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View Poll Results: Would You Cross-shop Across Various Segments Before Putting Money Down?
No. I would pick a segment first, and buy a car from that segment. 65 18.84%
Yes. I don't mind a car from any segment as long as it pulls my heart strings. 271 78.55%
Don't know/ Can't Say for sure. 9 2.61%
Voters: 345. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 21st September 2016, 14:56   #91
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

I have a mixed response. Though i don't mind shopping cross segment, but as long as the cars are in same budget.

Here are the list of cars i shortlisted before ending up with "Ertiga"
1. Honda Amaze - Sub 4m Sedan
2. Toyota Etios - Sedan
3. Ertiga - MUV
4. i20/Swift - Hatch
5. EcoSport - SUV
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Old 3rd November 2016, 20:29   #92
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

I'm at this moment trying to decide between the TUV300T8 100bhp, the Scorpio S4, the Duster 85, the Ecosport, the S-cross and the Brezza.
I started with a max budget of ex showroom 10 lakh and it's getting a bit out of hand.
I need something that can handle the really rough stuff and loads. Preferrably a body on chasis. Would have loved the Isuzu V cross, but out of my budget..
Just calculating the fact that with an addition of 1.4 lakh on the top of the range TUV manual, u could get the S4 Scorpio. I was searching for opinions , pros and cons of both vehicles on our site as well as online.
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Old 3rd November 2016, 22:11   #93
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
Looking at the poll results so far, does this mean all those shootouts that we see in magazines-

Polo Vs i20 Vs Baleno Vs Jazz
Ecosport Vs Brezza Vs TUV300
Superb Vs Camry Vs Accord Vs Sonata

- are of no use in helping one choose a car?
The reviews does help in rejecting the other cars while deciding the final contenders.

Cross-shopping happens mainly because of the price. I love VW Polo (my previous car was a Polo P HL) and I'm planning to get a TDI HL now which costs about 9.91L OTR chennai. For about 10.5L, Ciaz VDi+ is available. There starts the confusion. Should I settle for a hatchback that costs 10L or add 50K more and go for a sedan.
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Old 3rd November 2016, 23:22   #94
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

Never really gave it much thought till this thread pointed it out. But a few years ago - when I wanted to buy a nice hatch - I was keen on first generation Jazz, the i20 and the Fabia - I ended up with the Linea. Earlier this year, I bought the Elite i20 after considering Xcent, Amaze, Aspire and canceling the Baleno. Right now I am considering the S-Cross, Creta and the Baleno - I wonder what I will end up with.

Of course most people replying here probably have a ballpark figure in mind - but going a few lakhs above or below your pre-decided figure isn't a big deal in this age of 7 year bank loans at attractive rates. Wasn't there a guy on Team Bhp who went to book the Nano and ended up with a Safari? Talk about a segment leap.
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Old 21st November 2016, 15:47   #95
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

Originally Posted by dudevarkey View Post
Sold off the Quanto directly to a buyer and almost finalized MS Vitara Brezza ZDI. The car was booked on 5th September 2016, hope I will get it delivered by December 1st week.
There was no sign of Brezza coming my way and the dealer was clueless. I started tinking about alternatives and suddenly S-Cross crossed my mind. I didn't like the looks, but I searched for whatever info available about S-Cross in Team-BHP and found 'only' positive reviews about the car.

Took a long test drive of the car and I was impressed. Did a test drive of Brezza once gain on the the same roads as the S-Cross test drive was done and then there was no confusion. Cancelled the booking of Brezza ZDI and booked S-Cross DDIS 200 Zeta white (had to stretch the budget further by 1 L). The car was delivered on 3rd November - two weeks after the booking was done. In my opinion the S-Cross is a much better option compared to Brezza considering the fact that both the cars have same heart which beats at the same rate under the hood.
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Old 21st November 2016, 16:28   #96
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

I was in the market for a new car about 3 months ago. My criteria was:
1. Comfortable drive
2. Within budget ( but i over shot it was a different story)
3. Spacious

I had TDed Jazz,Elite i20, Aspire, Honda City, Ecosport and Renault Duster, and finally zeroed in on the Duster (with Aspire being a very close competitor).
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Old 27th December 2017, 14:59   #97
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

Originally Posted by MacBa View Post
While most of the fellow bhpians cross shopped and landed with a better car (higher segment cars), my luck went otherwise.

