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View Poll Results: Which budget automatic hatchback would you choose?
Renault Kwid 72 37.70%
Maruti Alto K10 77 40.31%
Tata Nano GenX 42 21.99%
Voters: 191. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 6th December 2016, 17:33   #16
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

I own the K10 AMT and I must say that its been a breeze to drive it. The AMT works fine (although I had a few issues with it initially, they were fixed promptly) and is very nice to use. Sadly, the AMT takes away the "fun to drive" factor from that gem of an engine and makes the ride slightly tepid. All said and done, the car is perfect for city drive-abouts and the odd highway trip over short distances less than 200km.

The only gripe I have with it is the bouncy ride quality which keeps tossing the occupants around. I plan to upgrade to better tires when the times comes and that should hopefully alleviate the ride quality issue a little bit.
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for Kwid AMT.

Already an owner of a 800 CC Kwid and thoroughly impressed with it.

My daily driver is a Beat and occasional one is a Figo (gen 1). Kwid as is a fantastic car in that price point.

For me creep functionality is not a deal breaker at all. Here in Delhi my Beat is driven in 70% heavy bumper to bumper stop-go traffic. The car potter around in first gear with gentle tap on throttle. So in Kwid AMT too this can be achieved easily. But saying so it would have been great to have a manual override as option.

But still believe Kwid AMT offers most value among the three.


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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

I didn't like the AMT (in the Alto K10) compared to the smooth Jazz CVT. That being said, I'll accept the shortcomings for the advantages the transmission offers. I wouldn't mind having AMT in my second car, which will strictly be an intra-city commuter.

I voted for the Alto K10 because it's the 'safest' (not in terms of NCAP ratings , but in terms of overall reliability and ownership experience) choice. Renault Kwid would have my vote without me thinking twice if it had creep functionality. I can sacrifice manual mode, but not creep function.

While I think the Nano is a wonderful product, I still feel it has a weak engine. From my experience, one needs to switch off the aircon while climbing inclines. (Not so rare in Bangalore)

I would still buy a pre-owned A Star or i20 Auto and spend the rest $$$ on fuel.

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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Votes for Nano. I haven't sat in a Kwid so can't comment. Neither I have driven automatic versions of Nano or Alto. However, for me the first criteria is that a car has to be comfortable and spacious for its passengers which Alto or for that matter any Maruti cars are not. Once sat in Ciaz, found it to be spacious but then seating is low. Not comfortable as per my liking. Plus the price at which Nano is offered really serves the purpose of driving it in city and occassional highway usage.

I have two Tata cars - Indica turbo has covered more than a lac kms and Nano has covered 13K. I have neither faced issues with the product or service. It seems people just like to bash the Tata cars. I have also seen moderators always mentioning low service quality / niggles in Tata cars. There may be issues / manufacturing defect but those are visible in the initial 10K - 15K kms and this happens with any manufacturer. With no offence to anyone, many people give comments without owning the product or hearsay. The other day, in my office, a collegue of mine mentioned that Nano cannot be driven to hilly areas because it has very low ground clearance

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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
VXI (O) trim & airbag unavailable with the AMT. No ABS on any variant
VXi (O) AGS is available with driver side airbag.
Just booked an Alto K10 VXi (O) AGS for my father. This will replace his 20 year old Maruti 800.

Alto K10 was chosen because of the following reasons :
1. Proximity of Maruti service center. 10 kilometers from my home.
2. Option of manual override (tiptronic) - Which will be a boon to use in slippery and unpaved roads of my village (especially during rainy season)
3. Year end offers are good on Alto K10 currently (25K Exchange Bonus + 30K consumer benefits + Some more discounts)
4. Its a Maruti !. (M800 has proven the brand very well from past 20 years.)

Renault KWID AMT was not chosen because:
1. Nearest service station is 40 kms away from my home
2. No tiptronic mode
3. No offers, which means higher cost.

And, I have voted for K10 AMT.
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Have you tested the Brio automatic variant aswell? It could be worth the little extra money from this segment.
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

I voted for Alto.
Particularly when a car has to be used as a second car and also when it is to be driven mostly by ladies/elders in house - overall reliability is very dominant factor in consideration.
Nano with all its cuteness still attracts heart and does not click with mind.
Kwid, while a more spacious and sturdy (at least in perception) loses out to Alto in reliability and trust factor.

When I will be in market for an automatic car (will replace my aging Wagon R) Alto and Wagon R AMT versions will be front runners.

Brio, Grand i10 are very capable cars, but are in different price brackets I believe.

Lastly - 3 to 5 choices available(taking wagon R and Celario also consideration) in a low price auto car segment - eventual beneficiary is customer and competition is forcing even established players to offer more in their cars.

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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for the Kwid. It has been on the market for a year now and it appears to be reliable. And the interior space is just much much better than the competing options here. For me, that is the clincher.
Yes, there is no creep function but other pros far outweigh this little thing. The only other thing I'm concerned about is the crash worthiness, hoping to see a Dual Airbags +ABS option on it soon.

BTW, The Tiago AMT coming next year should be the closest competitor I believe and if it has a regular AMT with all the features, I would much prefer that with those classy interiors
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for the Kwid even with the missing manual and creep functions. Most people who have reviewed it call it the best AMT in this price bracket. The lack of creep is still OK, but the overtaking maneuvers without manual intervention is a bit scary from what I have read so far. But purely for city use which is the primary use of these cars and judging from where I drive to work everyday here in Mumbai, I do not think its such a problem.
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

I vote for Nano AMT. Perfect for city rides and second car at that cost. It is definitely well kitted. Only issues as mentioned already are power on inclines (have to stop the AC sometimes on very steep inclines) and the brakes (they take ages to stop as compared to my Liva )

The Nano AMT was bought for wify and she was particular about getting it. Then one day she got to drive the Dzire AT and she started to complain

But, I am loving every moment in the Nano. Thank you Tata !
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for Alto K10 AMT.

A significant portion of these (small) cars are as second (small) car of a metropolitan family. Manual mode and creep functionality of Alto along with the ubiquitous Maruti presence is a deal breaker.

However, Maruti cannot rest on its laurels. Age is showing up on Alto clearly now. It is time for a model revamp.
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for Nano AMT, mainly because it fits the bill of owning a perfect city car which can pretty much do all the runabouts within the city. It has just been 2.5 weeks with my new Nano XTA.

My wife was also very particular about getting this one and she is super happy with the same. Plus the price at which you get the Nano AMT is a no brainer (along with creep function and manual + sports mode).

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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for the Kwid,

I would never go with a Nano on any given day, due to its "TATA" DNA. Alto is an exemplary machine but its quite cramped for comfort.
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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Voted for Alto K10, Owing to the availability of manual mode.

I guess the choice would also depend on the city and build of the prospective buyer. eg: A 6 feet tall driver from Bangalore or Delhi would defenitely prefer a Kwid rather than an Alto even though a manual mode is missing in the Kwid.

However, as an enthusiast i do not want to miss out on that zippy feeling which the Alto K10 can provide through manual mode.


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Default Re: Budget Automatics: Kwid vs Alto vs Nano

Can someone explain the difference between the AMT (as used in budget Autos) and the more conventional Torque Converter, and even DSG automatics. Also, do CVT boxes also have some thing similar to torque converter or fluid coupling. Else how do they cope with the start-stop scenarios.
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