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View Poll Results: No Automatic for me because:
Fuel-efficiency concerns 244 18.51%
I love Manual transmissions! 524 39.76%
AT option is unavailable on my choice of car (including diesels) 395 29.97%
I don't think the cost premium (75 - 100K) is worth it 219 16.62%
Maintenance concerns 156 11.84%
Other reason (please specify in your post) 39 2.96%
Not applicable. My next car WILL be an Automatic 307 23.29%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 1318. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19th November 2011, 19:39   #46
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

Well i would not buy an automatic in the near future,atleast as long as my options are restricted to C+ sedans.

Why?Because i guess the single biggest reason is that i just love the process of shifting.I just reached back home after being stuck in sudden jam,and it was crawling traffic for a good 45 mins,but i dont feel so strained at all.Although my next car will be a diesel for sure,because i need more low-end torque,which is very beneficial for city traffic.

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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

Well, when I wasn't a confident driver, I wanted to buy an AT car. Reason - just to get rid of the third pedal.

By the time I bought my car, I was quite comfortable with MT cars. Also, AT was not available in my choice of car (Punto).

Even if a diesel AT Punto was available, I'm not sure if I would've bought one. Probable deal-breaker: budget.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Back of the envelope calculations tell me that less than 1% of the mass-market hatchbacks & sedans are sold with an automatic transmission. On the other hand, when it comes to premium cars, Automatic transmissions outsell manuals by a mile. Fact is, you can't even buy most premium cars with a manual gearbox (e.g. Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc.)
I think that AT cars are around Rs.80-150K more expensive than the corresponding MT variant. For a Rs.30L car, it wouldn't make much difference. But for a <10L car, it might make all the difference.
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Old 19th November 2011, 20:13   #48
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

very good thread GTO. i voted for the second option.
when i was in the US i got hold of the ford mustang, unfortunate the auto transmission first. after nagging for a manual finally i got hold of the beast. i simply cannot digest the auto transmission. its not for a person who loves driving.

Red- auto ones - a bit boring, Black - beast
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

My vote is simple and straight forward, I love manual transmissions. Also, I do care about fuel consumption.

I learnt driving in my Dad's Premier Padmini petrol (1977 model) which had its gear lever under the steering wheel. Later I have driven my brother-in-laws Maruti Alto Lxi(800) several times and recently my friends Ford Figo Zxi (Duratorq TDCi) extensively. I agree that it is somewhat painful in heavy B2B traffic. But I feel more comfortable and confident when I control the transmission myself rather than the car and its computer controlling it.

Not to mention the butter smooth transmission in the Figo, I have developed this strange habit of holding the gear lever in my left hand always, with only my right hand on the steering wheel in what ever car I drive nowadays. I think I will loose all my driving pleasure if I switch to an AT. I like to add that driving a MT gives me a complete feel of driving a car.

I have not driven any AT extensively, So I may not be aware of its other advantages.

But some how I feel driving an AT is similar to driving a toy car.
Now don't start bashing on my above statement No offense meant to any AT lovers.
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Old 19th November 2011, 22:30   #50
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

The cars I own enables me to balance quite a few factors. During the week and on long drives I use the Verna CRDi SX and for the weekend I drop the pace with the i10 Auto.

Thus the FE is manageable considering the CRDi Verna/i10 Auto combined mileage.
Secondly I love manuals hence I drive the Verna most of the time. During weekends when it is time to relax and drop the pace you can drive a i10 Auto with minimum effort. After 5 days of manual car in heavy traffic you actually enjoy the Auto in the weekends even more.
Thirdly, the premium price you pay is worth it especially when you have aged parents who drive. Both my parents are very comfortable driving the auto. This is a luxury consider the premium pricing & FE but believe me for senior citizens this is a necessity in today's traffic.
Lastly, I have had Auto cars for the last 5 years, maintenance costs have never been a concern.


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Old 19th November 2011, 22:42   #51
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

Voted for i love manual. Very few things in life are better than shifting from second to third.
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
It's time to replace the Indigo and, unfortunately, there isn't any diesel automatic hatchback / sedan in the price range we are looking at.

Exactly why I dont consider automatics for my next purchase either! The smallest diesel AT starts with Scorpio/ Cruze which are well beyond my budget + parking space requirements.
Originally Posted by amtak View Post
A powerful diesel + automatic combination will solve all the above problems. Except for the asking price. I would happily pay the extra amount though because- unlike a petrol AT - it would offer reasonable mileage over the long run as well.

+ The biggest advantage of a diesel automatic is the elimination of the heavy clutch making it easier for older persons to drive diesels!
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Why doesn't Tata come out with an AT Manza? The VFM pricing can easily accommodate a well-priced AT!!! I'll put my money on it tomorrow if Tata takes the plunge.
Forget TATA. They are at risk by launching such a model, and if it doesnt succeed- they were will be scared to try again.

