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Old 30th March 2007, 18:18   #46
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great emotions sir, and feelings mutual.

somehow i have also missed this post till now ???
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Old 31st March 2007, 00:13   #47
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Since my name was not there in you post .. I missed it on PURPOSE!!!
Just kiddin..
Well Dippy we all know what it is to have met good friends thru this Forum..
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Old 31st March 2007, 00:22   #48
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Just read this thread..

I have learnt a lot from this forum and its members, there's a hell of a lotta info, it just has to be dug out..
It was great to have made a lot of good friends through the forum..

cheers to all!
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Old 13th April 2007, 17:29   #49
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I am new here & don't know anybody really. But the words which rolled from Dippy's Keyboard were surely from the heart.........not usual in this day & age but a Great feeling none the less !!! Long Live T-BHP !!!!!

As for the addiction part......hi from a new addict !!!!

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Old 13th April 2007, 17:50   #50
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Lovely nostalgic stuff. I loved going through the thread.
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Old 14th April 2007, 00:26   #51
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Thanks guys for reviving this thread. Now i know where to post my attachment to Team-BHP. One day I will. Good on you dippy.
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Old 13th August 2007, 22:11   #52
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words truly from the heart. emotional stuff.. loved it! keep on rollin' baby...!!
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Old 14th August 2007, 10:40   #53
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Been on this site only for about 3 months, but I am already hooked ! Left, right and center.

Browsing T-Bhp is the first thing I do at office nowadays. I know I am getting my priorities wrong, but I can't help it !!

<For the Keralites around here - Ithoru rogamano doctor? >
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Old 5th September 2007, 03:25   #54
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Default is my homepage. i refresh myself by refreshing the page every now and then. i know not of one single other place where i can say that team-bhp gives me HAPPINESS, without looking like a fanatic lunatic. because this place is the mecca of fellow fanatics.

at office, this site had become an addiction. an addiction to alarming degrees, until a self-imposed ban was clamped. yes - self imposed. i had no choice but to inflict this upon myself.

when i'm not in my car, this is the only place that can almost substitute the same joy. the only thing on my mind is - how much longer will the longtimers stay back? how well will the newbies assimilate the spirit of this forum and carry it forward? what changes will happen as the numbers build up? how will this temple of carmania evolve?

i feel a personal attachment to it. and the outcome is of as much concern to me and hundreds like me here, as it is to the founders of this fabulous concept.
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Old 17th October 2008, 10:43   #55
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Nice reading dippy. It's been along time that it went like..

Last edited by zaks : 17th October 2008 at 10:46.
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Old 15th February 2009, 01:23   #56
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Since it is Team BHP's 5th birthday. I thought of bumping up this thread for other members to read. Though it is three years old and my friends in the Team BHP family have increased ten fold, I thought it would make for interesting reading for those who want to know how it started, put forward in my words.
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Old 3rd February 2010, 12:35   #57
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That was nice to read for a new member like me. Some things, once begun, just stay with you for life. TBHP is one such thing.
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Old 3rd February 2010, 18:23   #58
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It sure was a nice thread to read. I wonder if i will ever get to meet any BHPians the way you did and have the same great times as you guys have had! Any Bangalore BHPians listening??!!
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Old 7th February 2010, 00:48   #59
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Originally Posted by Dippy View Post
Since it is Team BHP's 5th birthday. I thought of bumping up this thread for other members to read. Though it is three years old and my friends in the Team BHP family have increased ten fold, I thought it would make for interesting reading for those who want to know how it started, put forward in my words.

very nice write up! Loved reading through your 5 year old post!. Time to bump this thread again because we are approaching 6th Birthday of team-bhp!

Thanks again for this lovely forum. I am totally hooked. browsing this forum for last hours
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Old 12th May 2010, 15:01   #60
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Wow. Just wow. I wish I was a part of the start of this forum.. I had no idea this is how T-BHP started. I can firmly say I am proud to be a part of this forum!
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