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Vulken Auto 30th April 2005 08:50

Andhra pradesh Getting Speed Limit 60kmph
Today there was an annoucement that the speed limit of 2 & 4 wheelers on road will be 60kmph and speed checks will be implemented at major junction. Also there is a proposal that there will be a speed limiter of 60 kmph for every car sold in the showroom. So does this mean it is illegal if performance parts are sold?? Till now in AP there is a restriction of surface modification on vehicles and NOS I guess.

Ok now whole thing sucks!!!!! we will see lot of ferraris(maruti 800s with ferrari stickers) rule the roads. God why now!! Help US.

(Btw: Any one knows abt NOS being banned in any other state)

freakrz 30th April 2005 10:38 andhra..we should not change the fitting an 1.3L engine in a there are registration problems.the chassi number or the engine number in the documents cannot be changed,in case it is is illegal after doing everything we cant sell the car...i had a problem .when we had an isuzu engine replaced for our amby..we could not change the engine num in the can they limit the speeds to 60kmph..cause if the car would be on highway..we could'nt do more than 60..i mean..i dont think the showroom guys would do they come up with such rules....does'nt make any sense...

Rtech 30th April 2005 10:44

Spped limiter on every car sold! Now that sucks! But ofcourse it would be easily removed. BTW, is this within cities or on highways as well?

Vulken Auto 30th April 2005 10:45

I know how can you limit to 60 in highways, but do you know there used to be a speed limiter for fiats and ambys long back like 1980s(there used to be a restrictor to the acceleration wire near carborator and was government sealed for new cars. They are getting it again I beleive. Now a days Cops are verystrict in hyderabad ( No money directly to police station or court). Engine transformations used to be popular like 10 years back (deisel conversions).

freakrz 30th April 2005 10:50 there this sort of restriction in bangalore..or like can we change the engines here get it registerd with the new engine..then take back to andhra and re-register it ..

iceman91 30th April 2005 10:52

he freakrz the registraion problem is not only in andhra it prevails in all the states!!!
also vulken the topic of selling performance parts is a very grey area.
NOS is illegal all over the world.

freakrz 30th April 2005 10:58 do you guys manage in bangalore..i mean then the car is illegal to drive...since the registration papers does not match the engine how do these guys manage to sell the car's..

iceman91 30th April 2005 11:00

well most of us who had/have e-zens keep the original engine as spare.
others get the engine number changed on the engine to match the registration papers.
it is risky but done by a lot of peole.

Vulken Auto 30th April 2005 11:09

ICE for real . Every thing is illegal!!! Oh my gosh , But how come DC cars are sold in maharastra?? It is illegal in andhra to modify cars. There was one guy who made a plymouth replica and couldnt get it registered due to RTO rules. One of my friends NOS was recently removed by the cops. Is Fastening seat belts a must in any state, Made it compulsary in AP but will take some time to implement.
(BTW: I have clipping of a terracan on 2 wheels for 40 sec stretch. I will post it soon )

Montoya 30th April 2005 11:43


Long time no see..
anywayz the clippings are all hyundai stunts i have accent clips on 2 wheels..

adya33 30th April 2005 12:01

In city it makes sence to limit speed to 60kmph but on highway really driving under 60kmph will drink more fuel than running on 100kmph
also I don't think it is a good idea to put speed limiter on cars sold (by any chance is it violation of privacy?) when you are talking about Goldan quadrilateral & such stuff

hey not a long time ago wasn't Andhra Pradesh bidding for F1 circuit? so what are they gonna do? put speed limiter to F1 cars?

Steeroid 30th April 2005 13:55

Interesting topic. I was stopped by the cops in Kerala once, who told me that the speed limit is 70 kmph. When I pointed out that there was no mention about the speed limit on the milestones, direction boards or any other official board on the highway, I was told that the 'blanket' speed limit is 70 kmph and so its not required to put it up anywhere.

Shouldnt it then be illegal to sell any vehicle that is capable of going over this 'blanket' speed limit? As somebody talked about this new speed limit in Andhra - shouldnt the government then ban all vehicles other than mopeds and autorickshaws?

I got away without paying anything to the cops that day, but if I do get stopped again I will ask for a formal summons for breaking the speed limit and let my lawyer do the rest. I swear - there is a limit to the kind of nonsense we have to live with...

SLK 30th April 2005 14:14

60 is still better!... In Delhi its 50!!! With all those wide roads 50??
Better than putting a speed limiter they should remove the last 4 gears!... we'll have a proper limit of 50 then! :mad:

Guess what they do catch you for driving at 55!!! i.e. u get a challan by post, months later!!

satish_appasani 30th April 2005 16:49

It is simple logic. The main reason for all the traffic chaos in India is both faster moving and slow moving vehicles share the same lane. They cannot force the auto rikshaws and similar others to go at 80 KMPH. So they are bringing down cars to 60 KMPH.

My 2 cents...If they want to reduce the speeds why the heck spend so much money on road infrastructure. Instead they can spend that money on other projects.

iceman91 30th April 2005 16:55

how can you say that a car which has a higher speed then the speed limit it should not be sold!!!! totally absurd.
in that case all and i repeat all the cars abroad should be banned because they haev a speed limit of 11- 130kmph on their highways too.
the speed limit has got nothing to do with the car. it is the speed which reduces the accidents and risk of driving on the highway.
a very simple example is the expressway. the average peed on any expressway s 110kmph...try maintaing that on a state highway...not possible for a long time maybe in spurts only.

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