If anyone can change the game drastically- its swift - with a diesel AT on the VDi (ABS should be included in VDi). Think about it -
1. People are willing to wait even 8 months for it.
2. Fuel efficiency + power is not a problem with the 1.3 DDiS.
3. Maruti brand value.
4. Overpriced ZDi is a success. They can put an automatic priced 30k above ZDi and still get away with it.
5. Not too oversized as a city runabout.

But sadly - i dont see it coming anytime soon! If Ford is listening - swift is priced around 80k - 1L more than Figo. A figo diesel automatic priced at swift levels is sure get the city crowd thinking!

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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

Amazing thread !

Initially I thought an AT was just a waste spend of money but I have been driving for over 100-150 KM daily in city on my MT vehicle for past 6 months (Delhi NCR).

At the end of my day i feel as if someone is sawing off my foot from my leg. I still think AT does not deserve a 75-80k premium, max 20-25k.

My next vehicle would definitely be an AT ! I am done with all the traffic jams and rushes trying to cripple me.

@Autocompanies - Decrease AT prices, develop a market, gain economies of scale, costs will "Automatically" come down.
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

Excellent thread GTO!

i voted for AT not available in my choice of car. i am currently in the market for a 6/7 seater ala Innova / Xylo (Scorpio and Endeavour dont qualify as 7 seaters for me personally). There arent any SUVs MUVs in the 10-15lacs bracket with an Auto Box. i am only waiting for the new Innova to launch with an Auto Box. i hope they dont disappoint. why Toyota have not done already is beyond me. now that would really up the ante big time!

this is the reason why i have also voted that my next car will be an automatic. i just hope i dont give up and settle for a manual before there is an actual launch

amongst the indian OEMS i seriously have my hopes pinned on Mahindra to get an auto box for the Xylo and XUV 500.

Even though i am not in the market for a hatch the car i d love to see get an auto box is the New Swift especially with the diesel heart.
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Old 20th November 2011, 00:19   #55
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

I would rather say that no new car for me unless at is available in my car choice. I currently have an i10 automatic and have been waiting for another diesel auto to change my punto.
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Old 20th November 2011, 00:32   #56
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

When I was scouting around for a Corolla manual , I ended up buying an auto because the machine seemed good ; it took a lot of "advice seeking" and "calculated risk taking" before I took the plunge.

The reason I was not even thinking of an auto then was purely complications in the transmission ; should some problem arise , very few mechanics can actually set autos right

and such experts are generally seen only in metros.
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

There is no single reason for not buying an AT.
Firstly most AT have losses and that means less torque at wheels. And this is my biggest disappointment. As far as poor FE is concerned I can live with it as long as it is a diesel.

Secondly they are expensive and I dont think investing in an AT is worth it. I would go for Airbags, ABS, a good ICE but why AT. Had the price difference been reasonable I would have given it a thought.

I do like flappy pedal gearbox. But I dont like the way they shift. They are generally jerky in manual mode. In auto-mode driving is pointless.

The best transmission I have driven is a AMT(Automated manual Transmission) prototype. Its mechanism is like a simple manual gearbox. But the shifting is done by cogs. And like any other gearbox it has a manual mode too.

I have not voted as I could not find performance. Some people claim dual clutch systems offer performance at par but they dont. Nothing can be as mechanically as efficient as a manual gearbox.

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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

To tell you the truth haven't driven an auto box, ever, so have the usual fears of the unknown and the hassles of getting used to it. haven't had a problem with a manual and sure an auto box makes sense in today's choc-a-block traffic, will give it a try.
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Old 20th November 2011, 10:25   #59
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

For the cars I've experienced closely to-date:

1. No autobox in the first place - either for the models or their segments.
2. Even if autoboxes existed, they were distinctly obsolete and therefore represented all the traditional reasons why I shouldnt have one.

However, the slushboxes I see in today's cars are measurably more advanced, and therefore more usable, while retaining the very important capability to deliver mileage on-par with their manual counterparts.

Still, if I were to buy a car today, I still may not buy an automatic, since:

1. My preferred driving is highway - and for that I enjoy a manual transmission and the ability to burn rubber at will.

2. Since I rarely drive in city traffic (office cab, Royal Enfield), I still dont mind manual shifting in city traffic.

This is from an enthusiast's point-of-view.

If my wife wanted a car however, an automatic would be the automatic (pun) choice, since a manual is just too inconvenient for stressed city traffic.
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Default Re: So, why don't you buy an Automatic?

I would have voted for the No options available but off late there are quite a few models available which moved me to the last voting choice.

As of now I have a plan to buy a new car by mid 2012 and that will be XUV500 with autobox if that comes within my budget and no major issues reported.
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