It was in 2011 that dad decided to buy me MY OWN car. Given my passion for driving he pre booked the New Swift (indicated waiting period of ~ 9 months). The waiting period got extended due to the preferred color choice (everybody wanted a wgite Swift then!) and I already had started shifting cities post completing my MBA. Came back to Delhi in 2013 and we decided to visit the dealer.
Meanwhile, checked Hyundai for its lip smacking deals on 2012 manufactured Verna and i20 (both 1.4 dsl) which were falling in our 8L budget. A Polo (simply adored that vehicle) was also considered despite its lacklustre 1.2D engine.
Ended up buying a Ritz (Herbie as I call her) as it came across as the best financial case.
Though it was never under consideration and I killed my heart for it, it actually turned out to be a better buy against the Swift owing to its superior build quality.
Thread revisited! Was again in the market scouting for a new/pre-owned vehicle and this is how the experience went:

1. Looked at a pre-owned Laura Tsi which straight away appealed the heart and decided to go for it. The owner relocated soon and the car vanished

2. Looked at a pre-owned Fortuner and this time the owner asked for a sum which was too crazy to even consider

3. Looked at the XUV, but Hey! I don't need that third row of seats!

4. Looked at a pre-owned Jetta Tsi but left it due the dreaded condition it was in

5. Test drove the Nexon but lack of space for the fifth passenger made us drop this option

6. Test drove the Creta and Verna and while the heart was set on Creta, Verna made more financial sense. Dad was keen to take the i20 home for it being a hatchback and offering convenience in the city. Decided to book Verna (diesel).

7. Suddenly realized that the mileage has come down (courtesy ola/uber) and ended buying a City.

All this while, even considered my cousin's 320i but the bills scared me off!

In short, the more flexible the budget, the more likely one is to cross shop!
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Old 27th December 2017, 15:07   #98
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

For us, finding a car that met all our requirements has been key, and we haven't been too afraid of cross shopping across segments - it's another matter than till date sedans have been the most preferred choice for us at the end of the day.

Our last 3 purchase history:

1) S-Cross - requirement was leg and head room, basic safety (airbags and ABS), a decent boot, reliability. Looked at the Honda Jazz, City, Duster, Creta, Vento, etc. - ended up with the S-Cross.

2) Corolla - requirement was similar but with added safety, automatic transmission, and ride quality. Didn't really look at many options as the Corolla was the best bet with it's fantastic rear seat, airbags, and chiller AC.

3) Pre-owned 328i - was clear that this had to be a FTD petrol car. Was open across segments but obviously SUVs and Cross-overs were ruled out. Had booked the vRS when this deal popped up and we just went for it.
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Old 23rd March 2018, 12:06   #99
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

In my case, the budget is a very crucial aspect of my car buying decisions. However, nowadays car prices are overlapping with each other across different segments. We have premium hatches at the lower to mid-range of the spectrum overlapping compact sedans and the latter overlapping the compact SUV Segment at the higher end of the spectrum.

However, I was very much clear about the segment, when I was in the market to buy my own new car. I was confused between a Hyundai Creta 1.4 and MS Brezza. Finally, I went for MS Brezza.

Currently, we want to replace my Dad's old Swift Dzire with a small hatch. We started from Ford Figo and now considering Honda WRV. Lately, MS S-Cross also took a wildcard entry in the equation. The decision is still pending.

Related Thread : http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/hatchb...ml#post4369569
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Old 23rd March 2018, 12:40   #100
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Default Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

2 months ago I would have thought that I would never cross shop across segments! Well, I did!

Post selling my 6 year old Rapid diesel I was in the market for a new ride in the range of 13-14 lakhs. And so many segments actually converge at this price point! So I did TD the Compact SUVs Ecosport and Nexon, The sedans Verna and City ( all combinations Petrol / Diesel / Auto ) and the slightly large Cross overs like S-Cross and the Creta ( again both the Diesel engines and the petrol ).

