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2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

This review has been jointly compiled with Graaja. Thanks to him for the expert observations and photography!

2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_01.jpg

Since the Tata Nexon EV and 2023 Tata Nexon Facelift have already been reviewed by Team-BHP, this report will only focus on changes made to the 2023 Nexon.EV. To read the full official review of the Nexon EV, click here. To read the full official review of the 2023 Nexon Facelift, click here.


The Tata Nexon EV has been the best-selling EV in India for a while now. This is because it is one of the country's most affordable "proper" electric cars. The company has put more than 50,000 Nexon EVs on Indian roads since its launch in 2020. The car was available in a "Max" variant as well with a more powerful motor and higher capacity battery which enhanced its performance and range. This broadened the Nexon EV's appeal as it addressed the problem of range anxiety to an extent.

In 2023, Tata aims to build on the success of the Nexon EV and Nexon EV Max with an updated version of the car. For a start, the company has renamed the car to 'Nexon.EV'. Next, it has gotten rid of the "Max" moniker. Instead, we get 'Medium Range' and 'Long Range' variants. Then, the updated car gets the cosmetic changes and features that we have seen on the 2023 Nexon Facelift, which we reviewed earlier this month.

It also comes with a new Gen II Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC motor which is capable of revving up to 16,000 rpm, delivering 106.4 kW (143 BHP), which is 2 BHP more than the erstwhile Max. It also has a flat torque curve over a wider speed range - extended by 750 rpm. Additionally, it gets paddles to adjust the regeneration levels.

The car has an ARAI-certified range of 465 km for the Long Range and 325 km for the Medium Range which is a slight improvement over the outgoing variants. You can expect a real-world range of ~270 km for the Long Range variant.

Among the significant EV-specific features added are Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology which allows you to power various gadgets and appliances (load up to 3.3 kVA) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) charging, which allows you to charge another compatible EV with your car (@ 5 kVA).

Coming to safety, the Nexon.EV gets the same features as the 2023 Nexon Facelift such as 6 airbags, ESP, 360-degree camera, blind view monitor, SOS call, ISOFIX child seat anchors and hill hold control are available.

The Nexon.EV is offered in Creative, Fearless, and Empowered trim levels. All trim levels are available in 3 colour options: Pristine White, Daytona Grey (our test car) and Flame Red. Additionally, the Creative trim gets a 'Creative Ocean' shade, the Fearless trim gets a 'Fearless Purple' shade and the Empowered trim gets 'Empowered Oxide' and 'Intensi-teal' shades.

Tata Nexon EV Price & Brochure

Prices of the different variants of the Nexon EV will be revealed on 14 September 2023.

You can download the Tata Nexon.EV brochure here - Tata Nexon EV-Brochure.pdf

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2023 Tata Nexon.EV Exterior Review

2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_02.jpg

Front end is identical to the 2023 Nexon facelift except for an EV-specific bumper and DRL light strip that runs across the face of the car:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_03.jpg

Rear end is also identical to the 2023 Nexon facelift except for the bumper:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_04.jpg

No changes on the sides except for the ".EV" badges on the front door:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_05.jpg

The Nexon.EV measures 3,993 mm in length, 1,811 mm in width and 1,616 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,498 mm. The Medium Range and Long Range variants have an unladen ground clearance of 205 mm and 190 mm, respectively:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_06.jpg

Multiple cuts and creases can be seen all over the body:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_07.jpg

LED headlamps and fog lamps with an air curtain next to them. Notice the detailing on the housing is different compared to the ICE-powered Nexon:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_08.jpg

LED DRL strip runs across the face. The Nexon.EV also gets welcome and goodbye functions that play a pattern on the DRLs when you unlock the car:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_10.jpg

Air dam gets black & green vertical and slanting slats. Brushed aluminium insert runs low on the bumper:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_09.jpg

Healthy amount of underbody protection at the front:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_11.jpg

Both front doors sport a ".EV" badge finished in blue:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_12.jpg

