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Default Where do you park your car?

So guys, where do you guys park your precious metal? ( I mean cars, who cares for Gold right?)

For us at home, we have one garage but both the cars are left in the driveway and one (the City usually) also gets a shelter on top.

At the office unfortunately, the car is left out in the open and get roasted in the sun not to mention dust/rain/truck exhuast whatever. Thought about getting a car cover, but its a pain if you have to go for lunch/offsite meetings/visits etc.
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Well, we got 2 houses... in our independent one, we have a 3 car garage. At our apartment house, we got a 2 car basement parking + 1 extra (because we happen to own the apartment building), with specific places allotted for all apartment owners.

At our office, we park it on the road at the back of our building, which is pretty safe as there is hardly any traffic on that stretch of road. And most of the time we are out in the back courtyard having a smoke so we get to keep an eye on the cars.



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At home its the Driveway with a Shade pretty much a garage ... plus i make sure the covers are put on the cars before sleeping. At office its in the basement parking so out of the sun ...
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I park the car on the ROAD
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Usually Car is parked inside the house (not inside my living room lol.) i mean the parking area in my house . NO shed is there to protect it. Though usually car gets out of the house at 8 in morning and comes inside at night about half an hour before going to sleep. So it gets too much dirt on it and needs a major wash after every 3 - 4 days otherwise car looks like dirt cannon.
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On the streets during the day. In office as well as at Home but always under the shade of a tree. At night inside the house on the driveway. The garage is full of tools , work bench and other car stuff + 2 bikes. A Karizma 2006 & TVS F2, 2004.

So long....
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Originally Posted by abhibh
Usually Car is parked inside the house (not inside my living room lol.) i mean the parking area in my house .
only... if i wish i could park my babe in the living room lol.........!!!
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in mumbai we use the street. i have one car parked underground at my mom's place, one parked in the open (virtually on the beach) at my FIL's place and 2 in the open in the building where we stay.

the saline air at my FIL's place is not good for cars so we wash it as often as we can.

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i park both my cars in the parking lot in our building......but here's the bad news,the new building we are shifting to charges 8 lacs per car for stilt parking....and we have 2 of them......8 lacs for parking a 5 lac car....i dint know mumbai's population would have such a big effect on me and my pocket....i will resort to painting an inverted red triangle on my cars from'll spread the word please....and make less its 8 lacs tomorrow it might become 16lacs(choke........gasp!!!!!)

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We got 0 garage... so its on the ROAD... all 3. (the road is not like some public road)

And the Govt here is soon going to ask everyone to show owned parking space to park a new car. (will try and get another car before this comes into effect LOL)

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Its a covered parking at the apartment, and in the scorching sun at office
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Well, at the apartment, its a covered parking on the ground floor.
In office, if i come on time (that is, not more than an hour late ) then i get to park in the basement, otherwise its the visitor's parking area, which is out in the open!
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At home a a very narrow parking space between a pillar and an outer wall. It was OK with my santro, but now with Fiesta it is a tough time getting the car inside and even more tough to get in/out.

At office open car parking under hot sun. There are small trees but of no use. Now I moved to the new office building 50kms away from the heart of chennai. As this is a new facility the parking place is just a open area under the sun. Pathetic!
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Ground floor of the apartment block is our garage. At home it's always there. At office there's an option of basement, open inside the premises, open out on the street - depending on how late I get into office
It generally turns out to be options 2 or 3 !
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At home, its outside on the street - though in Delhi, its tough to find a parking space, and everyone is very protective about their usual parking spaces. One of the reasons I had to sell off my santro - it just couldnt find any space.

At office, its the basement if you come early enough, or the scorching sun if you dont - though sometimes I can park under the shaded parking of a nearby studio, since I know the owner.
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