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Old 4th December 2006, 00:26   #61
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Originally Posted by Mugen_Power View Post
lamborghini are you talking about Nokia 7650 ?

That was a typo error.
First one was a golden one and the next one was black.
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Old 4th December 2006, 17:03   #62
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Cant remember the models.......but maybe the brands
Nokia 5110
Nokia 8210
Sony Ericsson T-610
Samsung D
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Old 5th December 2006, 16:49   #63
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Siemens S6
Ericsson GA628
Alcatel OT302
Nokia 7110
Sony Ericsson T105
Sony Ericsson K600i
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Old 5th December 2006, 21:24   #64
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Samsung (Reliance)
Nokia 3215
Nokia 6600 Lost it
Nokia N91 Got robbed
back to Nokia 3215, the all time best

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Old 6th December 2006, 01:20   #65
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edit. changed from 8800 edition to Motorola ROKR and Now using the Siemens SXG75. The GPS is not the best in the phone but it's still a first for siemens as usual. THe best part is the screen and mp3 quality.

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Originally Posted by nimish View Post
  1. Nokia 1110 - 1996 - BPL Maharashtra (had bought used one for 5500 that huge brick type)
If you're talking about 1996 there was no 1110 - you're probably referring to either the 1610 or the 2110. Probably the 1610 because you wouldnt get a used 2110 for that price back in 1996. The 1610 cost about Rs.14,000 while the 2110 cost Rs.22,000 brand new. The 2110 was one of the best handsets at that time and probably the first one to feature the "rotating" hip-holster a.k.a belt clip.

Both were huge bricks but the 2110 was a much better looking brick - it was BPL Mobile's favourite display piece, featuring in all their ads, shops, cutouts and other collateral - hell, even the cheque collection boxes were made in the shape of the 2110.

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Old 6th December 2006, 02:20   #67
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This is my Mobile History!

1997 Philips Diga Sold after a year.
1998 Philips Genie Sold after 3months!
1998 Ericsson 628 Sold after 1month!
1998 Ericsson 688 Sold after ayear.
1999 Nokia 5110 Sold after 2months
1999 Ericsson t10 Sold after 3-4months
2000 Nokia 3210 Sold after a year.
2001 Nokia 3210 Sold after 1.5 years.
2001 Nokia 6210 Sold after 2-3 months.
2002 Nokia 2110 Sold after 2 years.
2003 Nokia 3140?? Sold after a year.
2003 Nokia 6610 Sold after 3 weeks.
2004 Nokia 3200 Sold after a year.
2004 Nokia 6230 Still using.
2005 Nokia 6230i Still using.
2006 Nokia 6233 Got hands on it yesterday!! Will be with me for some time!

In between this, I tried my hands on some smart phones. It didn't gel well with me. I also tried some misc phones like SE Walkman series, K750i, Motorola Vseries, Nokia N series, Imate JAMs etc... Nothing I liked owning!
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Old 6th December 2006, 18:51   #68
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n2100 - 6 months
n8250 - 4 months
n6310 - 5 months
n3200 - 6 months
n3650 - 5 months
n6600 - 7 months
n6680 - 4 months
o2 xda mini black - 1 year and still going on.....
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Old 13th December 2006, 17:20   #69
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Lg 3100
Motorola e398 (still miss it)
Nokia 6600 (Time for a change)
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Old 14th December 2006, 22:09   #70
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Nokia 3315( since 2001)
Nokia 6630 (since 2005 & I love it)
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Old 15th December 2006, 00:50   #71
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Sony ericsson T51 (not sure of the model)
Sony ericsson R308 (first touch screen flap phone)
Nokia 7650
Nokia 9210i
Sony ericsson P800
Sony ericsson P900
Sony ericsson P910
Sony ericsson P990 (current)
Blackberry Pearl (current)
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Old 15th December 2006, 10:03   #72
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been using a phone since 1999,always an airtel/jtm user
my first few phones were
a nokia 8890 (miss this a lot!!)
a nokia 8850
motorola startac (used to love this phone!)

lost all three of them in very short span, due to which didnt have any phone for over an year!

got a p800 after this,sold it in profit
then a 8910, sold this too in profit..

then picked up a

tata indicom kyocera when it was launched first in hyderabad..

didnt like it that much so jumped back to airtel

motorola c350i (mototorla first colour phone in india with a mini usb)
nokia 6100 (again one of my fav phones)
motorola razr v3i

then for a short period didnt use phones..

then a nokia 6708 (used it for one nite and gave it back.. good phone but a major draw back was the lack of t9 for messaging..)

exchanged it with an nokia n70.. very very happy with it.. a very rough phone.. it fell many times..my dog's chewed it fully.. still it works! and good resale! for the shape it is in still i got an offer of 10k!

that's it guys.. my mobile phone history..
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Old 15th December 2006, 17:32   #73
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2001 : Nokia 6610
2006 : Nokia 1100
2006 End : Nokia E61
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Old 4th January 2007, 22:39   #74
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Nokia fan here all are from nokia

5110 I am not sure of the model number but it was a brick
3310 Awesome Phone Great upgrade
3310 Old one got stolen so got the same phone again
3315 Same thing happened to the 3310 again so ...
8250 Nice phone good upgrade
8310 Nice phone again
8910 AWESOME sad i had it only for 2 months
7650 My first color phone incidentally 1st color pfone by nokia
3650 Hated it
7250 Again nice phone small
3100 lost the Legend so had to settle for this for 1 week
6610 5 more weeks
6600 New Legend again
N gage qd Decent
6230 Beautiful Phone
7610 OK
6681 OK
6270 3rd gen s40 nice dual speakers
n70 Good
3250 Dual speakers but not soo nice
n91 Bought one more cousin took the previous one

Thinking of SE w950i now
BTW I have been using my cell phone since the end of ninth grade that is end of 2002. Always had post paid never bothered about cost of call.
Have been using the same never ever since.
Bill was attached to my dad and dad's office pays the bill so my dad really doesnt know how much of the total bill is mine :;

All the phones except the 5110, 8910 and 3100 were bought by me

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1999- Siemens c25
2002- Nokia3330
2003- Nokia 7650
2004- Nokia N-gage (classic version)
2005- SonyEricsson p900
2006- Nokia 6630
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