16-inch alloy wheels are identical to the 2023 Nexon Facelift. 215/60 MRF Wanderer Ecotread tyres with low rolling resistance are not suitable for an enthusiastic driving style. Long Range variant gets disc brakes at the rear as well:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_13.jpg

Socket for the regular charger on the top and one for the faster charger below:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_14.jpg

These orange high-voltage cables are a sore sight. Considering our road conditions, these wires should definitely have been better protected & concealed:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_15.jpg

Rear lighting is identical to the 2023 Nexon Facelift:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_16.jpg

Rear bumper gets a brushed aluminium skid plate with vertical slats:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_exterior_17.jpg

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2023 Tata Nexon.EV Interior Review

Dual-tone interiors are themed according to the trim (persona) opted for:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_01.jpg

Our Empowered variant had a grey dashboard with white leatherette and a silver insert:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_02.jpg

A look at the passenger side of the dashboard. You have a hard plastic panel on the top followed by a brushed silver strip. The detailing on the panel connecting the A/C vents has two patterns that crossfade into each other. Below, you have a leather insert with contrast stitching:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_03.jpg

Leatherette-wrapped two-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom and silver insert is taken from the 2023 Nexon Facelift. It comes with a backlit "T" badge and buttons. The light colour will result in it getting soiled very easily:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_04.jpg

Level of regeneration can be adjusted using paddles behind the steering wheel. While pulling the one on the right increases the level, the one on the left can be used to decrease it:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_05.jpg

A customisable 10.25-inch fully digital instrument cluster is taken from the ICE-powered Nexon. However, it features some EV-specific readouts:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_06.jpg

Among the readouts are battery & regeneration levels, throttle level, histogram and energy flow. Map projecting is very useful:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_07.jpg

Notice how the range changes with the drive mode:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_08.jpg

Start-stop button is carried over from the outgoing Nexon EV:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_09.jpg

The door pad design is identical in design to the 2023 Facelift. The white leatherette insert in the armrest area is colour-coordinated with the leatherette on the dashboard:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_10.jpg

Ventilated front seats are draped in white & grey leatherette and get contrast blue stitching. They provide good under-thigh and shoulder support and have a healthy amount of side bolstering to keep you in place on twisty roads. The cushioning is firm and should be comfortable over long distances:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_11.jpg

A closer look at the seat upholstery. The backrests get a silver insert in the middle which looks very classy:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_12.jpg

Centre armrest is draped in grey leatherette with contrast blue stitching:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_13.jpg

The footwell is wide and the pedals are well spaced out. A wide and useable dead pedal has been provided:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_14.jpg

Nexon.EV branded floor mats. The charging flap release lever is placed in the driver's footwell:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_15.jpg

The centre fascia of the top variant houses a 12.30-inch floating touchscreen at the top. There are a lot of elements used on the dashboard which includes piano black, soft touch leather and brushed silver bits, but what some people would really appreciate is the lack of chrome elements:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_16.jpg

12.30-inch Cinematic HD touchscreen head-unit by Harman has excellent resolution and touch response. It comes with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay connectivity and Tata Voice Assistant (Hey Tata), Amazon Alexa, Siri (Hey Siri) and Google Assistant (OK Google). It can understand 200+ native voice commands in 6 languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu. The standout feature is the "Arcade.ev" suite which gives users access to 15+ apps for music, news & podcasts, sports & games, video & entertainment and weather. List of apps include Jio Pages, Dash Radio, Pocket Casts, Radioline, Trebble FM, TuneIn Radio, Gaana Jio Saavn, Jio Games, FRVR, Beach Buggy, Amazon Prime, YouTube, YuoTube Kids, ESPN, Disney+ Hotstar, Eros Now and Accuweather. Like earlier, it comes with ZConnect connected car technology:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_17.jpg

Output from the JBL 9-speaker 320W RMS audio system is extremely impressive. There are plenty of tweaks and options that you can play around with for the best sound experience:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_18.jpg

It comes with multiple presets:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_19.jpg

2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_21.jpg

"Kids Sleeping in Back" turns down the audio and focuses the output on the front seats:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_22.jpg

