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Once freerunner(openmoko) platform matures, we can get rid of all these stupid platforms.
Its too much. In future we will have phones like this, going by the trends.
One phone says you can sms only if you hold your ears from under your legs.
Other says you can make a call only if you are naked
Hopefully with Symbian opening up, and openmoko lapping at their heels, things are going to get better for the end user
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Not being paranoid, but i dont want an added dependency of internet connection, just to sync my phone lol

Great thinking but lil too far off for the current state of affairs :P
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There are a fair bit of criticisms of the G1 handset, which might be solved by a newer handset. But since there is only the G1 now, we have to look at that only. I have been gathering info about that and will be posting that later.
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30 reasons not to like the G1 Android phone

  1. No SIM-unlocking, T-Mobile only
  2. No tethering
  3. No Adobe Flash
  4. No Microsoft Silverlight
  5. No Microsoft Exchange
  6. No iTunes
  7. No Skype or VoIP on 3G
  8. No standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, must use G1 headset or adapter
  9. No stereo Bluetooth A2DP
  10. No multi-touch
  11. No desktop synching with PCs or Macs
  12. No compatibility with the standard iPod/iPhone connectors
  13. No video recording
  14. No built-in video player, must download from third-party
  15. No camera flash
  16. No proximity sensor
  17. No ambient light sensor
  18. No data-only T-Mobile plans
  19. Limited to 1GB bandwidth cap, speed down to 50kbps after 1GB
  20. Limited to 3G coverage in only 22 locations in the U.S.
  21. Limited to stores within vicinity of T-Mobile 3G covered locations
  22. Limited to users with Google accounts only
  23. Limited to Google email, contacts, calendar, plus another generic email
  24. Limited to maximum 8GB memory, with additional microSD card purchase
  25. Limited to read-only Word, PDF, and Excel docs; no editing
  26. Limited screen size (3.2″) and colors (65K)
  27. Limited language support
  28. Limited apps and games
  29. Limited transparency on how Google or carriers will ‘validate’ app submissions
  30. Limited industrial design appeal

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