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Team-BHP Support
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Thumbs up Team-BHP turns 6!

6 years and we are going absolutely nuts!! It’s just cars, cars and then, some more cars on Team-BHP. Man’s 4 wheeled masterpiece has completely taken over our lives. Compare that to only a couple of years back; that was a time when I didn’t have anyone to share my passion with. All day I dreamt of cars, read up on them, watched videos….but I was alone. Today, I, as a BHPian, have 57,094 other petrolheads to live cars with.

It seems like only yesterday that we had celebrated 41 users online; our most ever up until that day in 2004. Now, Team-BHP is home to an average of 5,000 gearheads online, at the same time, and all the time. According to Google Analytics (the industry standard), Team-BHP has a monthly readership of 8,50,000 (actual visitors, excluding searchbots and the like).

The best part, and an attribute I’m immensely proud of: Our core values have NOT changed. We’ve stuck to our original philosophy and haven’t accepted a single rupee of advertising / marketing from any car manufacturer. The belief has only gotten stronger with time, and we’ve stood by it like a rock. We are on a national-level stage here. And every car owner has the opportunity to say it like it is, on any aspect of the Indian car scene. Team-BHP is very clear about whose interests it wants to serve. YOURs. Of the enthusiast. The Indian petrolhead. Of the car owner.

Today marks 6 years of:

• A close-knit community with our own unique culture. The sense of camaraderie between BHPians is, honestly, overwhelming and the level of collaboration colossal. We've made relationships for life here. My phone book has more Team-BHPians on it than relatives. Serious . We've had our laughs, some heavy debates, our lighter moments, but at all times we have been ever-willing to help each other out.

• The most comprehensive knowledgebase on all things Indian cars. We have nearly 50 different forum sections that cover everything from new car reviews, to supercars / vintage cars rolling on our roads, commercial vehicles, the technicalities, modifying cars, in-car-entertainment, motorsports, offroading, travelogues and even a "shifting gears" non-automotive corner where the Indian lifestyle is discussed. Team-BHP remains the only Indian automotive forum with a presence on the Global Big Boards Registry. The entire information database is also open & searchable by guests.

• Not only are we the most comprehensive information resource, but we are also indisputably unbiased. Absolute honesty & transparency maintained by us as enthusiasts, car owners, reviewers and critics. Team-BHPians say it like it really is!

• Unparalleled quality of content. The sheer excellence of this information base has set the benchmark within the Indian online domain. In addition, today marks 6 years of no SMS language, no spammy posts, no trolling and absolutely no abusive language. Team-BHP remains “family-friendly” and is as clean a forum as can get.

The leadership and dedication of the brilliant Moderator Team make our pillars of support. Hats off to Aah78, Aditya, Ajmat, Bblost, DerAlte, Dippy, Eddy, F50, Jaggu, Khan_Sultan, MPower, Navin, Ported_Head, Rehaan, Rtech, Rudra Sen, Samurai, Stratos, Technocrat, TheMAG, TSK1979, V12 and Zappo. You guys form a truly fascinating headship! Team-BHP has set the benchmark. True to our punch lines, we are “the Definitive Indian Car Community” and are certainly “Redlining the Indian Automotive Scene”. Yet, it isn’t time to rest easy just yet. We have a long way to go and are only looking forward to high-revv into tomorrow.

A sincere Thanks to Team-BHP, and to each Team-BHPian.

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Team-BHP Support
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Some Moments to reflect back upon:

The Team-BHP Story

Our Commitment to Quality

Addicted to Team-BHP

Our 5th Birthday
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Team-BHP Support
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So many memories. Good times. Bad times. Changing times.

As we grow, our responsibilities increase.

All of us are responsible today as where we are.

Responsibility continues..

With our quality of posts and discussions.

With sharing our knowledge.

By being unbiased.

We must put across our point of views straight, and not get personal.

We must point out any abnormality through report post/thread.

We must voice against rumour.

Any new member is as responsible as a long time member.

Let’s remember, it’s our huge family. And we do have a responsibility to protect that.

Sorry, had to edit my post here to add something I really believe.

Last edited by Rudra Sen : 14th February 2010 at 00:59.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:06   #4
Team-BHP Support
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congrats team bhp and you gto for creating it.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:08   #5
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What's treat this year, anything new in store like stickers last year?
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:09   #6
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Happy 6th birthday, Team-BHP! Congratulations to ourselves, the BHPians and thanks to the Moderators/Team-BHP Support.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:12   #7
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GTO, man you made me addicted to it.
24/7 logged on to Team-BHP.

Thanks for giving us such a wonderful platform to share our views and thoughts on cars, cars and cars.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:14   #8
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@GTO what a timing for your post, it says 14th February, 00:00, Congrats

TBHP Jai Ho.

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Old 14th February 2010, 00:20   #9
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GTO sir,

You don't know how much addicted I am to TBHP

I am surfing here since the last 2 hours and forgetting the fact that I am having some exam tomorrow :-)

Happy B'day to TBHP and thanks to you for making such a wonderful website! Hats off!
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:25   #10
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Happy Birthday Team-BHP!!

BHPians have one more birthday to celebrate in the year!

This is a great platform for petrol(diesel) heads. Kudos to the moderators for keeping this forum going and maintaining its quality.

And cheers to all bhpians for making this truly a premier automotive forum eclipsing all others in India.

Last edited by gomzi : 14th February 2010 at 00:27.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:27   #11
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Congratulation to !!!! Who to say? Yup, its for ourselves

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
My phone book has more Team-BHPians on it than relatives. Serious .
100% agreed. That's says it all.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:27   #12
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Happy Birthday Team BHP. Congrats to all mods and fellow members for making this the No:1 auto website. way to go.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:29   #13
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I feel honoured to be a part of this community. Thank you Team-BHP for accepting me and letting me stay as a part of you and a very Happy B'Day to all my fellow mates.

Last edited by SumitB : 14th February 2010 at 00:35.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:34   #14
Team-BHP Support
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Congratulations to all of us! Team-BHP has become so much part of us lives, it is hard to imagine life without.
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Old 14th February 2010, 00:40   #15
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Feel's proud to be a part of this wonderful forum,Happy Birthday Team-Bhp
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