You can choose the time you want to see the charging status animation:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_23.jpg

You can set the discharging rate as well:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_24.jpg

Below, you have a touch-sensitive panel for A/C controls. It’s finished in piano black. At the top are the buttons to lock the charger (to prevent theft) and to engage hill descent control among others:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_26.jpg

12V power socket and USB port are located at the base of the centre fascia. They are joined by a 45W USB Type-C fast charging port. Rear passengers get one too:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_27.jpg

Gear selector is taken from the 2023 Nexon Facelift. The rotary switch has been replaced:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_28.jpg

Drive modes can be selected via a rotary switch. Electronic parking brake and auto hold switch are placed next to it:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_29.jpg

Like the front, the rear door pads get a dual-tone theme. There is a stylish glossy black grab handle and soft leatherette insert on the rear door as well, but it does not extend to the area where one will rest his/her elbow. A tweeter & speaker on each door:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_30.jpg

Rear seats get identical upholstery to the front units:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_31.jpg

Due to the bigger battery pack, the floor height has been raised and one sits with their knees a little higher compared to the regular Nexon:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_32.jpg

Roofliner is white. No cabin lamp for the rear passengers:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_33.jpg

12V power outlet is placed just behind the rear seat on the left:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_34.jpg

At 350 litres, the boot space is identical to the Nexon EV Max:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_35.jpg

JBL subwoofer is placed in the boot:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_36.jpg

Boot lamp along with 2 bag hooks on the left and 2 on the right. No 12V power outlet here:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_37.jpg

Like other Tata cars, the Nexon.EV comes with a puncture repair kit that can be strapped in the corner of the boot:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_38.jpg

The 15A charger that you get with the car takes ~15 hours to charge the batteries from 10-100%. Best to charge it overnight (at home) or when parked at the office (during the day):
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_39.jpg

Spare is a 16-inch wheel shod with 215/60 section tyre:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_interior_41.jpg

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Driving the Tata Nexon.EV Long Range

The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor puts out 143 BHP:
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-2023_tata_nexon_ev_facelift_engine_01.jpg

The Nexon.EV is powered by a Gen II electric motor that claims to be lighter than its predecessor by 20+ kg. It has 30% lesser magnets. The new motor delivers 106.4 kW (143 BHP) which is 2 BHP more than the Nexon EV Max. The 40.5 kWh battery pack is carried over from the Max.

Driving an EV is quite a unique experience and recent EVs have all been impressive. Push the engine start button with your foot on the brake pedal and you'll hear nothing, although the car is "alive" now. There are four transmission modes to choose from: P, D, R and N. Engage D, lift your foot off the brake pedal and the car crawls forward. This will be highly appreciated in heavy traffic conditions where you can drive with just the brake pedal.

Driving in the city is a pleasant experience. The accelerator pedal's response is linear and not snappy (especially in 'Eco' mode). Passengers will appreciate how smooth the drive feels, without any jerks caused by gearshifts or any engine sounds. It is an incredibly refined experience.

Floor the accelerator pedal and you'll be greeted with instant power / acceleration. This is the beauty of powerful electric motors. The car is quick and has abundant torque right from the get-go. Tata claims a 0-100 km/h time of 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 150 km/h, which are believable figures.

Out on the highway, the Nexon.EV is fantastic. An advantage of a powerful electric motor is that if you need to perform a quick overtake, there's no need to wait for a downshift or be in the engine's powerband. Just bury the accelerator pedal and you're off! You'll hit silly speeds with ease and not even realise it due to the lack of drama (engine noise etc.). That being said, single-gear EVs don't have that higher-end punch that geared turbo-petrol cars do. Keep in mind that if you drive hard, the range drops drastically. This is also why you will see EVs that are driving long distances, stick to the middle lane and cruise at 80-100 km/h (which is the best cruising speed for the current lot of EVs). We already told you that the Nexon.EV Long Range variant has a realistic range of ~270 km. Get aggressive with the A-pedal and you'll see the range drop significantly. This sensitivity to driving style is more like turbo-petrols rather than turbo-diesels which are so forgiving.

