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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

I have always preferred the front seat when being driven around.
As a kid one had to fight for it. Now as a grown up everyone else preferring the back & kids not allowed due to airbags, I have it easy.

Innova has the funniest experiences thanks to its image

Two things:
3rd row is for kids/ servants: I have been using a Innova a lot and have many more Innovas in the extended family. I have consistently observed that people take it as an offense if asked to take the 3rd row.

20 Innovas were hired for a wedding baarat in family ( +10 personal innovas), When I asked people to get in, they took offense and moved to the next car. The journey was just 1 km for that part. I along with 2 Japanese chaps were the only one who sat in the third row.
Ironically, most of us buy Innova so that whole family can travel together/ hired in weddings for 7 seats.
At another wedding where I was sort of important guest, we has travel maybe 2 kms and seeing lots of people and past experience, I moved to third row hoping others too will then. People stopped me assuming it was below my dignity
Now, I consistently take the 3rd row if there is a large group and multiple cars. We can save on number of cars if some people can compromise. I am six feet and its not at all bad in the 3rd row especially if you have good company.

People behave differently if you are driving with front seat empty I have an infant and have ensured that she hasn't sat on the front seat of any moving vehicle. Most of the times its the baby, mother and one more person on the rear seat( I insist on using the car seat ) and me driving, often an Innova.
Wherever I arrive, known people seem to feel pity for me, Some in fact join me in the front seat leaving other cars. My family has got used to it so they don't react anymore.
Hotel or mall entry chaps treat me differently( I don't look like/ dress like a rich man). On the highway, it's wife and infant seat on rear and I driving. Even dhaba security guys behave differently and I can see shock on their faces when they see ki madam ne baby driver k paas chhor diya.
I enjoy this experience

Also, I have repeatedly asked various friends' wives why they carry kids in front seat knowing its unsafe, they invariably say -husband will feel bad, people will think he is a driver.

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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Slide the front seat all the way back, recline the backrest a little, cellphone data on tethering & laptop fired up. 90 minutes of productive time .
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Isnít it unsafe to to have a laptop in between us and airbag? If I have work I get in the back seat and if Iím tired I use the front. Very rarely I go to the back seat and only few vehicles give the comfort of the front at back.
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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

I am the guy who prefers to either drive or at least be on the front seat because i feel nausea on the back-seat of best of the luxury cars !!

I thought i am the only odd guy who sits in the front seat of Uber/Ola with empty back-seat ( Driver almost pleads, you can even sleep back there!! )
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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

Though I don't 'always' prefer the back seat in cabs, I often do, only because of the privacy. Having someone I don't know right adjacent to me is not the preferred choice for me, especially if I'm going to be on the phone.
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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

Not a problem for my safari
The rear bench is miles ahead of the front row. Super support and enough legroom to stretch out six foot tall people's feet.

It's also much safer to be farthest from the direction of motion in the car. Front end collisions are the most common, and the backseat is a thousand times safer when belted in properly. I always make my brother sit in the back with his belt on while I take him for sports. Unless we're sharing something to eat of course, but immediately back to the rear once done. Most cars offer superior handrests in the back too. Privacy is something people value a lot and mostly it's just that,

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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Why this obsession with the back seat? Prestige? ďSethiaĒ?
I belive the term is "elbow room" or width, or privacy, personally I just always jump in the left rear when driven around by the driver, and I did the same in the Getz as well, the Elantra is half the time driver driven.

Now I don't think it's a matter of prestige, I just like my space in the back when driven by the driver, and I really don't want to make small talk to him either, the rear is my zone, and its fully furnished with squishy cushions, Reader's Digest and other mags, etc, its just a quaint little space that belongs to us, and we can zone out from the reality that we're in a car, which won't be possible in the front with that glaring fascia and engine vibration.

I think the rear is for those who hate travel or driving, I am one of those, I just drive for point A to B purposes, and the best drives I fondly remember are when I nod off in the rear and wake up after 2 hours, the driver is a slow mover so I hardly feel disturbed.

Of course, I also belive that making an entry counts during business meetings or lunches, only that time I purposely make sure the driver gets out to open the rear door, well, it's his job afterall.
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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post
Saw the title and thought it would be an interesting topic to liven up the afternoon.

Turns out we're talking about chauffers instead!
Spoken like.someone who has never ventured beyond the driver's seat! Your straight-shooting style is sorely missed. Enjoy the drive, wherever you are my friend!
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Default Re: Why the fascination with the back seat?!!

I can think of 3 reasons:
1. Status - Not willing to sit along with the driver
2. Making use of the extra space at the rear for reading newspaper, working on laptop, chai/ coffee on the go
3. Many probably just sit in the rear seat to try and give some personal space to the driver and themselves
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