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LandCruiser 28th July 2005 19:36

Hyundai Vs Ford
Between Hyundai and Ford which brand will you choose? Who has better cars to be launched in india?
Considering that Honda, Toyota, Maruti as the top tier that lead in many ways, Ford & Hyundai could be the second tier. So just curious to know who has the edge!

devarshi84 28th July 2005 20:02

Ford anyday over Hyundai for me. Ford has got good reliability ratings after Toyota and Honda among the Indian Car manufacturers.

turbo_lover 28th July 2005 20:58

definately hyundai for me dude...
they have established themselves very well to the indian market ..their market share is 2nd to maruti . they seem to have got the pricing right each time on every model ..ok the elantra wasnt a hit compared to the ford blunder with the fusion its nothing ...
hyundai cars seemed to be rather balanced ..everything can be rated averagely good be it power ,handling ,reliability, ASS ,FE ...they are value for money cars and the sales figures speak for themselves ...


Who has better cars to be launched in india?
hyundai - the Tiburon /tuscani !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 door 145 bhp ...6 speed ..ahhh !

ford - mystery Sedan code name B36 (or somethingi forgot) might just be making its entry at the wrong time ...with the optra firmly established in the entry level C+ segment ..the NHC certainly wont spare a chance if ford comes up with the minutest of flaw in its new product ..

devarshi84 28th July 2005 22:21

hyundai cars dont last longer than 3-4 years for most of the people. ford are known to be better built. though resale will be better for a hyundai their engines are still not upto the mark.

LandCruiser 28th July 2005 23:47

I too feel that Ford is better. Hyundai initially impressed. But their other products are not promising. And the build quality and how long they last is a question! i feel most cars have severe body roll!

turbo_lover 29th July 2005 00:11

ford exists in indian market 95% as the Ikon ...same old car they have been revamping with NXT logos and josh logos ,SXi's and what not ... they have been constantly hounded by inferior FE figures ...

whereas hyundai has its share in each segment of the indian car market ...
A - Santro
B - Santro ,Getz
C - Accent 1.5 /1.6 , Viva
C+ - Elantra
D - Sonata
SUV - Terracan , Tuscon

comapare that to the Ford ...
4 models ...including the non existant Mondeo and the Fusion ...

this shows how much hold hyundai has in the indian market ...hyundi manages to providee is with a updated versions of their models every couple of years ...examle wouldbe the current 3rd gen santro , new look accent and the viva added to the lineup as a sportier option ,sonata was also revamped ..and now we await the new accent,sonata and the tuscan ..also they are coming up with the grandeur (E class segmented car) soon ...

to add to hyundai cars have a much lower maintainence than the fords and higher resale value india it is certainly the healthier of the 2 car makers ...

devarshi84 29th July 2005 03:33

Like the ikon hyundai has been sustaining on only two models the Santro their main bread and butter and the accent. they have done nothing but revamping the old models.

Ikon has low FE because it is a drivers car that is too powerful and hyundai has cheaper build because they are cheap.

Ford Ikon still teaches most of the cars within 10lacs catergory a lesson in handling and driver involvement.
Accents 1.6 motor while more powerful doesnt even come close and is also similar in FE with a +1 improvement maybe.

Mondeo didnt sell in large numbers just because A ford name is not as powerful as a Honda in INdia and so Accord cannibalized the mondeo.It is still the best drivers car in the segment.

ford for me over hyundai as of now

Harrie 29th July 2005 07:36

I was so much in love with ford and got the ford escort when it was launched! And what did i get? monthly maintenance bills of 10k. "Sir the parts have to be imported from UK. That is why they are costly." Such is the commitment ford showed. Even Fiat continues to have spare parts for the uno at dirt cheap prices.

Finally sold off the car and decided not to go for ford again. The service was also very poor. The service station is opposite to my house, just on the other side of the road. But when i want the car delivered at my door step i get charged 300RS! Honda dealer delivers the car at my doorstep for free. And its about 10kms from my place.

Same with a petrol mondeo my uncle got. He was so frustrated that he finally sold it off for 6L and got himself a elentra.

Had a very bad experience with ford. Now I dont think I'll go ahead and buy another one again.

devarshi84 29th July 2005 08:33

You are not the only person to say this about ford. Many others say the same too.