I have been a little adamant in my earlier thinking that proper Sedans always offer better driving experience, high speed stability and better braking. While this is true, I found that the ride quality of the likes of the ecosport and Creta were very handy in a pothole ridden city like Bangalore!

I finally settled in on the 1.6 Creta Diesel SX, a little over my budget. But something that was different from my earlier car and hoping it serves me well for the next 5 years at least!
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Old 23rd March 2018, 14:18   #101
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

I surely look at all the offerings available within my budget. Though the decision is mostly based on heart. However I make sure I get the most bang for my buck.

Before purchasing EcoSport, I looked at everything in that budget - Linea, Rapid, Vento, Scorpio, XUV 5OO, Safari Storme.
No specific reason, but I normally do not tend to consider the Korean / Japanese counterparts. Maybe with the next purchase I might include them as well in the equation.
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Old 25th March 2018, 19:09   #102
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

I have been one of those who started without really understanding what do he/she needed from the car. In the end, I ended up buying a car which was never in contention, until we had a test drive.

So, I relocated from Pune to Gurgaon in 2014, just after my wedding. It was unplanned, short notice type relocation. With the onset of summer, I realized that while Getz was a smart choice for Pune, it's shortcoming were all too visible in the NCR. It was sluggish on highways, and AC was never cooling sufficiently. That it was driven quite a lot compared to Pune, added to the woes.

So, it had to be changed. But, what should I buy? Swift was a NO because I wanted a bigger car. First i20 and towards end, S Cross seemed like natural upgrades. But I was so confused that I test drove everything from a Duster to Etios Liva to the Zest, with countless demo cars in between. A great issue was the safety features, they were available only on top models of most cars those day. It severally reduced the number of options. It had an unintentional 'benefit'. My car purchase was delayed by a whole year till September 2015.

So, in the end, I had broadly realized that my limit was 9 Lacs and my wife's all limits about my car research were over. In Aug-Sep 2015 MSIL 'upgraded' the Ciaz with providing safety features in all models. So, all of a sudden, VDi came into the price range & I decided to call it for test drive.

It drove my wife utterly furious. She was convinced that I was never truly interested in buying a car, but was fast developing into a test drive enthusiast. It was like an alternative career, like a taster. Three people had purchased cars influenced by my analysis by then. But I was still driving the old lady.

As a result, this test drive happened on an empty stomach, without a breakfast. But the next fifteen minutes bore the fruits of labor of last 1.5 years. This was the only car of all the test drives of which we didn't want to step out. Maybe we wanted to take it for another drive.

That was the sign! Beyond everything about budget, body type or segments; this was the car we wanted. It's like the love. You search it for a long time without realizing what exactly you really want.

You know in an instant it when you find it. It fulfills you.

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Old 26th March 2018, 11:10   #103
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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

As someone who is actively checking out to buy a new car, I can say, I am not looking at one class of vehicle. So far I have test driven the Elantra, Crysta 2.8, Fortuner, Elantra (again), Tuscon, Corolla & Hexa in that order (waiting for XUV 500 upgrade to check it out). So that should sum it up. I have a low budget in my mind & the max I can goto. But none has pulled at my heart strings so far. I feel the 20 - 30L segment doesn't have enough choice.

The way I am deciding, I have a budget range, I have a bucket of must have features, a bucket of good to have features, and peace of mind with maintenance and ownership as 3 deciding criterion to short list my next buy.

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Default Re: Did you cross-shop across segments while buying your car?

I wanted a SUV as Bangalore roads are in shambles, so segment was clear. Picked Nexon as it offered the best overall Value For Money, and havent regretted it till date.
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Nice thread!!

The temptation to buy a new car started with a brand and car in mind and finally I came out from the delivery bay with a car from a completely different brand.

Initially thought of going with a Polo TDI, then checked i20 active, cross polo Jumped to ecosport and duster segment, checked creta and then came to city, verna and finally ended up buying an SCross 1.6

Whats interesting for me is, Initially when i considered Polo, i ruled out S-Cross for 3 reasons

Additional Tax because it is > 4 meters
Additional Tax burden because it is > 1500cc

But life has taken a full circle and what was hated most is what i am living with today!

A single TD washed away all the concerns😀
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