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normally_crazy 18th January 2005 00:13

The Santro CRDI - another winner from hyundai?

the launch of the santro crdi 1.1 is a few months away. though it mite be preponed due to the new wagon-r.

but i personally think Hyundai have another runaway winner on their hands - if the crdi santro is priced right. but if hyundai go and charge a premium on the crdi technology i dunno!! i think it mite be available with ABS and air bags now that the wagon-r has upped the ante !

so whats ur feel on this guys? how much should hyundai charge for the fully loaded model??


Dippy 18th January 2005 00:19

The Zen D was never really successful even though it had that workhorse Peugeot engine. It was one of the most fuel efficient cars around but that didnt help either. And on a personal note really couldnt see the Zen as a diesel anyways. The Santro CRDi on the other might just be successful since Hyundai mostly gets its stuff right. IMO the Santro CRDi should not cost more than 4.5 lakhs . If it crosses 5 then it goes into Getz territory and then it would be more better to introduce the Getz CRDi than the Santro


speedsatya 18th January 2005 00:53

instead of the xing ,i feel hyundai shud do a Honda by stopping its production and sell only the Getz.

mabbe the getz cud be in 2 diesel versions the 1.1 or the crdi of the accent as a premium diesel with all the goodies

Revvmaster 18th January 2005 11:21

I think, more than focussing on the Wagon-R, Hyundai needs to develop the CRDi Xing in such a way that it effectively competes with the Indica Diesel. Remember, the Indica diesel is a very cost-effective platform and is relatively inexpensive, both to produce as well as to sell.

Hyundai's recent moves at reducing the Xing's price, plus the 40k discount it offered recently, goes to show that the Xing can now be sold at a price lower than before. If Hyundai does manage to pull it off, expect sales of the Xing stable to soar. Moreover, both the Wagon-R and Xing have just marginally lesser space than the Indica and more or less have similar performance levels. Ride quality isn't much of an issue in small cars, both performing averagely in comparison to the Indica. Honestly, if the Xing Diesel and the upcoming Wagon-R diesel, if priced right, could make life quite difficult for the Indica.

Tata's only trump card in the small car scene is the Tata Indica Diesel. The petrol hasnt set the sales chart on fire, the service and sales support structure is below quality and the product quality isn't still above the mark. With Hyundai and Maruti both scoring in these sectors, the addition of the diesels should really prove to be a back-breaker for Tata. Tata needs to realise this threat and pull its socks up. Even with the Turbo Indica, it'll have its work cut-out. Watch out Tata.


Rtech 18th January 2005 11:37


The Zen D was never really successful even though it had that workhorse Peugeot engine.
The Zen and Esteem D, while not successful in mumbai, are huge success's in other parts of India especially the north. My friend from Chandigarh told me that the Esteem and Zen diesels were all over the place there! We have to remember that India is larger than its four -five metro's, and cars that don't do well in these cities are not necessarily failures.

bhp 18th January 2005 11:38

diesel machines will be overtaking petrol in all segments now . i think the xing crdi must not be over 4.5lakhs with all the goodies and if it is so then it will be a clean winner in that segment leaving behind tata and maruti !

Rtech 18th January 2005 11:45

Just a though...

If diesel vehicles begin to outsell petrol ones (I'm talking family vehicles) by a hefty margin, I think the Govt. would remove the subsidy on diesel and raise it's price to the level of petrol. The gap has already reduced significantly, and we know that if our Govt. is good for one thing, it is to know where they can make some more money.

I wonder how many people would prefer the diesel engine then?

aadix 18th January 2005 17:58

not to forget the south,most of the zens here are diesels,
hey r ,the price subisidy will be there,to keep the nation's transport system from collapsing,remeber the diesels cars just form a part of the total diesel sales...

sridhar24 18th January 2005 18:07

Santro Xing when launched will be definitely a winner unless they are able to price it compitatively. I think it will cost between 4-4.5 lakhs.

lamborghini 18th January 2005 20:04

the santro with the crdi powerplant will be a good buy.
the zen failed because of its price and spartan interior and no features .
the santro if priced competetively will be a winner for sure

dipen 18th January 2005 20:21

the on road price for the fully loaded Crdi Santro will definately be close to the 5 lak mark since the Santro top model ( XS-I guess) costs abt 4.55 lak on road mumbai.

Ps : I am not considering the discounts thrown for the Xing

islero 18th January 2005 20:28

I wud defenitely not buy a crdi Xing if I were in the market for a small car, and if it were priced close to 5. No way.
Why cant they let the Xing chug along like wot maruti are doing with the 800 and concentrate on lowering the cost of the Getz or sumthin?

F50 18th January 2005 21:07

Now this is a really good move to get in the Crdi engined Santros by Hyundai, recently in Nov '04 they topped the sales and now diesel cars... ohhh competition hotting up. And yeah pricing is going to be a imp. playing factor. Acc. to me it will be in high 4 lakh margin but as they are claiming that they are working on cutting down the cost eg. Deal with Mico Bosch to reduce cost. So my pricing could be proved wrong.
With this, Getz will be available with 1.5 crdi engine but ....... Im eagerly waiting for the New Sonata .... As it is being talked that Sonata is going to be launched with two new engines 2.4 and 3.3 sounds really interesting n great.
Honda whats your answer?

islero 18th January 2005 22:02

Honda neednt answer, its jus that the proportions of their smug smiles will be reduced considerably. They still will have their loyal followers, but I guess they had better get going with the B-segment.

F50 18th January 2005 22:40


Originally Posted by islero
Honda neednt answer, its jus that the proportions of their smug smiles will be reduced considerably. They still will have their loyal followers, but I guess they had better get going with the B-segment.

I don wanna start all those things again but if sales do drop then its obvs. that something will done

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