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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Well if its for petrol and more a city car then the scale definitely tips towards the i10 Grand for better driveability and power to weight ratio. i20 with petrol is fairly underpowered at lower RPMs. I haven't drive i10 Grand but review seems to suggest that it should be much better. Last but not the least, let her drive and decide .
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Hello invidious,
I have taken test drive of both petrol and diesel grand i10. I think petrol engine in grand rules the segment. I advise you to buy top end(Asta) grand petrol which is more fresh to market also it comes with driver seat adjuster which is very much essential to women drivers.
Ofcourse i20 has its own advantages, I personally love the car.
But, I have seen few of my colleagues reporting some issues such as mileage, turbo lag and steering issues. Please talk to experts in this case.

Currently discounts are running in i20, great chance to grab the one.

I too had a same confusion, but I made a decision to buy grand. I also wanted to go for i20 sportz petrol. Because of family pressure I was forced to buy diesel car and I am taking the delivery of grand i10 diesel tommorow.

Anyway, it's your decision finally. Think on it!
All the best!
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Apply the golden rule

1. Listen to your heart
2. Listen to your head
3. Then ask your wife who will tell you what to do

This rule is applicable almost in every case.
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Well, this is the last comparison Hyundai would want to see. I did expect Grand i10 to cannibalize the sales of i20. My vote would go to i10 Grand since it is more refined over aging i20 design. You could use those extra 30k for upgrades and the first holiday with family on your new car
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Hi invidious,

I have test driven both the Grand i10 last month and the i20 a few months back (both petrol, of course). When comparing both, I found the Grand i10 engine to be more peppier, smooth and responsive (personal opinion, again). If your wife does not do much of highway driving and purely intended for personal driving, I suggest blind-foldedly to go for the former. As many BHP-ians pointed out, Grand i10 can be handled better in city traffic and parking woes will not be an issue because of its smaller size compared to i20.

If you are looking out for premiumness, go for the i20 for the bells and whistles it offers.

On a feature comparison note, both the cars are neck to neck with features loaded, though few may be missing in them.

As other pointed out, ask your wife to do a TD of both and choose the best option for her.

Let the mind rule over the heart..

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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Go for the i10 Grand as its cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and also ride quality is reportedly better than i20. I20 has great space, but somehow, I found that even seats are not that comfortable ( as compared to my current ride i.e. Baleno ).

Grand i10 also has a more airy cabin when compared with i20. What I found out was that in i20, you sit a bit low and this reduces the airy feeling and also lowers the marks for comfort.

Practically speaking, Grand i10 will be a better choice IMO. And, from your earlier posts, its evident that you have other cars for highway runs.
i20 ride quality is a major deterrent. Also, Grand i10 has just hit the roads and wont replaced soon, but the new i20 is already being tested and might be replaced in a couple of years or so. Here, Grand i10 will hold its resale a bit stronger w.r.t. the investment you are making.
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

I did similar research as well.. But specifically for the Sportz, grand comes to 6.8L and i20 comes to 7.1L OTR BLR. So definitely i20 makes sense (but do note that the i20 sportz comes with only 1 airbag but does have ABS).

Grand i10 Asta Optional would again be preferred over i20 Asta from pricing perspective.

Wouldnt you want to consider a used 3-4 yrs old Honda City for around 5L?
Maybe AT for another 50K or so..
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Both are competent cars with excellent city driveability. As mentioned by many members, if it's only to be used in the city, then grand i10 makes much more sense. If occasional highway drives are also on order, then consider the i20 as well.
But as far as I can make out, your wife will use it. So let the lady test drive both cars, and decide. Tell her what the forum discussion says.
However once a lady has made up her mind, go with what she says.

“The Arabs have a proverb: ‘There is danger to him who snatcheth the tiger’s cub, but more to him who snatcheth delusion from a woman.’”
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

I recently test drove the i10 grand at one of the dealer in Thane.

IMO the suspension is not good the only thing that the car scores high is on the interiors & hyundai tag.

I also test drove SAIL & BEAT both score high on practicality. Since power is not the criteria, you can have a look at both of these too.

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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Originally Posted by invidious View Post

Am looking at a hatchback. The price points between the Grand i10 Asta variant and the i20 Sportz variant isn't much. Without discount, the difference is about 56k, which should come down to about 30 k after discount. I realize the i20 is a bigger car, albeit with just one airbag.
Eventhough the difference in pricing is approx. 30k now, I think it will be definitely more when you will think of selling your car at a later stage. So you may end up earning some extra bucks while selling off your i20 than i10 grand! Again, that's purely my thought considering both cars to be Hyundai!
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Well, all things said and done - it is always going to be her decision. I am merely helping her decide.

@Equus - A used car is not an option.

@GeekyEngineer - Well, the Beat and SAIL - The Beat is really tiny and the SAIL is Chinese. As it is I don't wish to add more variants and add to her confusion. But I will run it by her I guess.

@Pahwa - Let's put it down to Hyundai's own greed. They are discontinuing the old i10 everywhere else but decided to keep both the i10s in India. And as far as they are concerned - if someone buys i10 Grand or i20 - it is still one customer less buying a Swift.

She will be calling the i20 for a TD as well. She was quite happy with the Grand. I will update the thread. Cheers.
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Hyundai loads their cars very well, and typically the Asta variant is loaded to the hilt. My vote would be to go for the Asta you can afford - 1st choice i20, if not then i10 Gr.

Other than the airbags - there are enormous small benefits in the Asta variant (I tested about 15 different cars and variants before buying the i20 Asta for my wife sometime back).

Integrated bluetooth with steering mounted controls, start stop key less entry, rear view camera, etc. etc. Though my better half maintained she did not need these, she is now completely addicted. Every time a phone comes in while she is driving, a smile lights up on her face due to the ease of the BT function.
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

I did hear from one of my friends who has driven both the i20 as well i10 grand telling that i10 has more steering feedback than the i20. Now for city driving some people might like a lighter steering and some people might like some amount of feedback to be present.

As somebody suggested, please have your wife take the test drive, and then let her decide. For city driving lot of people prefer the steering controls to be as feathery as possible. And if shelling out another 30-40K is not an issue, then i20 might be the winner here.
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

Do consider the fact that the Grand i10 being a segment lower will have cheaper spare parts as compared to i20.
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Default Re: Hyundai: Grand i10 vs i20

I have been in a similar dilemma for over 2 weeks now - the price being so close in difference it's hard to choose between the i10 Grand and i20. But after doing back to back test drives of both - me & my wife were convinced i20 was the best of the two.

i20 scored well on the space, premium look & comfort. i10 Grand definitely is smaller in size and it's still an i10 (Let's accept it!!). Go for the i20 and you're not gonna repent!!
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