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Old 3rd November 2011, 17:21   #16
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Fantastic for the Chevy Beat I must say!! Although we need a breakup of diesel/petrol for better analysis. Verito sales lugging around 1500-200 mark. Its time M&M launch the cs version.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Excellent report GTO.
A couple of months back I had mentioned on one of the sales threads that we should have data month on month for every car, so comparison is possible, not with other cars but with the same car over the previous months. I see that exact thing has been done by GTO. This is awesome data.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thank you GTO for the much awaited sales analysis. FIAT needs to do something very soon otherwise it will be very difficult for them to bounce back.

XUV 5OO will definitely make a dent on the sales of Fortuner and Endy. Next few months may give us a good picture.

I found this interesting news (courtesy: The Hindu Business Line News paper):

Business Line : Companies News : Maruti may finalise engine sourcing deal with Fiat in next 2 months


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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Has everyone stopped talking about Fiat altogether?
Hope to see some good fortunes with the new Fiat Bravo planned for India now.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

1. Eon has certainly swallowed the sales of Santro, buyers has definitely shown more interest in the fludic hatch. The number of Black & yellow Taxi and Blue & silver cool cabs must be major contributor to 3.1k of santro.

2. Although Swifts 8 k is good show, but Maruti must be wondering what's happening with RITZ, SX4, A-STAR & ESTILO as they have faired up very poorly. On a serious note they need a good strategy to market them well to gain the lost market share.

3. MUL's Loss is Hyundai's gain, but hyundai has been making efforts with all quality products in there line-up. I won't be surprise in longer run if they are to be considered as a premium brand in India.

4. Indica EV2 and Vista has managed 10.8 K + but in longer run will they be able to sustain such a growth remains a question mark.

5. Hyundai's outdated Accent managed 745 compared to total sales of punto and linea which aggregates to 622. Serious problem for Fiat on cards ?
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Originally Posted by pk_del View Post
XUV 5OO will definitely make a dent on the sales of Fortuner and Endy. Next few months may give us a good picture.
Waiting to see. Fortuner sales should come down eventually as it slowly reaches saturation point for its target market (how many people are there in India that can afford a 20L+ vehicle? And what is the rate of increase of that segment?).

But I am not sure whether XUV will have a drastic impact - probably it will hit Innova and Scorpio more. Most of the potential Fortuner buyers (junta with money who are looking at 20L+ vehicles) might not look at a sub 15L vehicle for snobbish reasons. For example I spoke to a couple of people who are looking at upgrading to SUVs from their C+ segment vehicles (Civic etc.). They didn't even consider XUV because it is not an image upgrade for them.

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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

First of all FIAT needs to learn the basics from Maruti and Hyundai. I wont buy a Punto when the world is driving the Punto EVO. Both the Punto and the Linea are due for an upgrade and there should be some serious effort to improve the car interiors, A$$, etc,etc....

No surprises for Maruti, while Hyundai too is performing better with the Eon and Verna. Expecting more of Eons on the road soon (bad news for Alto and to an extent the Nano)
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Festival season has not been too kind to the auto segment. Fiat must be very worried about their declining fortunes. Even cars like Optra are out selling the Linea. The Punto is still a fine car even in the face of competition. Sergio Marchionne needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat soon, to save his Indian operations.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thanks GTO .

Chevrolet beat should be set as an example by every manufacturer to study the indian market , plonk in diesel in a VFM product and see the cars fly of the showroom floors .

Really saddening to see the punto and the linea suffer terribly because of tie up problems .What will fiat do now ? They have everything they need an amazing body , brilliant chassis and what counts most in our market a diesel engine as well . Then why the failure will be a question that must be boggling the minds of Fiat employees .

One question though how come Hyundai eon had more bookings in the month of September than in that of October 7188 vs 6315?

Nice to see the nano climbing on the sales chart again.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

My 2 paise :

XUV 500 will be market leader for months to come. May be years. No body will be able to challenge them in near future. They can make sell @ 2000 per month. If production permits they will do more with export market.

