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Default Most Dangerous non-hilly Road to drive

Not sure if there is another thread discussing about the most dangerous roads to drive.
I know there are many roads in Hills are dangerous, But do you know the Dangerous roads in plains.

The intention of the thread is to alert drivers/car owners and be ready to face the scariest drivers you will meet on the roads. Please keep sending the road details, so let others know and be prepared.

I would say Coimbatore Mettypalayam, which stretches to Ooty and Kotagiri. YOu can also reach Mysore via this road. As there are hundred of Tourist buses and Lorries loaded with vegetables keep moving, One should drive very carefully. The road is less than 30 Ft width, not well maintained, also you have trees on both sides. Avoid this route during the peak season at Ooty, There are alternate routes. The nightmare is the two wheelers (yes!) and the private buses with annoying horns. The road meets highest number of accidents in the district and the death toll is high.

Always drive on a moderate speed, not too slow or fast. Too slow means you will be ditched by the overtaking vehicles.

I will post the other notorious roads in next posts, if the thread is alive. ;-)

Mods, merge this with other threads - if there exist one already.
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Regrettably, there does not appear to be any National Agency rating roads on safety or the lack thereof.

Benny, there are two aspects to what you are suggesting:
1) Dangerous roads, where chances of getting into an accident are high.
2) Scary roads: Roads on which you would feel scared to drive, even though there is no particular history of accidents thereon.

From the danger POV, I'd say the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway and the Greater Noida Expressway.

As for 'scary' roads, can't say I've encountered any that are not in the mountains!
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Based on feedbacks and accidents I would say the ECR connecting Pondicherry to Chennai could qualify for this.
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Old 24th November 2008, 12:40   #4
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I would say any single road filled with trucks and buses are scary and dangerous to drive. I have came across many single roads in many part of country particularly state highways where truck drivers virtually park their vehicles on road and ask to to go down whether it is raining or there is foot deep difference between road and sides.

They simply give excuse that they cannot go down and truck with turn turtle. Most of this phenomenon we see in mines area where trucks where overloaded against its capacity.
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Old 24th November 2008, 12:41   #5
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I would add 2 location on the GQ between Bangy & Chennai. The first one is near Baluchettychatiram. When coming from Chennai, watch for the govt busses. Since there is a hotel on the left, many buses just comes in the opp. direction to take this one.

Similarly around Krishnagiri too. You can see many "smart" guys driving in US styles here.

And least to say about the "kudimanargal". Watch out for them too near Sulagiri I think.
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Old 24th November 2008, 12:46   #6
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ECR. Most hyped road in this part of the country where you get to witness the most high speed crashes. Its plain stupidity to want to speed on this road and death inviting too.
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Trucks and buses are fine, but it is sense less driving that is really dagerous. Yesterday night I was returing from a wedding on one of the state highways in Haryana from Sonepat to Bahadurgarh. There was little traffic on the road, but 7 or 8 times it happend that a car coming from other direction keeping headlights in lower beam suddenly switched to high been just a few yards before passing me.

Every time I was completely blinded for a few seconds. Once it was really scary as there was a sharp bend and there were large potholes on that bend.

Untrained drivers are more dagerous then the roards.
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1. East Coast Road, Chennai - Not just the curvy road which is dangerous, I have also heard incidents about theft incidents where those maniacs pop stones at your car/2 wheeler and rob you off when you stop to check for any damage!

2. Trichur to Alwaye, Kerala - Its been almost 2 years since I have taken that route, but it was one of the dangerous roads I have driven.
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Pune - Mumbai express way. This road is dangerous b'coz of couple of reasons, it has rough surface which often causes tyre bust in speeing vehicle resulting into an accident. people drive too fast on this road yet they dont face the oncoming traffic head on, however when the accident happens, survival rate is zero.
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Default Delhi to nainital

There comes a stretch called "Tanda road' between rudrapur and haldwani. About 4-5 years back no one dared to drive on the road without forming a convoy after around 9 in the night! And if you spot some drums lying on the road or a fallen tree, start praying!
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Old 24th November 2008, 14:49   #11
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Hosur rd in bangalore, seen lots of accidents happening in this stretch of road during the last 3 years.
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From my personal experience, it's the Hyderabad Vijayawada highway. You need to be alert all the time and overtaking is next to impossible. I had couple of close calls on this highway.
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I have used ECR between Pondy and Chennai as well as Mumbai Pune Expressway. Both roads are good to drive but the only reason they see accidents because of very aggressive driving. But for the the most dangerous road, my vote goes to Pune Solapur highway. It's two lane national highway and you'd see 70% of traffic consisting of 40 feet container trucks only, going in both directions. And the flow is continuous. It's very irritating to be on this road as you can't overtake these 40 feet giant trucks that easily. You feel irritated and that sometimes makes you drive recklessly.
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Default The killer palm beach road Vashi

This is a plain stretch of good road from Vashi all the way to belapur. In reality its one of the best roads to drive on especially in the early mornings. It has a beautiful sea side view on one side and big massive towers coming up on the other side. Sadly it is notorious for numerous deaths and accidents. The real cause of accidents is rash driving, badly maintained vehicles, lack of common sense and a rush of adrenaline when you see a beautiful stretch in front of you. Add a few glasses of alcohol and ur on a death wish.
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ECR: Most of the curves are blind curves. Due to presences of most of the Resorts and theme parks on it way, people driving along this road is one to watch out for!!!
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