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Old 12th February 2008, 23:05   #16
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test drive santro .... as some may feel the pedals uneasy and uncomfortable...
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What's your height?

If you are a six footer, then IMHO Santro is going to be a trap out of which you would struggle to come out. Those clutch, brakes, accelerator are placed so close!

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I am waiting for someone to strongly recommend Xeta, Swift, Getz, Spark and even Nano !!

Santro Vs Wagon R has already filled 100s of pages on different threads in our forum itself. Its a favourite topic of debate, discussion, fun and time pass for many members. I had gone through the whole stuff before I decided on my car.

Personal test drive is the best decision making action one can take. Both cars are good in many things. As the 'tall boy' rivals of our automobile sector, both has its own individuality in many ways.

Personaly, I like Wagon R because;

Its very very spacious
Its very light to steer around city
It gives very airy and an SUV feeling

I hate Wagon R due to;

Very unhappy gear shift (varies from one car to another)
Boxy look (bread box shape)

Wagon R do not face any production issue for few more years.
Santro's future is not sure after i10 is launched.

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a reclining rear seat is no more buddy. but, if there is one, the ply for the speaker will take up the space and no reclining is possible.
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Originally Posted by Neeraj Dabake View Post
I have been deliberating a car purchase over the past few weeks - and have finally got it down to santro vs wagonR. I had thought of considering the i10, but it probabaly is a bit too pricy (at least 50K+?) i think.

My primary considerations are
1)seating comfort and fun- both front and rear
2)driving comfort and fun
3)legspace and bootspace
4)Ride quality - have read about the poor rear ride quality of the santro - dont know how big a factor that is

I am not bothered about price, power, mileage, ***, spare parts, resale as i think there is little to choose between the two.

Any help
I understand that you are willing to pAy something like 4.3L OTR. And i understand that you are planning for a new car. If you are looking only at the "tall boy" models this is what i feel wuold be the differences between the two.
Santro - More peppier to drive and more smoother engine / gearbox compared to WagonR. I think this would give you more F.E figures also.

WagonR - Better ride comfot at rear. HOwever have heard that front seats are not that comfortable for long drives.

If you are not very particular on the "tall boy" cars, My suggestion would be to take a test drive of two more vehicles. Seeing your priorities i think the best car for you would be the Palio Stile Sport 1.6. But not mentioning it here since i think it would be out of your budget. However it would be good if you could just have a look at it. I think you could get real good discounts on that and the OTR could be somewhere near 4.50.

1. The i10
2.The Palio Stile 1.1

The i10 too might just be outside your budget if you want all the features.
The Palio Stile 1.1 fully loaded would come at 4.21 OTR and has everything you would want except steering adjustment. PLease do try the above 3 vehicles before taking a decision.
1)seating comfort and fun- both front and rear
2)driving comfort and fun
3)legspace and bootspace
4)Ride quality

I would go with the Palio SPort 1.6
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I am a six footer & driving santro for more than 15 months now. Never faced problems for getting in & out of santro.
Pedal placements are close for santro, but it's a matter of getting used to & wearing right kind of footwear especially on long drives.
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Thanks all for the replies.

Ahem - somehow i have decided to stick to the bigger brands - so it is going to be between hyundai and maruti..dont know if its some kind of a mental block or what..So really sorry all the palio (and indigo !)supporters out here :(

I have sat in both of these cars ..santro in the city, and wagonr both in city and highway, on a couple of occasions - and havent been able to spot any significant difference. I have been learning on the santro in my driving school and found it quite responsive and fun to drive, except perhaps the breaks are not as efficient, although that could be due to the fact that its a driving school vehicle. Tried driving my friend's new wagonr and did find the gear shifts very rough..Even the driving school santro's gear changes were smoother than this. Again dont know if its because the wagonr was really new and whether the gear becomes smoother over time.

Its going to be a family car - self-driven - and most of the times, no tall folks so both should be fine from that perspective. (i am only 5-7)

WagonR to me "feels" more roomy, airy and comfy..Not sure of the exact dimesions, but the santro seems slighly cramped to me when you sit inside compared to wagonr.

I am okay with the shape of wagonr ...LOL

Did feel a bit of issue with the placement of santro pedals - but maybe that is something u get used to?

I hope i dont have to pay as high as 4.3 L OTR.. !!! have heard from my friends who have brought both these cars recently that 4.0 L should be enough !!

Two more worries on the santro-
1)the supposedly "bumpy suspension"..maybe i will try to TD both on some really horrid roads...wagonr suspension felt pretty smooth on the highway.
2) Whether there will be any issues with after sales service if santro is discontinued for some reason by hyundai. I personally dont think thre woud be any problem.

I will give the i10 one try - and if i find it REALLY good, maybe will try to strectch the budget a lil bit, if the lower-end models fit in...

Will try to get few more TDs of the wagonr to see how much less peppy and responsive it is compared to santro. Apart from this, if gear shifiting seems to be the only prob with the wagonr..then my vote is probably going to go to wagonr at this point.

Thanks again, all !
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Santro for sure, have had no problems with it, other than the painful pedals. If you are okay with the way i10 looks it should be a better buy, Santro to me looks more mature.

Also my friends ac in his wagonR makes a horrendous noise, something to check out for.

I assume this is going to be your first car and hence a tallboy but trust me even a 800 seems more fun to drive than a tallboy
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Originally Posted by Neeraj Dabake View Post
Tried driving my friend's new wagonr and did find the gear shifts very rough. Again dont know if its because the wagonr was really new and whether the gear becomes smoother over time.
It will get better over time. But trust me (my car has done 45k+ kms), it wont come near to the quality gearshift of the Santro. However, i dont think its much of an issue now in my car. Either i got used to it, or it got better over time!
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Spark with a reduced price is a better buy than Santro. There is a price diff of 35K between santro and spark (equivalent model with AC and power steering.
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well atleast 1 post, i can reply as an Expert
I own a Santro for 6 years and did TD of WagonR before choosing this.
If I recollect my TD, the topmost factor that tilted towards Santro - butter smooth gears.

It still remains smooth. Engine is also very quiet. At neutral, I do get some doubts whether engine is on or off.

I confirm, suspension is bad. I dont sit in rear, however I do feel it specially in highways if there is a bump. I never felt in my brothers Qualis. Cant comment about WagonR.

Another worry, is car rusting. Not sure if it happens to other Hyundai cars also. ONLY problem in my car is rusting! <Search, you will find the thread>. Hyundai provides an anti rusting treatment. However during the initial years, I was abroad and my dad was not informed/ didnt take it.

If you buy Hyundai, please check with dealer and apply the anti-rust coating. Cost about 3,500/-

Between Santro and WagonR - my vote goes to Santro
Between i10 and Santro - my vote goes to i10.
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Old 13th February 2008, 22:42   #27
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Go for the Santro. WagonR has a pretty bad gearbox and a not-so-refined engine. Both Santro and WagonR have come to the end of their product cycles..Well..almost.
I also suggest i10. The Era would cost 4.2 OTR I guess. Has AC+PS. Doesn't have PW.
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Old 13th February 2008, 22:45   #28
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Forget both dude get the i10..
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i will also second santro. 4 yrs running and not a single dime spent on repairs.
excellent driving position
excellent torque - on delhi streets i often leave everyone around
ride for rear passengers is a bit bumpy.
very stable till 90-100 kph
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get the santro for the refined engine and the gear box!
also they have better service center technitians in comparision and is more organised than a maruti, maruti is learning from them lately!

santro has better finish, better engine, and better stability than a wagonR imo!
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