GTO, can we get numbers of Indica / Vista and Indigo CS / Manza separately? I guess Indigo CS & old Indica numbers are more in the total combined numbers.

Why GM still selling Aveo sisters? Its dead for almost more than a year now. Hardly any numbers in last 1 year.

Does Toyota really suffering from Thailand issue? I thought Innova is almost fully localized. Fortuner sales will get hampered by XUV 500 for sure. Good to see that

What is happening to Jazz? Now Honda has buyers for it & they are not supplying !!! What a pity. My cousin inquired about it & dealer said deliver will happen after 8 months.

Aria doing more than 400 is not bad in my opinion. If Tata offer some good discounts, i guess it will touch 750 +. If they dont, they will face tough time with XUV 500 entry in the market.

Over all bad month for all. With coming increase in Petrol & diesel prices, i guess its tough time ahead for all manufacturers. I guess Mahindra will be the safest of all to get hit.

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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

I am expecting the XUV to set the sales chart on fire, starting October. Taking into consideration that its been sold out for 4 months, the last quarter of 2011, and early 1st quarter of '12 may see great numbers for M&M.
Would it be able to de-throne the mighty T-Fort? IMHO, yes it has the capability to.

Nice analysis as usual. Could I just request you guys to also attach the xls that you work in? It would be worth a download, if need be.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Both Etios twins seem to be selling in average numbers. Is it due to Thai Floods? I thought Etios has very high localization. The closest competitor to Etios is Manza, which seem to be doing pretty good. GTO, can we get individual numbers for Indigo & Manza? Similarly for Indica and Vista?

A-Star seem to be fading away. So is Estilo. Tavera sales are also low. Is it in expectation of facelifted Tavera?

Have they really reduced the prices of Jazz? I gather from friends that Jazz is still quite expensive.

Cheers Mahindra...

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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thanks GTO for the Sales numbers!

Superb job from Maruti in delivering 7845 Swift and 5001 Dzire despite the strike.
Looks like Eon has started eating Santros share.
Etios on downward trend despite its Diesel arrival.
Chevy Beat going upwards, might be conversion from Alto/WagonR/i10 who are looking for a diesel engine due to the petrol cost.
Sad to see the numbers of New Fiesta and Linea.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

The sales are as expected due to the economic turmoil the country is facing.

For FIAT, I have lost words and the comment towards FIAT will stay only to this extent.

Indica doing good numbers is majorly due to the EV2 version of the Indicas being sold and not due to Vistas. I see a hell lot of new EV2 on Bangalore roads. Vista and Manza may not be doing big numbers and TATAs have very cleverly mergered these numbers together.

Eon for Hyundai is doing what Hyundai expected it to be. Its time Santro to go and the numbers will yield back in more Eons being sold.

Toyota had its plant shut from 21st to 31st October. The plant has undergone production expansion to accomodate the Altis production too. The numbers for the Altis, Innova are severely affected due to under capacity and the plant shut down. Next month will actually be interesting. From my Liva buying experience, the Sales rep actually convince the hatch buyers to Sedan. For Eg Liva V to Etios G not much of a difference in price, but the conversion is quite good and I saw it live at the showroom. Expect the Etios and Liva to settle at around 8K per month. Also do not forget the floods in Thailand from where the powertrains for the Innova, Fortuner and Altis come from.

The rest of field is doing as per their respective trends except for Maruti who is just plagued with labour troubles.
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Default Re: October 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Chevrolet Beat used to manage consistent 2k units per month before the launch of the diesel variant. Now unless we have have the break-up its safe to assume Diesel sells around 3k units . Now when you compare it to the Figo, i am certain the petrol variants of Figo sell less than a thousand units per month . Doing the maths its clear Figo diesel outsells Beat diesel by a thousand units at the very least if not more .

Maruti was clearly crippled by the ongoing strike . So this month will give a better idea as to the impact Eon has had on the Alto .

Santro clocked only 3k units .This is why i mentioned Hyundai should plonk the four pot motor in to Eon and not compromise it with a three pot motor . The only chink in Eon's armor is the three cylinder engine .If Hyundai sort it out it is going to be irresistible .

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