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Default Re: Electric Car Sales: April to October 2019

The key to make the EV segment blow away ICE segment lies in the ability to launch vehicles with swappable batteries along with a chain of EV stations doling out the charged batteries everywhere with the vehicles supported by emergency recovery mechanisms instantly available by the roadside. Even a turbo charge which charges the car in 15 minutes will be inadequate to cater to the populace. All these have to be provided at a low price and must leave the least impact on the environment, even when using and discarding or recycling millions of batteries every year.

A tall order.

Metro-like electric train services will be a more imminent threat to ICEs than the nascent and fledgling EVs on road.

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Default Re: Electric Car Sales: April to October 2019

I think this is not a fair comparison. To start with EV cars like Kona are not available across the country and maybe the same applies to the others. (I checked for Kona and it wasn't available in Indore)
Add to that, the government's assurance of being EV friendly is nothing but another "jumla" as they aren't incentivising them anyhow. The cost of making EVs is considerably higher, which makes them quiet expensive when the taxes are added.

If the government IS serious about pushing EVs, they should seriously consider giving a waiver on the import of the components along with subsidising the road tax substantially. That for sure would make lot of buyers sit up and consider EVs simply because the procurement cost would be similar to the other vehicles in their consideration realm.
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Default Re: Electric Car Sales: April to October 2019

The data is not surprising. I don’t believe the EV numbers or percentage is going to increase rapidly, at least in next 2 to 3 years. Even the numbers planned by Hyundai and MG indicate that. For EV to become mass product

a. Infrastructure should be created
b. Range fear to be eliminated
c. Cost should be a little premium over ICE cars

Though Hyundai and MG offerings are good – the cost makes the car as niche segment and affordable to few only. I believe the same was the case initially with ICE vehicles also – mass production, automation, etc. made it possible to reduce the cost. The same cycle will happen with EV vehicles also.
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