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Default Re: Stay Away unless you are part of the target audience identified

Originally Posted by neil.jericho View Post
I took the car to them mid week & explained to a new gentleman Mr Y about the left pulling and steering wobble problems that they have bestowed upon my car.
Take it to Madhus as everyone have suggested. Your problem will be solved. My colleague's i20 had serious wobbling issues at speeds above 90 kmph. He showed it to Hyundai guys at Calicut who did nothing but made him to believe that its a normal behavior. I noticed this issue when I once drove his car and suggested him to visit Madhus. The issue was fixed after the road force balancing.
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Default Re: Wheel Alignment / Balance : Tyre Empire (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Good service at Tyre Empire yesterday.
I awoke in the morning to find my Yeti had a completely deflated left rear tyre on account of a puncture. The rear right tyre was also looking a little green about the gills, and has been for sometime, with a suspected puncture.
I thought I would trouble myself to change it but didn't. Went to work in an Auto.
Came back midday and went to Tyre Empire, called out one of those boys there with an Air Compressor. Filled up the punctured tyre, drove back there and gave the car a full treatment of puncture repair, tyre balancing, wheel alignment, 4 wheel rotation etc.
It seems that two of my tyres had nasty screws sitting in them which was causing air leakage.
So we completely and solidly repaired both and got all the other normal jobs done too.
Also bought one of those Air Compressors for the car. Nice useful product, available at Rs 2500/- off the shelf.
Total spent on the puncture repair, alignment, balancing and rotation was Rs 1900/-
Money well spent all in all.
The car has also just been serviced a week ago so now, with the tyres attended to, it feels lovely to drive indeed.
It is a pleasure to have a good quality tyre service company sitting about practically on one's doorstep. Prevents the pain of driving through evil traffic to get to Madhu's etc.
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Default Re: Wheel Alignment / Balance : Tyre Empire (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Had a not-so-good experience yday with them.
Took wife's New Honda City there for alignment and wheel balancing. Reached there at around 10:45 am. There were a couple of cars being attended to, and 2 cars waiting outside. The SA asked me to wait for approx. 45 mins.. After a few minutes of wait, he prepared the job card with a time stamp of 11:10.
Again after about 25 minutes, as I was reading news on my phone, I started seeing new cars getting attended to, and asked one of the persons in uniform about the work that needed to be done on mine. He just wouldn't listen, and then I checked the time stamp on the other cars, all of them had time stamps later than the one on mine.

I lost it, ran upstairs and asked them what the heck was going on. Was about to ride off, when the head of the station came down with me, talked to them and that got them to start work on mine.

Also, this time, they were in a hurry to finish it off, no proper tyre rotation was done, saying that there was only 20% left (I had done the same in my accent 2 years ago).

The only saving grace was that the manager was kind enough to listen and made some effort to do damage control. After the alignment as well, I notice that the steering was not aligned properly. I am not sure if I would visit them again.

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Default Re: Wheel Alignment / Balance : Tyre Empire (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Originally Posted by Jeep View Post
I am not sure if I would visit them again.
The place is quite crowded during weekends and holidays. There is a new shop called "Tyre Kingdom" that has opened up in HSR 7th sector. One of my office colleagues had recommended this place to me. I am planning to visit them next time.

-- Wind
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Default Re: Wheel Alignment / Balance : Tyre Empire (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

I had been there recently. 1st for a puncture fix. there were 2 options permanent and temporary. Opted for temp as my tyre almost reach end of life. Cost was 190 which i feel as a bit higher. I got it done for 100 from a petrol bunk in old airport road. second i went there for an alignment. Guys were professional to show me that the tyres need replacement. There was a bulge and alignment balancing will not solve the issue. Inquired yokohama Earth ones 195 section tyre price. Per tyre cost was 5900. Is this one a higher side??
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Default Re: Wheel Alignment / Balance : Tyre Empire (HSR Layout, Bangalore)

Very impressed with the service here. I had taken my Kodiaq for Balance, Alignment & Rotation. The place seems very professionally run. This has been the only time that I have seen a tyre service center wash my wheels and then do the balancing.

Very satisfied with the service.

I would recommend this place to anyone in the vicinity of HSR/Bellandur/Sarjapur.
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