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View Poll Results: When shopping for a new car, which variant do you buy?
The base variant (Eg: LXi) 5 1.09%
The mid variant (Eg: VXi) 124 27.07%
The top variant (Eg: ZXi) 296 64.63%
Don't Know/ Can't Say 33 7.21%
Voters: 458. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2nd May 2017, 19:33   #46
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

Super thread smartcat. Thanks for sharing this info. Very insightful.
Is it just me or do others too think this way.
I always feel that the manufacturer has the maximum margins in the top-end variants.

PS: I have voted for Can't Say since i compare variants and choose the one that fits.

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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

I have had the opportunity to make this decision twice.
It comes down to your budget, and also on your financial plans.

1) Nano : Went for top end variant since difference was not much between CX and LX.LX itself was a very basic variant.

While shopping for Baleno, i had certain must have features in mind within particular budget. Baleno Zeta ticked all the boxes for me here.

2) Baleno : This is where I had to make a decision. It was between Delta and Zeta, and I went for Zeta for few of the premium features that it offers. Top end variant was out of my budget, I would have to pay Rs 2500 extra for some features which i could live without.

Baleno Zeta variant offered almost all features of i20/Jazz top end, and some more.

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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

Picked up the S-Cross 1.6 Alpha variant as it was the only variant available for the engine variant I wanted. I would have been happy with 1.6 Zeta if it had been available as it had everything I needed, except Auto A/C which I thought I could have lived without but now realize is a big boon. So for the top end variant
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

While buying the Micra, I chose the base XE variant. The very frank reason for this is that this is my first car and so other variants were out of my budget at that time. Given a chance now; I would choose the fully loaded one, but at the same time I feel the base variant offers the maximum opportunity for customization.

My 2 cents - I feel our monetary priorities automatically decide the variant (subconsciously in our mind) while buying. That is we end up buying the variant that we cannot almost afford. It all depends on what your priorities are, at one point of time during a new car purchase, we have to decide on what is good to have and what is must have!
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

Originally Posted by smartcat View Post
What do you think is the top selling variant of (important) cars I have left out?
You have covered most popular ones already.

Off the cars which aren't there on the list, the following is what I have noted. The most popular variant for Aspire is Trend TDCi, Etios is GD (both attached to Uber), Figo and Global Fiesta is Titanium however (private registration), and Polo is GT TSi.

Another sweeping generalization is that the mainstream and popular brands (say MSIL, Hyundai, Honda etc) have most cars selling in the mid variants and customers mostly stick to the top most variant for the not so popular brands (say Ford, Skoda, VW etc).
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

I voted for the base variant because that's what I bought in my Aspire. But it's not to say that I will make the same choice next time I buy a car. For me, the budget decides everything - and whatever I buy should give me maximum bang for the buck.

I could have bought a top end variant of a smaller hatchback but that would not be an upgrade (from the Alto).

The base model of a better built, higher segment car is always better than the top variant of a tin can. And when the next (mid) variant only offers cosmetic upgrades with no difference in safety features - the choice is a no-brainer.
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

My way to look at it:

I shortlist 2 (max 3) cars for final decision and compare the top model of these cars vis-a-vis their on - road price. the final decision would depend on my perceived value for money (or heart over head decision - I am a BHPian after-all), and I may end up buying top model of one of the car or mid one of another.

In short, we look for top variant of a car while finalizing/shortlisting a car (almost always, with almost all buyers - this is the case. Even the reviews are done on top variants). Only if the top variant is way too overpriced to what incremental features it offer over the mid variant, or if the top variant of a car that I "very strongly" want to buy but is over my already overstretched budget, that we settle for lower variants.
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

Wonderful job Smartcat. Your Graphs speak more about you.
My first car was Swift LXi with very limited / no accessories. That time I thought that Top variants are just eyewash for the steep prices that comes with a few useful accessories. When I went on to add the accessories one by one, I just realised all the after market-fittings dont really give a good feel and many a times they just glaringly reveal that it is an extra fitting. Also Safety features were a glaring omission then.

So these incidents influenced me to purchase Ciaz ZDi, the top variant (ZDi+ was not yet launched at the time of my purchase).

My VOTE : The Top Variant - ZXi / ZDi
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

I bought the lowest variant of my first car, Swift Diesel (LDi) but bought the highest variant for my wife's car, Celerio ZXi AMT (O).

In future, I would ALWAYS buy the top variant because the additional factory fitted convenience features are simply unmatched. Not to mention the hassle of getting them added aftermarket and trying to match the fit and finish. At times the installer spoils the interiors so better to get the top-end variant instead.

One of the examples I can share is that of phone bluetooth connectivity in my new Celerio. Any person who hasn't used this feature just cannot imagine the convenience it brings with it.

Last but most important, airbags and ABS are mostly in the top-end variants and these are literally life-savers. Only a person saved by an airbag or ABS usage can relate to the importance of having these in their cars. As such car manufacturers compromise on the structure rigidity so better to have these basic security features at least.
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

It's pretty difficult to measure this, as everyone has a different way of looking at the different variants.

Personally, i just make a list of features I absolutely cannot live without, and would then prefer to get the cheapest variant that fulfills my needs. The problem is, a lot of the features I want are only in the top-end models.