Getting up to cruising speeds is an easy affair and the absence of any sound means you will reach triple-digit speeds without realising it (it's only when the speed warning chimes sound that you know you're doing 80 km/h and 120 km/h).

There are 3 driving modes to choose from. They're mapped specifically for different driving styles.

• City Mode: The default mode. The car always restarts in this mode, no matter what mode you last drove in. It's great for driving in the city as well as on the highway. Strikes a good balance between power and economy.

• Eco Mode: The mode to engage when you want the maximum range. The throttle response is dumbed down, which actually results in a smoother drive in the city (less of that "torque-pull" effect). Power comes in more gradually when you ask for it. While there's enough grunt for day-to-day driving or cruising on the expressway, when you need to pull off a quick overtaking manoeuvre, you will want to engage one of the other modes.

• Sport Mode: The mode when you really want to have fun. Floor the A-pedal in Sport mode and watch the traction control warning light flash in the instrument cluster. In this mode, throttle response is sharper and the car just feels more eager to get a move on. However, it can feel too peaky for city driving and also eats up the battery faster. Use "Sport" when you're looking for fun on expressway runs.

Regenerative Braking

There are 4 levels of regenerative braking which can be adjusted using the paddles placed behind the steering wheel. We absolutely love adjustable regen settings as we can tune them to suit our mood. At level 0, there is no regeneration. On levels 1 and 2, there's obviously lesser resistance when you lift off the accelerator pedal. Driving on level 3 enables maximum regeneration. Engine-braking lovers will appreciate driving with regen at the maximum level. You can also do one-pedal driving in many situations. However, do keep in mind that the car will never come to a complete halt. It will keep crawling without any throttle input.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

There is no engine noise at all. The only sound coming is a faint whine from the electric motor at high revs. With no gearshifts & minimal mechanical parts, there are no jerks or vibrations. On the highway, tyre noise starts creeping into the cabin at 80 km/h. You'll hear it more because there is no engine sound to drown some of it out. Around 90 km/h, we could hear some wind noise as well. Again, more noticeable because there is no engine sound.


Tata claims a range of 465 km with the new 40.5 kWh battery pack. However, these numbers are very subjective and the real-life range solely depends on how you drive the car. ~270 km should be doable IMHO. Can go lower, depending on how you use the accelerator. We await real-life reports from BHPian owners of this car.


The Nexon EV Max gets the industry-standard CCS 2 charging port. A 7.2 kW home charger which can be installed at your home or office, can charge the 40.5 kWh battery pack from 10-100% in 6 hours. If you're travelling somewhere, you can use the portable charger in the boot to charge the car from any 15 Amp socket (the larger 3-pin sockets used for ACs and fridges), which would take about 15 hours to charge from 10-100%. In comparison, the 30 kWh battery of the Nexon.EV Medium Range takes 10.5 hours to charge with a 3.3 kW AC charger. Do note that in all EVs, the initial 0 - 80% charging happens quicker... the final 81 - 100% takes more time. The last option is the 50 kW DC fast chargers that you will find at some of the charging stations. This would fill up your car's battery from 0-80% in 56 minutes. GTO thinks a 15A charger is all that 99% of owners will need - his article on the same.


Ride Comfort

The car gets a MacPherson strut suspension at the front and a twist-beam with dual-path strut suspension at the rear. It rides on 16" alloy wheels that are shod with 215/60 section tyres. The recommended tyre pressure is 34 PSI. Like most fossil-fuel cars converted to electric, the Nexon.EV's suspension has been stiffened up to cope with the extra weight due to the heavy battery pack and other equipment.

At low speeds, the ride is firm, but not harsh. Smaller bumps are not felt, but the larger ones and deeper potholes do make their presence felt in the cabin. As speeds increase, the ride improves significantly. Overall, we will say that the ride of the Nexon.EV is compliant, but not plush.

