010, 00:47   #18
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Oh God, how i forgot to wish Team bhp on 6th birthday. Congratulations Mods for all the pain you guys have taken/taking to provide us the best in class unbiased Auto website.


when you are treating us Special thanks to you for creating this wonderful forum "my daily dose/loss of productivity" i too am hooked to this forum 24x7!

All the very best to team bhp in coming years!

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Old 14th February 2010, 00:47   #19
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Happy birthday TBHP.

Over joyed to be a part of this auto community.

Cheers to all.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:47   #20
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Awesome work GTO and others who are so dedicated in providing us with quality stuff on T-BHP. That's what makes me come back to this forum . Congratulations Team-BHP! Happy Birthday!
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:48   #21
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It's an honour to be part of one of the few civilised retreats on the world wide web. My signature says it all nonetheless.

Happy birthday & congrats to all of us!
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:50   #22
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Congratulations to everyone associated with team-bhp, including all the,members for making it the best automotive forum ever!!

congrats everyone again!!

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Old 14th February 2010, 00:51   #23
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Happy Birthday Team-BHP!! Congrats GTO and to all the mods for this outstanding creation, giving us, car-nuts, a medium to live and share our passion for a lifetime. What is even more endearing is the fact that one gets to meet and interact with so many like-minded people who are always ready to help each other when it comes to cars, or infact, anything with an ICE and wheels!

Hail Team-Bhp!!


PS: @GTO, is that my (your) VTEC in the picture?! :-)
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:53   #24
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Happy Birthday Team BHP :-D
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Old 14th February 2010, 01:02   #25
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Hip Hip Hooray and many happy returns of the day ! to the entire Team.
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Old 14th February 2010, 01:09   #26
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Congratulations on achieving yet another milestone Team-BHP. Happy to be part of the community.

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Old 14th February 2010, 01:12   #27
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Happy Birthday Team BHP!!!
i feel a proud member of the club and i want to congratulate all those guys who have made the forum such a success.
i wish tbhp years of motoring ahead.
so where s the party now??
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Old 14th February 2010, 01:12   #28
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When I signed up for Team BHP, cars where "things that accelerate when you stomp on the gas" - I didnt know why my Santro felt queasy when I do a 60 KMPH sharp turn, or my Peugeot felt solid on the same corner at 100 KMPH. I didn't know what makes a Getz CRDi push you back in the seat, or what makes the City 1.5 VTEC give you that raspy note.

Now I know...

... not only more about automobiles, but about Photography and ICE - thanks to our gurus.

While we have off-shoots from Team BHP owing to our strict moderation to ensure quality, I am going to go on record to say I am happy with what we have here - I don't need another platform to share my thought or quench my thirst for know-how.

And that is what Team BHP means to me!!

Way to go, team!
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Old 14th February 2010, 01:12   #29
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Happy b-day Team-BHP all the way from Macedonia
I'm happy to be a part of this wonderful and welcoming community!
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Old 14th February 2010, 01:16   #30
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6 years. Wow.

Hearty congratulations to TBHP. The home that changed my life. The past 6 years have been a whirlwind of events & memories. Through all those happy and sad moments, TBHP has been my shoulder to laugh or lean upon. So aptly described by Rudraji. Good times. Bad times. Changing times...

On a more emotional note, just noticed RT's name coming up after a long time....

Once again. 6 cheers, TBHP. Warm regards to all.. Like they say...the best is always yet to come...
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