- Airbags and ABS
- Tilt & telescopic steering wheel
- Seat height adjustment
- Bluetooth/Aux and as many speakers as possible. I know I could add aftermarket speakers, but I don't like doing mods so I'd prefer the factory system be good enough
- Power windows on all doors

Beyond these, I don't really care much about features. Unfortunately, most manufacturers only offer telescopic steering and height adjustment in higher end models, so I have to opt for those, even if I don't care about the leather seats, alloy wheels, touch-screen interface, keyless go, etc.
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

Adding some more data to the already Impressive Effort by Smart BHPian Smartcat

Here, the data contains the popular variants of Cars present in Indian Market from Mass Manufacturers.

The variant popularity has been taken into account on the basis of Sales as well as spotting's on roads.

It has to be noted that some recent launches like WR-V & Tigor don't feature here due to the known reasons (Fresh Launch & Not so popular on road yet).

List of All Cars & Their Respective Popular Variants
Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?-variant.png

Segment Wise Cars & Their Respective Popular Variants

Entry Level Hatchbacks

Name:  EH.png
Views: 817
Size:  7.1 KB

Small Hatchbacks

Name:  SH.png
Views: 815
Size:  6.5 KB

Name:  HB.png
Views: 818
Size:  9.8 KB

Premium Hatchbacks

Name:  PH.png
Views: 808
Size:  5.4 KB

Compact Sedans

Name:  CS.png
Views: 810
Size:  7.6 KB

Entry Level Sedans
Name:  ELS.png
Views: 808
Size:  5.7 KB

Compact SUV
Name:  CSUV.png
Views: 810
Size:  7.5 KB

Name:  SED.png
Views: 812
Size:  5.6 KB

Executive Sedans
Name:  ES.png
Views: 797
Size:  6.6 KB

Premium Sedans
Name:  PS.png
Views: 805
Size:  4.6 KB

Compact MPV
Name:  C MPV.png
Views: 811
Size:  5.6 KB


Name:  MUV.png
Views: 809
Size:  4.6 KB

Premium MPV

Name:  P MPV.png
Views: 803
Size:  3.9 KB

Name:  CX.png
Views: 796
Size:  4.5 KB

Premium SUV
Name:  P SUV.png
Views: 796
Size:  4.9 KB


Name:  SUVS.png
Views: 794
Size:  4.5 KB

Name:  UV.png
Views: 792
Size:  3.0 KB

Luxury SUV

Name:  L SUV.png
Views: 798
Size:  3.7 KB

Lifestyle Vehicles

Name:  NICHE.png
Views: 806
Size:  4.3 KB

For those who prefer viewing through MS Excel
Variant Popularity.xlsx

Thanks for Reading
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

I voted for "Don't Know", as I am confused between mid and top variants. Base variant is definitely not my choice. Key factors for me to decide the variant:

What I am getting extra in the top variant for the price difference ? I am willing to pay extra for more safety kit and other features that I considered as having more "functional" value than aesthetic value. Things like Sunroof, I don't find worth paying extra.

My cars so far and the rationale for choosing the variant:

Alto LXi (2004) : My first car, and I didn't even bother about power steering ! Of course, budget also was important. Prior to that, my driving experience was with my brothers good old Amby. After that, even LXi without power steering felt like a breeze for me. I added a stereo later and this car served me very well for 5+ years.

Figo Diesel Titanium (2010) : This time, I had no hesitation to go for the top variant as the 2 air bags and ABS+EBD was absolute must for my frequent highway drives. I had few highway drives with my Alto and lack of ABS was really a concern for me.

Honda City V MT (Booked on 15 Apr 2017 and delivery awaited) : This time, I chose the top - 1 variant in manual option. Price difference of nearly 2.4 lakhs with VX, I found V to be a better value for money buy. What I will miss compared to VX are : leather seats, Sun roof, LED headlights, 16 Inch alloys. Except LED headlights, other 3 are "good to have" features for me, still not worth the premium.

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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

Voted mid-variant. But I think "Don't know" or "Depends..." is more appropriate.

Much of my ownership history is with 2nd hand cars, so that does not give me data on how I would approach a new car purchase, where the variant is my choice. Once I have narrowed down on fuel and transmission, based on the expected usage of the vehicle (mostly a city commuter Vs commuter with many out of station trips), my priorities would be
1) safety
2) Convenience
3) Entertainment
in that order.
With more and more manufacturers making safety standard across variants, it is now coming to what convenience and entertainment features I can live without. Most after market upgrades will sacrifice reliability for cost, so if you would much rather *have* a certain feature, it is better to get it factory fitted.

As a person, who has locked the keys inside the car more times than I would care to admit, a smart key is not a luxury item for me!

As a person who loves music and would prefer safe handsfree driving, bluetooth + steering controls are a feature that I would not consider a luxury either.

So I guess that is what I am looking for in the variant - ABS w/EBD, Airbags, Keyless Entry/Ignition, Steering mounted audio + Bluetooth controls.

I can easily live without the touchscreen infotainment, DRLs, Projector headlights, backup camera, leather seats etc.!
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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

I find the 2nd variant from the top to be most VFM (additional/imp features for a cost) and prefer to buy that, even if i could afford the top end.

My experience is top end usually has features (like sunroof, key less entry, AWD etc.) for which a substantial sum is asked for the manufacturer and most of such features are rarely used or missed in everyday driving.

And If I need a feature (like rear view camera) for a big car, I can always get it at an additional cost at the dealership itself

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Default Re: Analysis: Which is the most popular variant?

I would always go for the top variant. The reason is that the safety kit (such as airbags and all) is usually good and the features (which can also be bought aftermarket), are mostly well integrated and are supported by the OE service network. For a particular budget, I would prefer a fully loaded car from a segment below than a low/mid-level variant of a car from a segment above.
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