Handling & Dynamics

The Nexon.EV's straight-line stability is very good and the car doesn't feel nervous even when the speedometer crosses 100 km/h. Undulations on the road and bumps do not affect its composure. The stiffer suspension and 50:50 weight distribution have endowed the car with good handling characteristics. Its center of gravity is low and its body roll is well controlled. The grip from the MRF Wanderers is adequate for most drivers. However, push the car hard through a series of fast corners and they start losing grip. Enthusiasts will want to upgrade to stickier rubber.


The electric power steering is one of the nicer units around. It is light at city speeds and weighs up sufficiently as the speed increases. The EPS isn't lifeless and does give you some feel of what the front wheels are up to. At higher speeds, it inspires confidence.


While the Nexon EV MR (medium range) comes with disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear, the Nexon EV LR (long range) gets an all-wheel disc brake setup. This provides excellent stopping power. Emergency braking situations are handled well and the car is brought to a halt from high speeds effectively. Besides, the car is equipped with ABS + EBD, corner stability control, disc brake wiping, hydraulic fading compensation, panic brake alert and after-impact braking.

Disclaimer: Tata invited Team-BHP for the Nexon.EV test drive. They covered all the travel expenses for this driving event.

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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to Official Reviews.
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Thanks for the great review. It will continue to be the best-selling EV in India for a while. I am genuinely surprised at the number of them I see on the roads of Bombay. Even seen a bunch of Uber Tigor EVs. Well played, Tata. On the other hand, not even seen a single Mahindra EV.

I wonder if the likes of Suzuki and Hyundai will see an opening given the success of the Nexon EV.
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Nice and crisp review. A very impressive car, makes the XUV400 positively irrelevant. The biggest problem with the erstwhile Nexon Max was the compromised rear seat comfort due to the raised floor. Is the facelift relatively better, or it still exactly as before?
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
Among the significant EV-specific features added are Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology which allows you to power various gadgets and appliances (load up to 3.3 kVA) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) charging, which allows you to charge another compatible EV with your car (@ 5 kVA).
Thanks for the detailed review team. Tata has a clear winner on their hands. Mahindra really needs to pull its socks up if they want to keep XUV400 relevant in the market.

I have a few questions

1. Were able to try/experience V2V and V2L? If yes, can you please add that to your review on the modalities of how it works? What equipment is needed to do the same? Are those accessories to be bought separately?
2. Can you please expand on discharge mode? What is it used for?

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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Nice and quick read team Any idea on when the deliveries are going to start? ICE and EV together or at separate time frames.

Note to Mods: Couple of corrections.
Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
There are four transmission modes to choose from: P, D, R and N. Engage D, lift your foot off the brake pedal and the car crawls forward.
No more rotary dial on the facelift.

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
While the Nexon EV comes with disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear, the Nexon EV Max gets an all-wheel disc brake setup.
It should be Nexon.EV MR comes with disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear, the Nexon.EV LR gets an all-wheel disc brake setup.

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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Tata Deserves Praise for Its Remarkable Facelift on the Nexon.EV

Hats off to Tata Motors for unveiling an exceptional product that undoubtedly outpaces its competitors in its price bracket, even though there may not be many contenders. The technological and cosmetic enhancements introduced in this facelift are truly noteworthy. As a proud owner of the current-generation Nexon EV Prime, my expectations for Tata's latest offering extended beyond mere visual appeal. Specifically, I had hoped Tata would focus on improving the vehicle's internal components.

One of the key areas of anticipation was a larger battery and extended range compared to the previous version. It's a well-known fact that the ARAI-rated range and real-world performance can vary significantly. Additionally, I was hoping for substantial improvements in charging capabilities. Currently, the maximum DC charging capacity stands at 30KW, which lags behind other vehicles in the market. For those unfamiliar with this metric, it denotes the speed at which the vehicle charges when connected to a public DC charging station. Nowadays, most new charging stations offer 60KW or even 120KW chargers. As a Nexon owner, I had hoped that a faster charging rate would allow me to complete the charging process much more quickly than the current range of 20 to 30KW.