But same goes for Hyundai. Many people have sworn never to have a look at hyundai again. Fiat,Honda,skoda,mitsubishi,toyota all companies have equal amount of loyal customers as bad mouthers.

the closeness of votes says it all.

Surprise 29th July 2005 09:38

Though I like FORD cars very much, I voted for Hyundai. I feel that Hyundai is getting their foot strong in the Indian market. For a non-enthusiastic, Ford is meant for lower FE & higher maintenance.

LandCruiser 29th July 2005 10:26

So it looks like Hyundai has an edge when it comes to FE, cheapter spares/availability and delighting the customer. They are indeed second to Maruti and have spread across the country.

Ford has cars for the enthusiast but their strategy for india and their pricing has not helped them take off in a big way!

May be ford has not yet established themselves across all segments. but comparing the available cars one on one in each segment, IMO ford cars seem to be superior. Not glamorous but functional!

Sush 29th July 2005 10:45

I voted for Hyundai too. Someone was saying that Hyundai makes cars which are not great performers but they are not under performers either. They actually make VFM cars. How can they compete with Maruti if they start making heavier cars? The reason that Maruti is ruling right now is that their cars are fuel efficient, have lower maintenance and are supported by a good service network. Thats what Hyundai has done too. Ford could not do this and is behind in the race.

devarshi84 29th July 2005 10:55

Ford India is currently not in a good condition. BUt an ethusiast will swear by an ikon in the budget segment and a mondeo in the luxury segment. But talkers are not buyers.

Ford has also lost overall appeal with loss in sales.Hyundai infact is going on the improvement path. BUt at present I will buy a ford over hyundai. I wont be thinking about 5 years later.

v_s_natarajan 29th July 2005 11:08

about Mondeo

Originally Posted by Harrie
Same with a petrol mondeo my uncle got. He was so frustrated that he finally sold it off for 6L and got himself a elentra.

Had a very bad experience with ford. Now I dont think I'll go ahead and buy another one again.

Hi, what were the problems that Mondeo was giving?
Can U tell me.
I am kind of tracking its run.
By the by, my experiences with Ford(MPL Ford) in chennai are contrary to yours.
The dealer sends people to my office , checks it, polishes it.
Calls me, mails me every week.
No trouble with the car(touch many woods) i had similar experiences with TVs when i had the palio

Steeroid 29th July 2005 11:09

This one's a no-brainer. As things stand, Hyundai has a much better future in this country. They have a presence in almost every segment and plans for those segments that they dont have a presence in. They make good, reliable cars that give the buyer a bit of everything without being overwhelmingly biased towards one or the other (power/fuel economy). The build quality of their cars is excellent - they last quite a long time without a squeak or rattle.

Hyundai have also taken pains to launch contemporary models instead of palming off older models on us. They have also proactively improved upon their models instead of de-speccing them as other manufacturers have been known to do. The recent move to replace the Sonata with a newer model shows a distinct change from the mentality of others such as Skoda who continue to sell the old model and even plan to bring in the new model at a higher price point and sell it alongside.

They have also been singularly responsible for the introduction of common rail diesels - if the CRDi Accent hadnt been introduced by Hyundai we wouldnt have seen so many of the other manufacturers falling over themselves to try and bring this relatively new technology to India and it would still have remained in the realm of the E and S class Mercs.

To top it off, the Hyundai ownership experience is excellent. The customer is truly the king at a Hyundai outlet. I have had experiences with several manufacturers around the world, but the experience with Hyundai in India remains the best of them all. Today, I know I need a bigger car or SUV but I still have reservations about the kind of experience I will have with another manufacturer. If only the Tucson was better priced....

Ford, on the other hand have continued to rely on the Ikon, and even plan to bring the new Ikon at a higher price point after selling the same vehicle for over 7 years. They still make cars with an antiquated 1.8 litre diesel and till recently sold the Ikon with a petrol engine of similar vintage. They have preferred to de-spec and downgrade the cars they sell in an attempt to keep their marketshare, instead of improving on them. They make decent cars, but their future in India may not be so great if they continue in the same vein. They need to step up their act and bring in newer models. They should also stop disguising trucks as SUVs...

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