Another crucial aspect is the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or portable charger included with the vehicle. The version provided with the pre-facelift model experienced numerous issues, with users encountering errors during charging, including myself. I've had to replace the charger twice, and it's disheartening that Tata has yet to officially acknowledge this widespread problem or initiate a recall for the first-generation chargers. When considering the reviews of the new facelift, it remains unclear whether a new charger has been introduced or if the same problematic charger is still in use. Fortunately, those opting for the 7.2 AC charger may not face this particular issue.

Another noteworthy point to consider is Tata's status as an Indian company. While it's evident that Tata has made significant strides, there remains room for improvement in terms of service quality and customer satisfaction. Simply offering outstanding vehicles isn't sufficient to ensure customer loyalty and positive recommendations. I've owned cars from various other brands, including Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai, and Mahindra, and none have presented the level of issues I've encountered with my less than a year-old Nexon EV. Despite being thoroughly satisfied with the car's performance and drivability, I earnestly hope that Tata addresses these concerns and enhances the overall customer service experience. #VocalforLocal

In conclusion, Tata Motors deserves accolades for the impressive facelift of the Nexon EV. While the vehicle exhibits exceptional qualities, there's room for improvement in terms of range, charging capabilities, and customer service areas where Tata can continue to make strides and solidify its position as a leader in the electric vehicle market.
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

A nice shot of the old and the new.

Image courtesy: BSM
Attached Thumbnails
2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review-p1137910510x680.jpg  

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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

With electric cars crossing 20 lakhs I don't know how they will replace petrol cars anytime soon. A person with strictly city usage will buy a petrol car and save lakhs of rupees in the process.

By the way I have received message from the nearest Tata showroom offering Rs.1.5 lakh discount for the old Nexon EV and 3 lakh discount for Tata Safari. Looks like even the launch of Safari is near.
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Great Review. New Nexon EV feels a couple of generations ahead of the competition. Kudos to Tata for sticking to their guns on EV mobility. Their commitment to the Electric Ecosystem is the reason why we have a significantly upgraded Nexon EV while they could have taken an year or so with the previous EV Max which was already better than competition.
They have made a compelling case for a great Compact SUV. On road could shoot upto 24 lacs on road which is hitting Seltos territory, but then again nothing in the EV space in that bracket is their competition still. I can't wait to see what they can do with the Currv and Harrier EVs.
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post

Among the readouts are battery & regeneration levels, throttle level, histogram and energy flow. Map projecting is very useful:
I am disappointed here, it's the same info as the current with just fancy fonts and graphics. It is not detailed with info such power consumed (kw), regen power (kw), charging rate (Volts and Amps), Power consumption details such as Drive, AC, Aux, Battery thermal management would give so much info about it, but they stick to some dumb down version with minimal info.

You can set the discharging rate as well:
Attachment 2501966
A bit more info on this, this is the limit for V2V or V2L, after this cut-off rate, it won't function anymore. The above description hardly speaks about it.

For EV reviews, I would suggest all reviewers not to treat it like regular ICE car and actually do few checks/tests to inform the user, most of the info what we see here is what has been handed to us in the unveil and nothing else is new.
What I would want from an EV review:
1. During a drive test, do a stretch at 80kph/100kph/120kph and get the wh/km reading. From here you can extrapolate what would be the range very easily. If we had this done on EV max and the new version, we can easily say whether the aero is doing it's bit or not.
2. Take the car to a DC charger, check the charging rate, and how long does it maintain the peak charging rate.
3. Use a rolling hill section as standard and check what maximum speed the car can hit while rolling without regen from a set speed. This gives us an idea about the rolling resistance as well aero efficiency.
4. Put any new feature to test to ensure manufacturer's claim.

Looking forward to such information in the reviews in future than the standard points.
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Re: 2023 Tata Nexon.EV Review

Originally Posted by ashutoshb View Post
A nice shot of the old and the new.

Image courtesy: BSM
Looking at the wheels reminds me of ZS EV mk1 & then mk2.
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